Automation Tools to Generate More Leads on LinkedIn

Linked Assist is a leading LinkedIn Marketing Automation Tool that empowers businesses to automate the Marketing & Sales work to achieve their Marketing Goals.

The Best Social Network For Leads Generation

LinkedIn is the most influential business-oriented social networking platform, and according to the company itself, the site has 675 million monthly users.

Many people consider that the platform is only appropriate for job hunting and growing the professional network, but it is proven that it is equally powerful for marketing and generating leads.

Businesses of every scale and nature can utilize the platform to build brand awareness and engage with their targeted audience all across the globe.

LinkedIn Outreach Automation

Digital Marketing and business growth now go hand in hand, and it is considered the most reliable mode of marketing to spread knowledge about a brand to a wider audience.

Traditional Marketing Methods and Cold Outreach have become less effective in the past few years, and more and more companies are utilizing LinkedIn to market their products and services.

The platform already has a huge user base, and it is expanding every single day, which makes it difficult for businesses to connect with every user, and this would be a time-consuming process if carried out manually.

Every business wants to make endless connections in a short period which is manually impracticable.

Therefore it is imperative to automate repetitive tasks to better concentrate on other aspects of the business that matters the most.

This is where LinkedIn Automation strategy is the best possible way.

 LinkedIn Automation Tools are software that allows marketers to connect with the LinkedIn user base swiftly.

From the thousands of options available it’s essential to find the one which is user-friendly, uncomplicated and produces desired results.

LinkedIn Automation For Effective Marketing

Linked Assist is an automation tool for LinkedIn users who want to run end to end social selling.

To launch a Social media marketing campaigns you need to utilize the right tools to make the process convenient and quicker to focus on other core functions of the business.

Linked Assist will make it easier for them to exhibit their content to new and old connections.

It will enable them to get rid of ordinary, repetitive tasks by automating the whole process through its simple LinkedIn automation chrome extension.

The tool has multiple features including Linked Auto-Connect, LinkedIn Bulk Messaging and Automatic Endorsements.

LinkedIn Auto Connect Feature will assist in connecting with potential customers, clients and people who could turn into the lead with or without a personal message and signature.

All this could be done by saving a huge amount of money that most businesses spend on paid digital advertisements.

The Auto Message Feature will allow the users to send bulk messages to their first connections through a simplistic automatic way.

Want to automatically endorse the skills of the connections on the linked account? Use the auto endorsement feature to make it convenient.

The users can save messages as templates as well. 

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LinkedIn Marketing Basics

LinkedIn. Whenever that word comes to our mind, we think of a social media channel that revolves around professionalism, and business-oriented minds. And this is what LinkedIn is.

Founded in 2002, and later bought by Microsoft, LinkedIn has been doing what it envisioned to do in the first place ‒ becoming a go-to social media platform for business professionals.

There are currently 450+ million users on LinkedIn and most of them are professionals.

But the question is: is it really a great resource for B2B marketers? According to LinkedIn stats, it is. A lot of marketers currently give more edge to LinkedIn compared to other social platforms.

Why is that? There must be a reason why B2B marketers consider LinkedIn to be a better option for generating quality leads. And we are here to answer this very question of yours.

LinkedIn Marketing Is All About Business

You might already know this but you should be completely clear that LinkedIn is all about business.

LinkedIn is made to share business-related information around your network, and that is what you should be doing here.

Unlike other social media channels like Facebook or Instagram, you will rarely find someone posting their photos or personal experiences here.

Most of the content that you will find on someone’s LinkedIn profile will be:

It’s more like an immersive web-based resume that’s there for the world to see.

The same goes for businesses or brands that want to portray what they are all about but not to customers, rather clients of corporate value and to enterprises that are interested in their product/service.

This is one of the reasons why your business should be promoted on LinkedIn. As for the marketers, it’s a gold-mine who know how to really profit from LinkedIn’s remarkable system.


LinkedIn is by far, the best platform, to find potential leads and that’s why most marketers value LinkedIn over other social media platforms.

The reason is simple, most users that are on LinkedIn, are there for business/professional reasons.

They rarely spend their time on LinkedIn but when they do, they are looking for something that will solve their problem.

Your product or service could be the solution they have been looking for. Unlike other social media platforms, the chances of a visitor (coming to your profile) becoming a lead are more likely to happen than on any other social media platform.

In time, you will learn that LinkedIn actually encourages you to promote your product/service by ‘InMailing’ to your potential buyers.

This is something that other social media platform discourages to do and paid ads are the only way to reach potential clients. But plucking them up from a large audience is always a hassle.

With LinkedIn, you can directly send a message to your potential customer by what LinkedIn calls InMail. It’s one of the paid features of LinkedIn and it’s widely used among marketers.

Although monthly subscriptions to LinkedIn are the way to go, its features are still limited by barriers to prevent “spamming”. To counter that, there are great automation tools that can come in handy when you seek to do more in less time.

If you want to learn more then check out Linked Assist by clicking here.

That part of paid membership is a talk of its own, so let’s move on ahead.


By multi-platform, we mean that it has more to offer than other social media channels.

With LinkedIn, you can create a brand-oriented profile for a company or business, as well as your own professional profile.

You can also use LinkedIn Pulse, for creating content; which can act as a blog as well, and there is still much more you can do on LinkedIn.

