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LinkedIn B2B: The Step-By-Step LinkedIn Marketing Guide for Professionals

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10th May 2021

Are you looking for the most effective LinkedIn marketing guide for professionals? To grow your business among your potential customers, the platform offers a good platform. The presence of millions of experts and professionals makes it a good place for marketing. All of them make LinkedIn marketing the most effective tool by offering a highly credible population. No matter in which area you are operating, you will always find a good connection in that area. This is the reason why all growing businesses are now using LinkedIn for marketing purposes.

Among such a rich pool of businesses, experts, and skills people, marketing efforts yield the maximum results. Therefore, you must learn how to use LinkedIn marketing guide for professionals to take out the most benefit. Here is a complete step-by-step guide to help you in this process. 

Using LinkedIn Marketing Guide for Professionals

The first and foremost step in marketing on LinkedIn is to learn how to use it. Without knowing how to use LinkedIn marketing guide for professionals, you may fail to reap out most of its benefits. Therefore, make sure to go through the following steps to start marketing.

1.    Creating a page on LinkedIn

If you don’t have a company page on LinkedIn, you can market your business here. Therefore, it is vital to create your business page first on LinkedIn to market your products and services. Fortunately, creating a company page on LinkedIn is super simple. For this, you would visit the social network and click on the create a new page button. When you click on creating a new page, you will see four options:

  • Small business
  • Medium to large business
  • Showcase page
  • Educational institute

Now, you have to choose the option that meets your business nature. Upon selecting an option, you will see an identity page for your business. Here, you will enter the details about your business, and it would enable you to see its preview. For example, you would enter your business name, a brief description of it, its logo, and tagline and others.

2.    Completing your page information

Here, you must check if you have written all the details about your business on your LinkedIn page. If you don't complete your business page, it will affect your marketing campaigns. Big L claims that a complete business page enjoys 30% more views than the pages with incomplete information. Therefore, it is crucial to write everything and fill in all the fields. In doing so, never ignore adding the hashtags, as they play a significant role in bringing more people to your page.

Fortunately, you can choose 20 different languages on LinkedIn. You can select any of the languages that are suitable for your business and potential customers. Additionally, always add a high-quality and pixel-rich picture and logo of your business to attract more people.

3.    Sharing your LinkedIn page

Linkedin Marketing Guide

Surprisingly, sharing your LinkedIn page on other platforms is a vital step in this Linkedin Marketing Guide for Professionals. If you don't share your page, many people won't get to know about your business. However, sharing your page would bring a large number of visitors to your page. As a result, you would be able to get greater profits and generate more leads in return. Luckily, the social media giant also allows its users to invite connections/ people to follow your page. You can use this feature to build up your audience quickly.

Besides it, you can also share your LinkedIn page on your website, blog, or any other social media channel. Additionally, sharing your page doesn't mean that you would share it for a single time, and the results would appear. Instead, you would have to keep sharing it off and on to see the desired results.

4.    Using the LinkedIn Buttons

Another essential step in the LinkedIn marketing guide is to make use of LinkedIn Buttons. Just like the Facebook and Instagram button icons, LinkedIn also has its button icon. You can use it to share your LinkedIn page anywhere. For example, you can add the LinkedIn button at the top of your website or blog. Similarly, you can add it to your business visiting cards or at any appropriate place. Using these buttons would allow you to share your page to get more visits and increase your business exposure. Therefore, never forget to embed LinkedIn buttons to various places to get excellent results.

5.    Making a good LinkedIn marketing strategy

After completing your company page and sharing it over other places, it's time to make a good LinkedIn marketing strategy. It will help you in growing your business by moving in the right direction. Additionally, it would also help grow your audience and, thus, more profits for your business. While making your marketing strategy, you must consider the following things.

  • You must be clear about which type of audience you need and if they are on LinkedIn or not.
  • In addition, you must also know about the demographics and user behaviour of your potential customers. This will help you in clearly devising a marketing strategy for them.
  • How much budget you have to market your products or services through ads.
  • Moreover, your LinkedIn marketing strategy must have a clear mission, vision, and a list of marketing goals for your business.
  • Last but not least, make use of the LinkedIn content calendar to plan and post your content effectively. You must decide how many times a week you would post and which type of content you would post. Additionally, make sure to make your content engaging through an attractive tone and the use of images.

Top 7 Marketing Tips

While marketing on LinkedIn, it is vital to keep the following top 7 tips in mind.

