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What LinkedIn Ad Types to Use for Your Business

Publisched on
19th March 2021

Like other social media platforms, LinkedIn likewise helps marketers to fulfill their campaign goals. 

LinkedIn Ads are the best to target possible consumers, helping to achieve targeted goals quickly. 

By utilizing LinkedIn advertising, you can make the most of your company reach and attract your potential purchasers to buy your services.

Many marketers are making the most of LinkedIn advertisements and spreading brand name awareness to drive more conversion. 

However, before starting with LinkedIn advertisements, you need to know about the different LinkedIn Ad Types you can utilize in your LinkedIn marketing campaign. 

Select from them and choose which LinkedIn advertisement format provides the best for your company.

LinkedIn Sponsored Material

This kind of ad can be termed as direct sponsored material. 

It is similar to your regular LinkedIn posts with a CTA button and a promoted label. 

These ads are placed on the user's news feed. It advises specs for display screen images are- 1200 * 627.

Therefore, you can use an image, a video, and a carousel of images to promote your project through LinkedIn sponsored content ads. 

Use a larger image and text to attract your potential customers. 

This LinkedIn Ad type is used to generate leads, increase brand name awareness, and increase traffic to your post or pages.

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail

Firstly, It is a highly reliable format of ads utilized to send personalized messages to active LinkedIn members to their LinkedIn inboxes. 

Secondly, with these advertisements, you can add CTA, body text, greetings, and relate to your message. You need to pay per unit for each message provided. You need to follow guidelines to develop these advertisements. 

Thirdly, If you want to drive downloads of gated possessions, promote webinars, produce B2B leads, you can integrate these LinkedIn Ad types in your marketing project.

LinkedIn Text Ads

Text advertisements resemble Google ads that are simple to produce, and you need to pay a fixed amount on every click. 

For instance, these ads display on the best side of the news feed and run just on desktops. 

You can quickly build this kind of advertising campaign and improve your brand awareness rapidly.

It depends on you that you wish to add an image to it or not. 

Finally, use text ads when you want to drive traffic to your specific page and site, target a particular B2B audience, and lead conversion.

LinkedIn Dynamic Advertisements

LinkedIn Ad Types

With the aid of dynamic ads, you can create tailored advertisements. 

In some way, these are like text ads with the distinction that dynamic ads are more customized than text advertisements. 

These are incredibly effective lead generation advertisements that produce click-through and drive traffic to a specific URL.

In addition, these advertisements are available in different formats like fan ads to expand your follower base, task advertisements to get more applicants, spotlight ads to share details with your audience, and so on.



You can't manage to avoid LinkedIn advertising. 

If everything is done correctly, then LinkedIn advertising can take your organization to the next level. 

So, focus on LinkedIn advertisement type and choose the best appropriate type to drive more conversion.



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