This is also one of the many reasons why marketers prefer LinkedIn over other social media platforms.

It is due to its diversified system where you could end up collecting a lot of quality leads that will surely deliver better conversion rates than those of other social media platforms.


In conclusion, LinkedIn is the way to go if you’re a marketer who is looking to spend less money on marketing budget and get more quality leads that convert well.

Remember, quality triumphs quantity, and technically speaking, LinkedIn does the same when you’re taking it as a B2B marketing platform or even B2B (considering that your buyer persona is easy to be found there).

That’s it for today, but we will be updating our blog with better ways on how you can profit from marketing on LinkedIn so stay in touch by subscribing to our newsletter.

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10 Do's for a Successful LinkedIn Marketing

As you all know, LinkedIn is all about professionalism. It is the biggest social media platform that offers professionals, businesses, and thought leaders to connect with each other.

But LinkedIn is not just a social media channel. It also plays a vital role in helping companies market their product/service to a high-end clientele that is educated and smart.

In other words, it wouldn’t be a lie if we tell you that LinkedIn is also a marketing platform designed for those who seek to market their brand to a top tier audience.

And in order to make sure that all of the marketing efforts go not in vain, you have to know what to do for making your LinkedIn Marketing as successful as possible.

This is why we have come up with 10 ‘must-haves’ for a successful LinkedIn Marketing that you should perform in any case.

So, without further ado; let’s get started:


Here is a list of 10 must-haves, you should do in order to perform well on LinkedIn:

  1. Create a Quality Profile
  2. Do Some Personalization
  3. Perform Timely Management
  4. Go Public on LinkedIn
  5. Promote Using Smart Ads
  6. Connect and Respond
  7. Act Professional
  8. Use other Social Contacts
  9. Maintain Your Network
  10. Contribute to Your Audience


It goes without saying that quality always triumphs in quantity. And technically, it applies to LinkedIn as well.

If you want to portray yourself as a creative, professional, and attractive business then you should create a profile that mirrors those traits.

Your profile should show your product/service that you want to market in the best possible way.

In order to do so, you have to create a profile that not just looks professional but also feels like it.

Make sure that your profile has content that provides a detailed introduction of what your business is about, in a tone that your audience understands and can sympathize with.

You also have to keep the profile updated in order to ensure that your audience knows what you’re doing.

It can be an achievement, new product/service launch, meeting opportunities, etc.


Do you like getting automated messages on LinkedIn when you try to contact a business?

Chances are, you don’t and neither does your audience. Nobody wants to talk to a robot.

This goes especially if you are a business that wants to attract the right kind of audience without making them hate you.

To avoid that, you need to make sure that your message is warm and natural.

To do that, you have to create personalized messages whenever you are messaging the users on LinkedIn.

Whether it’s sending connection requests or sending sponsored messages to let them know about your business, product, or service ‒ creating personalized messages is the way to go.

It might seem counterproductive at first but in the end, it’s worth the extra work.


Like any other social media platform, you have to make sure that you are managing your LinkedIn profile as professionally as possible, and this includes posting relevant content at the right time.

What we mean by the right time is when your audience is most likely on LinkedIn.

If you don’t post content regularly, chances are; your audience will not take interest in you and you would risk losing them as your connections, which is not a very good thing for marketing.


This is a no-brainer but we wanted it to be on the list because we have seen many people forget that you have to make sure that your LinkedIn profile is live and public, otherwise nobody ‒ except you ‒ will be able to view your profile.

In layman's terms, every work you do on LinkedIn will be for nothing if your LinkedIn profile is set on ‘Private Mode’. Make sure that it’s not.



Responding to messages that you receive on LinkedIn is as important as responding to a call or email that you receive from your potential clients.

The reason is simple: your LinkedIn profile is one of many ways that help the audience to connect so they can inquire about something.

There is a LinkedIn etiquette that prompts every marketer to treat LinkedIn messages as if they were emails.

So, responding to those messages as quick as you can, is what we recommend.


We don’t have to tell you should do your LinkedIn Marketing, but pointing it out confirms why it is so important to act like a professional.

Being a professional Marketer doesn’t mean you have to be a boring representative of the company or to portray a formal tone of your brand or firm.

What we mean by professional LinkedIn Marketing is to act honest, humble, and be generous when it comes to interacting with your audience.

If you want people to spread good words about you then be your best professional self.


We don’t have to tell you this but pointing it out confirms why it is so important to act like a professional.

Being professional doesn’t mean you have to be a boring representative of the company or to portray a formal tone of your brand or firm.

What we mean by professional is to act honest, humble, and be generous when it comes to interacting with your audience.

If you want people to spread good words about you then be your best professional self.


You can also open up discussions to talk about a certain topic and let the voice of your audience astonish you with their thoughts and opinions.

Not only will you get to know your audience’s mindset but you will also build credibility and brand loyalty within a matter of weeks.


There is a better way to gain the kind of audience you are looking for without spending thousands of dollars on ads and that’s through contributing thoughtful content to your audience by being available in relevant groups of your niche and sharing your thoughts with them.


LinkedIn is surely one of the best social media platforms out there for marketing.

But in order to utilize its full potential, you have to discipline yourself with the above must-dos.

Without them, spending time on LinkedIn can prove to be unproductive and ineffective at generating leads.

That’s it.

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