1.    Target your efforts to the right audience

The most impost thing for marketing is to target your efforts to the right audience. Before you start marketing, you must figure out if your target customers are available. Then, you must also figure out their behaviour, interests, and other important insights. All of these things would help you in reaching the right audience. Additionally, it would also save your time and money from going into the wrong audience.

2.    Add visuals to your posts

Visuals such as images have a powerful impact on the people. If you are writing a post, make sure to add images to it. These images should be original and not copied from anywhere else. Additionally, these images must be relevant to your content and must attract people who are reading it. In contrast, you can also add videos regarding your content to get more exposure. Creating short videos about your content would help in attracting more people than written content.

3.    Boost engagement through your posts

Moreover, it is crucial to boost engagement through your posts. There are several tips to increase engagement through posts. For example, look into the following points.

  • Add your posts more frequently to keep people engaged
  • Use story updates and video updates to remind people about your posts
  • Never forget to use hashtags in your posts
  • Additionally, never ignore the images and videos in your written content. Mix many images and videos in your written content to catch the reader’s interest.
  • Use story headlines for your written posts.
  • Allow people to respond through likes and comments to your posts and respond to them.

All of these straightforward steps are so powerful as to create a massive impact on your business.

4.    Post when your audience is up

Making timely posts is another crucial marketing tip. Never post your content without paying attention to the time. Additionally, make sure to double-check when most of your audience is active on LinkedIn. First of all, keep in mind that posting twice a week would create better results. Secondly, try to post your content from 11:00 to 01:00 pm as most of the users are active during this period.

5.    Use live videos on LinkedIn

Live videos always create a significant impact on people and attract them to a business. Whenever anyone sees that a professional is coming live, he must want to join the live session to see what’s happening. So, the use of LinkedIn Live videos is a great way to market your content, products, and services to people.

6.    Use LinkedIn showcase page

While using the marketing guide, you should use the LinkedIn showcase page. Using showcase pages for your multiple products/services allow people to follow you on each one. Thus, the people get more flexibility and more updates from your business. Ultimately, it brings more profits for your business.

7.    Check analytics

Finally, it is crucial to keep a deep eye on analytics. LinkedIn Analytics offers a fantastic way to check if your business is performing right. It tells you the possible dos and don'ts of your business and LinkedIn marketing strategy. Thus, it helps you in leading your business in the right direction to meet your goals.

Top 5 Marketing Tools on LinkedIn

While using this guide for professionals, make sure to use some of the best marketing tools. For your ease, here are the top 6 marketing tools on LinkedIn that you must know.

1.    Canva

With many users, Canva is an excellent tool to create your images for marketing purposes. While writing your business content, you can craft engaging images by using Canva. This tool also involves in-app purchases to access all of its free and premium features.

2.    Slideshare

Unlike others, Slideshare is best to use when giving a media presentation to your audience. Moreover, you can also use it when you have to publish your white papers to spread awareness among your audience. No matter what you want them to know, Slideshare is a helpful tool to share your content with creativity.

3.    LinkedIn groups

Surprisingly, LinkedIn groups also serve as the best way to market your products and services. You can use the Linked group to bring more audience to your business page through sharing your content. In addition, some of the groups are also beneficial for business page admins, page managers, and owners. For example, entrepreneurs’ forums, independent consultant networks, and small business forums, and others.

4.    Open for business

If you do not want to create a company page but wish to market your content personally, go for the open for a business tool. This tool on LinkedIn allows the users to use their profiles for marketing their products, services, or any content. The best thing about this open for the business tool is that it is free of cost. To use it, go to your profile and click on the label “showcase services you offer”. Here, you can mention everything that you want to market or to grow your audience.

5.    Linked Assist

In the last, Linked Assist is a must-have tool that you must use for your business marketing. Although this LinkedIn marketing guide for professionals contains five valuable tools, this is the best among all. It allows you to automate your tasks without the need of repeating them. Due to the Linked Assist benefits, many new and growing business pages on LinkedIn are using this fantastic tool for marketing.


To grow your audience and business on LinkedIn, you must follow a LinkedIn marketing guide for professionals. This LinkedIn Marketing Guide provides the most effective, result-proven, and complete guide among several guides available on the internet. In this, you will learn thoroughly about how to create a winning business page on LinkedIn. Additionally, you will also learn about the top marketing tips and tools to make your business a hit on LinkedIn. To get excellent results, make sure to follow each step in this LinkedIn marketing guide. All of them would help in boosting your business by growing your audience rapidly.



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