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A Complete and Easy Guide to Start Blogging On LinkedIn

Publisched on
22nd March 2021

If you are confused about the title and are unsure about the right way to start blogging on LinkedIn, then read on.

LinkedIn has successfully secured its spot amongst the most famous social networking platforms.

But, unlike other social media, this one is more inclined towards the professional world.

Over the years, LinkedIn has grown to become the most popular professional platform for recruiters and job seekers.

It lets you foster professional relations with other professionals from all around the globe.

It doesn't matter from which walk of life you belong. You can quickly start getting in touch with other professionals within a few steps.

But, it has another aspect that is often overlooked.

The massive reach it brings for your posts is often ignored.

Blogging on LinkedIn is a relatively new concept.

But it is an incredible opportunity to let your voice be heard all around the world.

LinkedIn has emerged as an excellent and insightful platform.

It is perfect for bloggers to use and share their thoughts, garnering an enormous fan base.

While many companies are devoted to content creation on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn pulse provides several ways to collaborate with several other companies.

You can build brand awareness in a pretty good way by exchanging valuable insights or opinions.

LinkedIn pulse is another revolutionizing concept.

It has emerged as a reliable way to reach the target audience in a much faster way.

This quick tutorial assists you in creating a professional, shareable, and sustainable blog.

And helps to build links and attract more customers.

Follow the guide below as it will clear your misconceptions about starting blogging on LinkedIn.

Create and Edit Your Profile

start blogging on LinkedIn

The first step is to create an impressive LinkedIn Profile that makes people stop and stare.

No doubt, the content is indeed the king, but the impression of your profile matters a lot too.

So start with the basics.

Please update your profile, make it modern and detailed to give it a personalized touch.

After that, ensure to upload helpful information and devoid of unnecessary elements.

Make sure you have a professional profile picture, a short and concise bio that is a polished blend of who you are and what you do, lastly, make sure that your LinkedIn profile is updated.

Work on your professional LinkedIn summary and description. It is imperative to make sure your profile is impeccably polished and impressive to look at.

Create a Blogpost

Now comes the central part.

Firstly, begin by signing on to your LinkedIn profile to generate a blog post or website.

Once you are ready to create a blog, head over to the "Write an article" tab on the main page's the upward direction.

This would lead you to the integrated publication tool of LinkedIn.

However, throughout this single page, you've got everything you could want to create a blog post that you can confidently share with your network–and it's effortless to use.

Brainstorm your ideas and put them in a final shape through your words.

Start writing what you want to write about. Be authentic and genuine with your thoughts and comments.

Save The Draft

Instead of posting it right away, save the draft for editing later.

However, after saving the draft in the draft template, give it a few reads to make sure it makes exactly the sense you want it to make.

After that, check out for the grammatical and spelling errors since no one on the professional platform would like to read a poorly written blog teamed up with errors.

In case you want to put a halt to writing and complete it some other time, close the screen, and your draft article will be auto-saved.

Whenever you want, you can simply reopen the draft section and resume writing the blog.

Make the Best Use of Headlines

Ensure that your blog has the right amount of headlines and subheadings to make it user-friendly and easy to read.

No one wants to read up a jumbled up, excessively long text devoid of proper formatting or structure.

Ensure to keep your blog descriptive and straightforward.

Additionally, it should be full of valuable and mandatory information and devoid of unnecessary elements.

Make sure the headlines are short, up to a point, and crisp.

Ensure that your headlines are less than ten words and are easy to read.

If your article is in a list-style and has proper headings, it's likely to garner more views and increased engagement.

Use Graphics:

It is a well-known fact that the proper use of graphics and multimedia adds up an impeccable charm to your blog.

Acknowledging the fact, LinkedIn allows you to add header images, videos, and other photographs to your blog.

Additionally, get your hands on some excellent quality and exciting pictures that go well with your blog.

Drag and drop those into your blog draft and make sure that they are at the right place.


As a final word, LinkedIn pulse lets you create a powerful professional blog in a few simple steps.

Blogging on LinkedIn has become a reliable source to secure your place in the global professional world through your blog.

Play around with the helpful features LinkedIn brings along and create your masterpiece.

Make sure your blog is well researched, has nice formatting, and is easy to read.



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