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9 Easy Ways to Use Linkedin to Generate Real Estate Leads

Publisched on
9th April 2021

All of you know the ins and outs of real estate marketing.

Do you also take full advantage of all that LinkedIn has to offer?

The LinkedIn social network is an extraordinary real estate lead generation tool for professionals. 

Not sure yet? 

Then, take a look at the statistics: Information gathered from over 5,000 businesses found LinkedIn produced 277 percent more leads than Facebook and Twitter.

That's not to say you should not use other platforms to generate real estate leads. 

However, it does mean you require to be on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn means more than simply signing up for an account. Real estate lead generation on LinkedIn usually requires effort.

Happily, we have nine skilled realty lead generation ideas that help you grow your contacts list.

Add Your Business Details on your LinkedIn Company Page

Once joined up for a business account on LinkedIn, fill in all of the info about your business on your page, as you would for any other social media site. The Infos includes:

  • Your website URL.
  • Links to other social accounts.
  • Your bio describes your experience and the areas you concentrate on (like selling particular types of houses or working in a specific rate variety).

Did you work at other firms or brokerages in the past? 

Do you have one or more Real estate agent accreditations? 

Include that information also.

After you add all of your company info, create a professional-looking banner image for your Business Page header.

If you do not have the creative chops, employ a designer to establish one for you.

Despite how you get one, the crucial thing is getting one. 


The profile header image should consist of unique information about your company.

Maybe you had the most significant sales volume at your firm in the previous year.

Anything that makes your organization look like the cream you need to integrate into your banner image.

Additionally, you can add your real estate agent's headshot, including a text overlay including your contact information, which works well.

The more you can build your case that you're an experienced, experienced, hard-working realty agent, the more likely a local lead searching LinkedIn for real estate representation will consider you.

Make sure your LinkedIn Company Page stands out from those of others

After filling in all of the vital info on your Business Page, believe in methods to further enhance and make yours look unique. One alternative is to add videos.

Through the site's Company Updates feature, you can include Vimeo and YouTube videos that appear on your Company Page homepage and in your followers' website feeds.

Also, the platform enables SlideShare to publish too.

Any visual content you create (as long as it's helpful) can assist your LinkedIn page.

Simply as pictures, images, and graphics carry out well on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook, LinkedIn provides another medium you can utilize to release multimedia and advance your realty social networks marketing.

Create a LinkedIn Showcase Page to say more about your service

There are various types of pages you can set up on LinkedIn for your business:

  • Showcase Pages
  • Business Pages

The very best method to comprehend: 

The LinkedIn Company Page is like your website, and the LinkedIn Showcase Page is like your dedicated landing page (like blog and "offer" page).

You can set up one or more LinkedIn Showcase Pages to promote your articles, deals, referral programs, or any other significant information you want to share with your audience.

Utilize the Advanced Browse function to discover locals to connect with

The LinkedIn Advanced Search is the primary tool utilized by Marketers and Recruiters working on LinkedIn.

 It has other usages that can help your real estate lead generation, especially it gives you the ability to identify new prospects and discover background information on existing leads.

Please don't be reluctant to send them an individualized message when you stumble upon people of interest.

The secret to making their trust and not annoying them is authentic and sincere.

Tell them you're constantly seeking to get in touch with locals who may remain in the marketplace.

If you find something appealing about them, consider asking questions about their own business or background.

People love discussing themselves, so long as you prevent excessive sales messages, you could establish lots of brand-new relationships through search.

A terrific function numerous LinkedIn users use to arrange the connections they make is the tag tool.

You'll discover a "Tag" function that allows you to utilize keywords to identify that connection.

Use whatever working system works best for you.

Join and create a LinkedIn Group to reach regional community members

Google+ and Facebook have countless specific niche groups that allow users with comparable interests to connect easily.

Many LinkedIn users don't understand the platform; likewise, they have Groups that allow such engagements.

Browse the website real estate-related Groups to sign up.

Some are private, suggesting you need to be authorized to join, while others are open and public to everybody.

When you sign up with a LinkedIn Group, make sure it consists of members you want to target.

Talking with fellow representatives and customers from throughout the country can help you develop an online presence, but if you desire to discover bona fide property leads, look for Groups that consist of local community members.

As soon as you find these local communities, study members to see if they fit the requirements you usually look for in clients.

Often, you can discover out LinkedIn members' earnings levels and links to other social media accounts, which can offer you insights into their personal lives, consisting of if they're in the market for a new home or ready to offer.

If there aren't any Groups where you believe you might accumulate more realty leads, begin your own.

Make it particular to your primary area (whether that's your town, state, or county depends on you) and welcome those you've found using Advanced Browse to join, together with any current leads in your consumer relationship management (CRM) database.

The benefits of starting a Group are many.

However, mainly, it offers you the chance to end up being an idea leader and go-to resource for nearby purchasers and sellers.

Publish lots of engaging content

Like you provide for your real estate blog and other social network accounts, publishing a significant quantity of content is vital to growing leads.

Take a look at a few of the very best realty representatives and firms on LinkedIn, and you'll see a pattern.

They all post material of varying type:

  • Links to an article
  • News article
  • Generally curated content. 

A required matter to publishing blog site material on your LinkedIn page is, of course, discovering to blog (and well).

Once you have your genuine estate blogging regular down pat, release each piece on your Company Page.

Include social sharing plug-ins to your Company Page to drive traffic

Having social sharing buttons on your website and your e-mail marketing expands your material's effect in an excellent method.

LinkedIn provides its users a social share button that makes it a cinch for users to share content with their networks.

With this code added to your Business Page, your fans can quickly spread your content with their followers and increase traffic to your profile and realty website.

Make sure to include a share button to your site to make it easy for visitors to share your posts.

Make the most of the Sponsored Updates function to broaden your outreach

Another choice to optimize your LinkedIn existence is to utilize Sponsored Updates, a function that's helped brands little and big target their material to particular segments of their audiences.

Direct Sponsored Updates enable you to personalize your material to specific groups within your audience.

Then, there are ads on the website for both little and big organizations.

Assuming you don't have the ad budget of a nationwide brokerage (very few do so, do not fret), take a look at LinkedIn's small service marketing choices to see which work best your technique, and ad spend.

Examine your LinkedIn analytics to identify what is and isn't working

Figure out the trends and develop your real estate marketing on the platform as you require.

Just as you do with Google Analytics, analyze your LinkedIn metrics carefully so you can

Produce more and more real estate leads each month.

9 Easy Ways to Use Linkedin to Generate Real Estate Leads

9 Easy Ways to Use Linkedin to Generate Real Estate Leads



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