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The Essence of Personalized LinkedIn Marketing

Publisched on
30th March 2022

Personalized marketing is a marketing strategy that brands, businesses, or companies can use to make good of the data gathered from potential customers to deliver targeted products, services, or information to prospects. 

Before we further dive into this topic, business owners and LinkedIn marketers need to understand that today’s customers are exposed to several digital devices that provide them with almost every detail that they need about a product or service that they want at the snap of a finger. 

Again, these customers are also keen on how they are being treated. “Customers indeed are kings”. So, to get ahead of your competitors, every marketer must aim at driving well-curated and personalized communication with every prospect. The primary reason is that each prospect is an individual that has a specific need and for whatever product or service that they desire. 

In this article, we will reel out the test and certified strategies that every business owner or marketer should have by their fingertips to ensure successful personalized marketing. We will equally discuss some benefits of personalized marketing. 

When it comes to personalized marketing, the first and most important tip to getting a good jump start is knowing your target audience on a personal level. What exactly do we mean by knowing them on a personal level? We are referring to brands or LinkedIn marketers having access to relevant data that will specifically meet the needs of their prospects. Some crucial data includes the customer’s name, email address, and purchase history. 

If you spend time gathering data that does not in any way narrow down their specific needs or interests, be assured that your conversations with them will only hit a brick wall in the long run. However, asking direct questions or tailoring down the right content that meets your prospect’s need will often make them more receptive to whatever product or service that you’re offering. But this doesn’t come on a bed of roses because a lot of time, and energy needs to be invested. If done diligently, it will certainly pay off in the future. 

Before we dash off to give you a list of benefits of personalized marketing, let’s first discuss the essence.


We all can agree that the way LinkedIn business owners and marketers connect with their potential clients or target audience has massively evolved to suit customer preferences. With the aid of personalized or individual marketing, one can now interact at a satisfactory level with either their followers or customers in unimaginable ways that will in the long run create a genuine connection simply by paying attention to key areas. Some of these areas include their keen interests, personalities, and preferences. Some of the ways this can be achieved include custom content, email marketing campaigns, personalized and targeted advertorials, and so on. 

Bare it in mind that potential clients are often bombarded with tons of saturated content throughout the day. This makes it relatively easy for a message that doesn’t immediately grasp their attention to disappear in the noise. You wouldn’t want that, would you? Of course not! So the big question now is, what can you do differently to make your content, product, or service stand out from the crowd? The answer is to ensure whatever you’re bringing to the table is highly valuable and relevant to your target audience. 

This will most likely prompt the next question which is “how can one go about that?” and yet again, the answer is also easy – which is, by speaking both directly and personally to your prospects. Another advantage of speaking directly with your target audience is that it will be easy to pinpoint what is most important to them, and when you can meet up with their expectations, you will most likely win them over as loyal customers for your business. 

Are you having second thoughts about personalizing your marketing strategies? Make that decisive step today. Below are some facts that will help you take that bold step. A study carried out in December 2019 showed that about 31% of consumers wished their shopping experiences were brought down to a more personal level while about 22% stated that they were pleased with the current level of personalization. Another study also showed that personalization helped about 61% of LinkedIn marketers and business owners accomplish a more satisfactory customer experience. Can we read the writing on the wall already? This shows that more and more consumers yearn for personalization that directly caters to their needs and interests across all aspects of their products and services. 


1) Personalized marketing assist in removing major obstacles in the sales funnel that may in one way or other complicate a prospect’s shopping experience. Such obstacles tend to minimize efforts that customers have invested to get a hold of what they want. 

2) Personalized marketing tremendously assists in preventing customers from being flabbergasted with a ton of selection. 

3) Personalized marketing always puts you one step ahead of your competitors. And the reason is that it helps your brand quickly attract and retain the attention of your potential customers simply by identifying their pain points and saving them time by delivering the best of solutions. 



The saying “dress how you want to be addressed” doesn’t just apply to looking good in real life alone. Looking at it from another angle it could also mean that you should curate the kind of LinkedIn profile or social media presence that will make half the work easy when marketing. 

The same way we are often first judged by our dressing when we walk up to a potential client in real life, the same goes for how we will most likely be judged when we take that bold move in reaching out to our potential client on LinkedIn.

Ensure your LinkedIn Profile Photo is as professional as possible. In other words, dress the part. Next, ensure you have a complete profile with relevant information. All those are primary steps that will help in convincing your prospect that you know what you are doing. Remember these people don’t know you from anywhere, so while considering why you’re messaging to help, best believe that they will do some background check on you. 


This cannot be overemphasized. A bonus tip to knowing their primary need is to also look for cues that will help you anticipate their future needs. One question you need to constantly have at the back of your mind “what is this customer looking for”? At this level, experimenting with a survey can come in handy. Once you’re able to nail the answer, it can also help you in predicting what their future needs might be. Take a closer look at what they are currently purchasing from your brand and deliver the best versions of the things they love. 


As beneficial as personalized marketing can be, we can’t forget to include the fact that it can be tricky to keep up with the tracking. Especially when you’re working across several channels, one noteworthy thing is that you remember how each of your potential customers interacts with your brand. The reason is to tailor the right and consistent service experience for your consumers. That way, they will always feel a strong connection to your brand and will most likely remain loyal. 


The efficiency of successful individual marketing is heavily dependent on how much data one can accumulate. So, endeavor to gather as much data as you can from both your regular and potential customers. You can equally turn it up a notch by tracking their habits, consumer behavior and possibly finding out the things that they search for in a targeted brand within your niche. 

If you’re able to succeed with this, advertising will flow smoother than butter on a knife. 

Note: Being impatient and trying to jump the ropes will make you appear creepy and will backfire. Start by gathering small pieces of data at first and over time you will have collected more than enough to help you predict what they might like in the future-instead by trying to know everything about them at once. As the saying goes, the patient dog eats the fattest bone. 


Know your audience”. One of the key lessons that business owners and marketers are always advised to do. The information you must have gathered over time from your consumers and prospects will certainly help you create marketing personas that will assist in better defining your audience. Take a good look at the critical factors such as shopping habits, income, interests, age, incentives, and so on and then use such vital information to create a persona of your prospect may look like as it will go a long way to help you narrow down their need. 


We hope by the time you must have read to this point, you have gotten enough knowledge on the essence of making your marketing strategies more personal. But before we round off, remember, that knowing what to do is one thing but taking that bold move is another. If you feel motivated to make the first step but rarely know how to go about it, you can try to reach out to a marketing expert on either LinkedIn or any other social media platform to guide you. 



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