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How to Create Engaging Content to Post on LinkedIn

Publisched on
3rd April 2021

LinkedIn is arguably one of the most popular social media channels on planet earth than other social media platforms.

Unlike other channels, LinkedIn tilts towards the business direction than the regular entertainment platforms.

It also encourages the business-to-business (B2B) social networking for experts.

Week in week out, over a million users share more than 130,000 posts.

Can you believe that?

Again, a study shows that roughly 45% of LinkedIn readers are top management staff and business tycoons such as managers, CEOs, VPs, and a host of others.

LinkedIn is an excellent platform for anyone who intends to build a strong business online presence and a good reputation.

As long as you remain professional in whatever form of business you do online, LinkedIn will give you the golden opportunity to communicate and share your company culture with prospective clients.

The (B2B) business-to-business nature of LinkedIn makes it stand out from other social media platforms.

It can equally be a little overwhelming for new users who might find the app appealing but confusing because of its business nature.

They say anything you don't know is a secret.

This article will share seven top secrets that will help you gain a better engagement on LinkedIn.

They are as follows:

  1. Make a good 1. impression with a LinkedIn profile

The headline of your LinkedIn Profile is the very first thing people will notice when they come across your post when you leave a comment on someone else's post or send an invitation to establish a connection.

It is one of the vital areas that will determine how fast you will grow on LinkedIn, so make it count!

If you want your number of followers to grow, you need to make your headline stand out.

Being a jack of all trade might not work for you on LinkedIn because people are more interested in experts in a particular field.

For example, people who want to learn about Artificial intelligence would instead follow a group of AI experts than a general technology enthusiast.

  1. Pay attention to your blog posts

So you've arrived as a new user on LinkedIn, and you are gradually getting used to essential features.

You will like to develop something creative to share in your mind, but you barely know how to go about it and how it will reach your target audience, build brand awareness, and rope in the engagements.

Here is what you should do on LinkedIn:

  • Ensure you introduce your new post with a personal comment
  • As much as you can try to shorten the URL with Bitly or any other app
  • Ensure the thumbnail looks excellent before you upload
  • Closely monitor what SEO experts share on their content from their blogs on LinkedIn
  • Promote your articles on LinkedIn to strengthen your blog's reach
  1. Industry Research and News updates

On LinkedIn, users are always searching for content and the latest trends related to what their offer.

Suppose you can provide them with such valuable information through your blog posts.

In that case, your LinkedIn business page will automatically become a go-to medium for helpful info, increasing your audience and engagement.

  1. In-Depth How-To and List-Style Posts

Directly publishing your well-organized content on LinkedIn may bypass your blog and website.

Still, it will also be helpful as a blessing in disguise because it will offer more visibility on your social media platform.

Among the list of things you will consider posting, you should exclusively publish the how-to and list-style posts on LinkedIn.

Recent LinkedIn Content Study Reveals

A recent study says LinkedIn posts between 1,900 and 2,000 words in length showed the best results and tremendously helped the users gain the highest number of engagements (views, comments, likes, and shares).

The same study also revealed that sharing 'how-to and list-style post gets more attention than other posts.

Veteran marketer, Neil Patel, became a household name by sharing the B2B how-to style posts on LinkedIn.

  1. Publish some quick tips

Another set of posts that tremendously increases one's engagement is the tips and tricks kind of post.

Remember, it is a channel that involves tons of professionals from different spheres of life.

With that in mind, you should endeavor to construct topics that stimulate productivity, leadership, and professional success.

Another way to make this work is by offering a simple text quote that you think will be appropriate for your audience.

  1. Photo Updates

A photo can have an enormous impact on your company's personality.

You can try taking some lovely and compelling photos at some business events and seminars and uploading them because they will draw a lot of attention on LinkedIn.

  1. Company Updates

Being creative with your company's news visual will surely help it stand out from the crowd as these updates will prove to your followers that you are approachable, making them eager to know you better.


According to some recent findings, there are two types of posts that you should avoid sharing:

  1. Headlines that poses a question
  2. Irrelevant Videos.


Below are ways you can make your LinkedIn profile unique:

  1. Publish catchy images
  2. Post valuable content that people in your industry can relate to.
  3. Interact with those who drop their thoughts in the comment section


A recent study conducted on over 9,000 LinkedIn users showed that over 44% agreed that the last content they read on LinkedIn was straightforward and beneficial.

So, while creating your blog post, never forget that your business goals must come first.

Therefore you should always create posts that will be useful to those within your industry.

How to Create Engaging Content to Post on LinkedIn

How to Create Engaging Content to Post on LinkedIn



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