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How to Sell to Existing Customers Using LinkedIn

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5th April 2021

Trust is given to someone we know. We listen to people we such as, and we are more appropriate to deal with companies that have proven their deliverability to us.

For all of these factors and even more, consumer marketing is becoming an essential priority. While there is evident value in generating leads and brand-new organization, the importance of maintaining, renewing, and also upselling your existing clients through tactical advertising efforts ought not to be forgotten.

LinkedIn is very reliable for executing targeted, account-based techniques, and consumer advertising and marketing characterizes such a technique. If the idea is to identify and involve firms that are more likely to buy, why not focus on those that already have bought from you?

The objective of consumer marketing, per Marketo, is to "recognize and also market added service or products to existing clients, keep them as clients, and also create them right into advocates."

The advantage of doing so is evident for any business that counts on renewals as well as subscriptions. It's a secretly added revenue possibility for businesses efficient in giving the same customer multiple options. And do not downplay the importance of supporters in a B2B environment where 84% of buying processes begin with a reference.

Consumer Advertising on LinkedIn

LinkedIn should be integral to any consumer marketing initiatives as the leading centre for professional networking and links. As a result of the platform's innovative targeting capabilities, it's a perfect network for building upon your existing partnerships.

Let's check out how LinkedIn can help you attain three critical objectives of client advertising and marketing.

Customer Retention

Traditional research by Harvard Service Testimonial located that boosting consumer retention rates by a simple 5% can increase revenues by 25% to 95%. The fundamental advantages of repelling attrition are enormous.

LinkedIn makes this simpler to do. If you're following the Company Pages of your accounts, as well as people, you can keep tabs on their news and growths.

You can even think about sharing your customers' good coverage with your very own networks to reveal some love when it makes a feeling. Undoubtedly it is much more sensible to do so when their success is tied to your remedy in any way. However, you'll build extra fondness by highlighting the customer's function rather than yours.

Hopefully, your consumers are following you on LinkedIn, also. Otherwise, incentivize them to do so by publishing inside tips and orienting your web content toward their rate of interests. Keep them involved.

When preparing out your technique for paid social, consider expanding your focus beyond new prospects. You can use account targeting on LinkedIn to deliver tailored Sponsored Material to your existing accounts and key stakeholders. Utilizing this technique to highlight product improvements or consumer success tales will aid reinforce the connection.

Upselling as well as Cross-selling

While retention is crucial, among the most considerable chances with your existing customer base hinges on the capability to upsell and cross-sell with added items and solutions.

This can look very different depending on the nature of your offerings. Maybe you have one core solution with upgrades or add-ons readily available. Or probably you offer several lines of product that can supplement a customer's success.

Identifying the appropriate fits needs the very same thoughtful ABM-style approach. Very carefully examine your bank accounts to see where their requirements lie and which expansions could make good sense.

If you serve customers well and comply with the customer retention concepts, you'll likely find much less friction and resistance than with an unknown prospect.

By utilizing LinkedIn's targeting functions in the mix with your built-in understanding of the account's preferences and top priorities, you can offer ads and material that speak with them directly.

Some wise tips for B2B cross-selling as well as upselling:

" The trick to success, whether you're supplying an added item that boosts an existing one, or adding something new, is to make sure they associate with each various other. It needs to make feeling, and the items must rest well together.

Think additionally about cross-selling within accounts. Are there various other departments or company units in your client's company that might be prospects for your service? Usage LinkedIn devices to investigate the firm as well as map out its operational structure.

Campaigning and Referrals

There is no overstating the value of pleased customers who come to be advocates for your brand. These commonly become B2B relationships that last a lifetime and can pay rewards when someone changes duties or companies. Not just that, however, supporters can spread the recommendation, both within their company and without.

As discussed earlier, we rely on individuals we understand, and we pay attention to individuals we such as. It isn't challenging to understand the significant power of an advocate who tells coworkers and peers exactly how much they enjoy your company and its remedy.

Some business adopts a defined reference program, and also these are frequently reliable. However, brand campaigning can be a natural outcome of an impressive solution, constant engagement, and subtle inspiration. Brian Gladstein details these guidelines for raising references as well as word-of-mouth company:

Comprehend what makes clients refer in the very first place

Pinpoint your worth and also assist them in evaluating it

Turn referrals into a two-way road


Consider means that your company's LinkedIn existence can drive toward these objectives. When going after new leads and target accounts, look for links to existing consumers that could develop the bridge and recognize appropriate ways.

Customer Marketing

A 2017 report from Koyne Advertising and marketing found that 93% of organizations agree consumer marketing is necessary to their revenue. More significant than two-thirds planned to boost their investment around the following year. If you're among them (and why would not you be?), we extremely recommend making LinkedIn a part of your strategy.

For more recommendations on making use of LinkedIn ideally for every one of your business development campaigns,

For services capable of giving the same consumer several remedies, it's a trick included earnings opportunity.

With any luck, your clients are following you on LinkedIn, too.

If you offer clients well and stick to the client retention concepts, you'll likely locate much more minor rubbing and resistance than with an unfamiliar possibility.

Are there various other departments or company devices in your consumer's company that might be candidates for your solution?

A 2020 record from organizations concur consumer marketing is important to their income.

More than two-thirds intended to enhance their financial investment in this area over the next year.

How to Sell to Existing Customers Using LinkedIn

How to Sell to Existing Customers Using LinkedIn



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