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How to Target Prospects with LinkedIn Matched Audiences

Publisched on
28th February 2021

LinkedIn offers many opportunities for marketers to establish their brand name and expand their network.

LinkedIn utilizes numerous features to target its audience "LinkedIn Matched Audience" is one of them.

Moreover, LinkedIn Matched Audience allows you to retarget your website audience and provide them with the best marketing message.

Apart from that, it likewise helps to promote your services and offers you a chance to handle your audience through one single dashboard.

In other words, the LinkedIn platforms produce more company leads and LinkedIn-matched audiences to achieve your targeted results.

It utilizes primarily three types of tools by which you can use a matched audience to target your prospects on LinkedIn.

These are:

Website Retargeting

As the name implies, website retargeting helps target those LinkedIn members who have already visited your website.

For instance, with this tool, you will segment website visitors, tailor ad content and transform more potential customers.

You can follow the below actions to start with website retargeting:

  1. First, add the "LinkedIn Insight Tag" to your website to track your visitors.
  2. Go to "Create an audience to retarget section" create your rules with three rules- "Starts with," "specific," and "contains." You require to define the URL of the site you wish to retarget the visitors to.
  3. After defining this URL, LinkedIn will show ads to those who visited them in the past 90 days.
  4. You require to attract more LinkedIn members since you need to reach 300 audience sizes to see the outcomes, using up to 48 H.

Account-Based Targeting

The Account-based targeting allows you to target the companies against 12+ million LinkedIn pages on LinkedIn.

With this, you can target those businesses with whom you wanted to work.

Moreover, it allows you to target those highly interested customers, and you can drive more conversions by doing this.

Here you only need to do the below-mentioned things:

  1. Prepare your list in a row and column manner. Save it as a CSV file.
  2. Set your advertisements by picking the "uploaded audience" option from the "Tools" drop-down of "matched audience." Now, you need to select the tab, and you can upload your list.

Apply filters on your list to segment it and consist of a minimum of 1000 companies in your list to scale on a large level.

Contact Targeting

It is a convenient method to target members, enabling you to target those currently part of your contact list.

In other words, you can drive more customers by developing a customized audience, delivering pertinent content and integrate your e-mail list.

Similarly, you require to follow the same steps to reach the "uploaded list audience tab" as you did in account-based marketing.

However, here you can choose to submit a list choice.

After introducing your project, your project can begin providing.

However, if you want to use data combination, you can choose "Connect to a marketing automation platform" from the "uploaded audience tab" and pick from secret or public secrets.

After that, you need to set up your API keys, it usually takes about 48 hours before your project sectors appear, and you can quickly target your potential customers.


In conclusion, LinkedIn Matched Audience positively helped to improve the number of clients and boost your business ROI.

Therefore use this fantastic feature to create your audience and retarget them and reduce their sales journey.

How to Target Prospects with LinkedIn Matched Audiences

How to Target Prospects with LinkedIn Matched Audiences



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