Linked Assist Recruiting Automation Tool

Take Your Linkedin Marketing Automation To The Next Level

Fully Automated - Unlimited Possibilities

Visit targeted profiles with just one simple click

Increase your exposure within a targeted audience

Touch more people with groups and your connections networks

Raise your chances of getting more attention from prospects

Get Organized

Reduce the stress from organizing your leads. With Linked Assist, say goodbye to all the manual work and copy-pasting. It’s time you started organizing your sales approach like a professional. You can also separate potential leads from dormant ones so you know where to focus your efforts.

With Linked Assist organizational tools,

you have the ability to:

Automate your LinkedIn Marketing

Raise your chances of getting more attention from prospects

Linked Assist provides sharing capabilities that will go a long way in empowering you and your sales team. It will give you the ability to:

Move customer data directly from LinkedIn to a CSV file

Import data directly into whichever CRM tool you prefer

Share all your information with your sales team

Have an effective communication and getmore deals.

How can Linked Assist help you sell more?

With Linked Assist, you have an avenue to reach out to numerous targeted prospects without breaking a sweat. From there, you can begin on the process of turning them into customers. Linked Assist will help you to become a sales mogul.
Do you think this will take any time? You can trust that it won’t. Linked Assist does the task of getting your business enough exposure, developing prospects, growing long-lasting business relationships, and finalizing deals. It will help in growing your network as well as getting more qualified leads and increasing your sales.

At Linked Assist, we specialize in making all these possible in the twinkle of an eye. We believe that online lead generation should be more efficient through automation.

As a business owner, you should know that there are various opportunities for you out there. We will like to help you maximize the opportunities that social media sites and platforms provide. You can reach thousands of people with a few clicks. With Linked Assist, you can reach even more of these prospects in little to no time. Your chances of being seen and getting responses from relevant prospects is exponentially higher with Linked Assist.

Increase Your Sales As Easily

As Possible

Linked Assist provides you with the best equipment for generating leads on LinkedIn. With Linked Assist, you can easily view thousands of profiles and directly take your business to them in order to increase your sales and drive revenue.

More Sales, Less Stress

Say goodbye to the old days of tagging, taking notes, and manually entering customer data and be part of a new and automated age. With Linked Assist, you can automatically organize your leads. Export your data, utilize it in Excel, generate your CRM and share it with your associates….
….all in a few simple clicks!

Increase Your Sales As Easily

As Possible

This nifty platform has support for both new and old LinkedIn interfaces. You can also;
  • Receive thousands of targeted contacts by sending bespoke invitations to 2nd & 3rd contacts
  • make use of our auto-mailing system and Sequential Messaging to send messages at regular intervals.
  • Automatic Profiles Visiting & Export to CSV file (Google Sheets / MS Excel)
  • Build a targeted mailing list (although this feature is only for the new LinkedIn interface)
  • Boost your profile and get numerous endorsements from other users in little to no time
  • Save Messages and Signature as Templates
  • Return the favor by endorsing your contacts automatically. This can help you to also get endorsements in return
  • Automatically add your signature to messages to make them personal.

With just a few steps, you can expand your social networks to reach an unlimited number of contacts.

  • Open LinkedIn OR Sales Navigator search page and your filters
  • Choose the Appropriate Relationship : Whether 2nd or 3rd
  •  Select “Auto Connection & Invite 2nd and 3rd contacts” from the dropdown menu you see
  • Set the invitation message template with the use of the [firstname] & [lastname], [company] & [position]

information slots

  • Click “Start Linked Assist Tool” and you’re done .

Auto mailing system to reach your business partners | Message sequence to 1st connections

  • Open LinkedIn search page and set your preferred filters
  • Choose the Appropriate Relationship: «1. Connections »
  • Set the filters and click on “Collect message recipients”
  • It is important that you check the collected contacts before you send a message
  • Create a message template with the use of the variables [firstname] that will be replaced with the recipient’s first name in each individual message

Enhance your profile and receive hundreds of endorsements from other users in the blink of an eye. Basically everything you need to do will be taken care of by this tool.
Linked Assist will automatically send endorsements to all your contacts and you can rest assured that between 5% to 10% of your contact list will endorse you in return. To activate his feature; .

  • Go to “Auto Profile Viewer” & “Endorse”
  • Click “Start” and all relax as your contacts are getting viewed endorsed.

Automatically export all your LinkedIn contacts to a CSV file and build a targeted mailing list (this feature is also only for the new LinkedIn interface) .

  • Go to “Search Navigtor”. Search Targetet Contacts to export.
  • Go to “Auto Profile Viewer” & “Endorse”
  • Wait until it has viewed all contacts and endorsed all existing contacts, then Linked Assist will automatically create a CSV File”. By default, the CSV file will be created as an MS Excel spreadsheet.
  • Save it to your folder.

Automatically add your signature to every sent message. To do this;

  • Go to Setting
  • Click on “Add Signature”
  • Write your signature & click “Add”

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