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Easy to Use LinkedIn and Facebook Automation Tools for Brand Awareness and Network Growth

Publisched on
16th March 2022

Social media today has gone beyond what it was originally meant for, and that is to breach the gap between communication with friends and loved ones. The reason it has successfully done that is because a lot of entrepreneurs, marketers, and recruiters have come to realize that professional social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn serve as great tools and powerful marketing channels that not only help you increase your brand awareness, but assists in network growth. 

Once you know the basics, and have a proper social media marketing strategy at your beck and call, the sky will be your starting point rather than your limit.

Great things they say take time, but before one can start seeing results for the efforts invested, one must have put in a lot of hard work and time. But then again time isn’t something a lot of business owners, and marketers have on their side as they are constantly preoccupied with meetings and other activities. 

So how do they create a balance between keeping up with a busy schedule and staying active on social media? That is where automation tools come in, and in this guide, we will be sharing two of the most effective automation tools that will help you ensure you’re not missing out in any way. 

But before we unleash these tools, we will first discuss what brand awareness is, its essence, what automation is, and strategies that will help you achieve your goals. 


Brand awareness can simply be defined as the degree or level of customer recognition of a product, service, or brand by its name. Organizations/companies that have successfully gotten a high level of brand awareness over time tend to enjoy a boost of customer loyalty, credibility, trust, lower price sensitivity, and a lot more than those struggling to put their right foot down. 

A lot of companies have made achieving high brand awareness a priority because of some of the benefits mentioned above. It makes you wonder why brand awareness is that important. Well, it has become imperative because brand awareness rapidly helps your loyal customers remember and become comfortable with the products and services you offer. 


Both are similar, but the difference is that while brand recognition refers to the extent to which a loyal customer identifies with your brand through your brand logo and color, brand awareness turns the notch up further. And that is by not just remembering what your business name, color or logo looks like, but also having a general feel of your products and services. Little wonder why businesses take establishing a level high of brand awareness personal. 


As earlier mentioned, maintaining an active presence on both LinkedIn and Facebook is no easy task. Lots of hours need to be heavily invested to yield positive and desired results, but time is a luxury that most marketers and business owners don’t have enough of. But that’s where LinkedIn and Facebook automation tools step in to save the day. 

Facebook and LinkedIn Automation refer to the practice whereby tools are used to automate activities that a human (marketer, entrepreneurs) would have performed manually. What are some of those activities? One may wonder. They include sending out connection requests, sending follow-up messages, messaging prospects, among other things. 

We also know you may want to follow up with another question, which is “Can you send automated messages on LinkedIn as well as Facebook”?

The answer is yes! You can automate messages both on LinkedIn and Facebook. 

But while doing so, you have to apply some decorum. For most business owners and entrepreneurs, the primary aim is to generate leads by starting meaningful conversations with their connections. So, in other to do this successfully, it’s necessary to send a personalized outreach message to every customer and potential client on your list. If in the case where you have a thousand connections, this becomes a very difficult task to complete manually. And it’s at this point that we recommend you bring in renowned automation tools such as Linked Assist and GP poster to assist. Not only are they powerful tools, but you can also use them to send both professional, and personalized messages both on LinkedIn and Facebook on autopilot. We will further analyze these tools as we progress. 

But one thing you need to have at the back of your mind when using automated tools is that you should send your organized and proofread messages at intervals to mimic human actions. If you try to send bulk messages all at once, it will instantly become obvious that you’re reaching out through third-party tools, and that can attract penalties.


Automation tools are software designed to replicate the behavioral traits of humans while carrying out several tasks for you on both LinkedIn and Facebook. 

Not only do they save you the time of doing it manually, but they also have other benefits attached to it such as:

1. Automation tools can come in handy when the need arises for personalized campaigns.

2. Automation tools, when used right, can tremendously assist in the collection of data for better iterations of your campaigns.

3. Automation tools can assist in integrating with other marketing tools to help you create more effective omnichannel campaigns. 

4. Automation tools help you take the burden off, thereby making it easier for you to achieve whatever business and professional goals that you must have set for yourself or your brand on social media channels like LinkedIn or Facebook. 


Indeed, tons of software developers have over time been flooded with requests to design automation tools with certain specifications. So, if you search for automation tools that can help you do the dirty job either on the internet or in the market, you will certainly get a hand full. But amid the crowd, two automation tools stand out and are second to none, and they are; Linked Assist and GP Poster tools. 

What is a GP Group Poster?

GP Group Poster is a LinkedIn and Facebook Group Auto Poster Chrome Extension designed to assist you to minimize marketing costs and to save you time to engage with your audience.

Think of GP Group Poster as a LinkedIn & Facebook Content Outreach Tool that boosts your Traffic goals.

This innovative automation tool does the work for any business looking to boost its Social Media Marketing.


The Linked Assist automation tool is a marketing, and sales automation software that is embedded with relatively easy-to-use integrated social activity tools that allows you to increase both your brand awareness for your company and also maximize your network growth. With the Linked Assist tool, you can share vital information not only within LinkedIn, but also on other social media platforms where you run your business. 

Linked Assists automation is a great tool that serves thousands of small, medium, and large businesses around the world. What equally makes it the people’s choice is that it was built with personalization at its core. What’s more? It is efficient and easy to use. So, when next you need a reliable automation tool, think LinkedIn assist. 


The Group Auto-Poster is another amazing tool and one that is my favorite. If you’re a marketer, blogger, and a business owner who is looking for a means to reach out to more people through LinkedIn and Facebook, the GP Group poster is for you. Rather than waste precious time doing manual and repeat copy and paste work, this tool jumps in and yet again saves the day by helping you post automatically to both Facebook and LinkedIn groups in a matter of minutes with little or no effort at all. This tool prides itself as one that has over time been the backbone to the success story of many businesses, reaching unimaginable heights of growth within a short period. 


Before we dive into revealing the strategies, it’s good we first let you know what a brand awareness strategy entails. A brand awareness strategy refers to a set of marketing tactics that can help a business, or company grow its target audience and also establish a high level of brand recognition within a specific niche or target market. 

Some strategies that can come in handy include:

1. Give your Brand a Personality

If you are in for achieving a high brand awareness, then the need to have a strong brand is more than necessary. One key to note about strong brands is that they are more memorable and also have a personality with a voice of its own. So waste no time in giving your brand a personality that will resonate with your prospects today.  

2. Content Marketing

Try to increase the rate at which you upload high-quality with your customers. If you do this consistently and your customers become attracted to your posts, the tendency that they will share becomes high, thereby expanding your brand awareness and network growth. 

3. Post more Video Content

In case you’re not aware, video marketing does way better than photo marketing on all social media platforms and serves as a great way to capture the attention of your customers and potential clients. 

4. Offline Campaigns

Never restrict campaigns to social media alone if you intend to grow your brand’s awareness. Use marketing campaigns such as posters, handbills, billboards, and brochures to create more awareness and attract customers. 


It’s not enough to own a brand. Consistency is required to strengthen and expand the awareness of your brand in the minds of your target audience. Make a firm decision today to do whatever it takes to get your brand to register in the minds of your audience. And don’t forget to use the above tools to make the work easier while smiling your way to the top. Thanks for reading.



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