Instructions on How to Get Started with Linked Assist Easily

Below you'll find instructions as well as important information on how easily get started with Linked Assist.

To install Linked Assist go here

Or use the following URL:

Then click the button "Add to Chrome"

To pin Linked Assist to your Browser Bar follow this instruction below:

Make sure you have the latest version of Chrome before you start:

1. Click on the “Extensions” button in the toolbar next to your profile avatar.

How to get started with Linked Assist

2. A drop-down menu will show you all the installed extensions that are enabled. These are divided into two categories: “Full Access” and “No Access Needed.”

3. In this list, next to each icon you’ll see a Pushpin icon. This icon will either be blue or grey. If it’s blue, this means that the extension is pinned to the Chrome toolbar.
Linked Assist

On the other hand, if it’s white, it means that the extension is hidden.

4. Click on the “Pushpin” icon to pin or unpin a Chrome extension in the toolbar.
Similarly, you can click and drag on the icons to rearrange the order of the pinned extensions to your liking.

Helpful Videos & Video Tutorials

How to login to Linked Assist:



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If you have questions please visit our FAQ or send us an email, we love to help!