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Powerful Guide on How to Create LinkedIn Product Pages and Get Best Results

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29th May 2021

Do you want to know how to add a LinkedIn Product Page to your LinkedIn Company and Showcase Page? Adding products is the simplest and most straightforward task. Even if you are new on LinkedIn. This article will help you in knowing this through one of the two simple ways. First, read the following information to get a better idea about it.

Adding a LinkedIn Product Pages

LinkedIn Product Pages

If you want to add products to your LinkedIn Product Pages, here are two ways of doing it.

·       Share as your company updates.

The simplest, quick, and easiest way to add LinkedIn Product Pages is to use your LinkedIn Company Page. For this purpose, you have to go through only a few easy steps.

First of all, you have to sign in to your account. Then, make sure to use your LinkedIn company Page, not your LinkedIn Profile. This is because you want to promote your company's products to your LinkedIn connections and customers. Your customers might not follow your LinkedIn Profile, but they must follow your company page if you want to reach them, and for doing so, you have to use your LinkedIn Company page.

If you don't have yet created your LinkedIn Company Page follow the next step or otherwise skip it.

How To Create a LinkedIn Company Page [VIDEO | DURATION 02:58]

After signing in to your LinkedIn Company page and using the admin view, you will see the options of sharing your new product or anything new. Click on this button and write your product name, a brief description and add a picture. Once you complete all these things, click on post/share. Your customers would be able to see this new product as a company update. In addition, they would be able to read all details of it along with images. In this way, you can keep sharing as many products with your page members as you want.

·       Use your LinkedIn showcase page

The second way to add your products is to use LinkedIn Showcase Pages. When you add a product through the showcase pages, you don't even use your company updates.

To add a product through this way, login to your account. Then, go to your company page and click on "Edit." There, you will see the option "create a showcase page." Click on this option and then choose the one that you like the most.

How to Create Your LinkedIn Showcase Page [VIDEO | DURATION 03:00 ]

Next, use that showcase page to create your products. Add the photos of your product, a brief description, and anything else about it. Click on the Save button and then click the Submit for Review button. It will appear on your company page after approval.

Important Tips About Adding Products:

LinkedIn Product Pages

No matter which way you choose to add your products to the LinkedIn product pages, keep in mind the following tips.

·       Using high-quality images and photos

Make sure to use high-quality photos of your products. The images that you take must clearly show your products. An important tip here is to use a professional camera and the right light. In addition, the background should also be disengaged so that the viewers can focus on the product. Finally, it is also essential to take several photos of the products. In this way, your users would be able to see your products from each side. Thus, these things would help them in getting a clear idea about your products.

·       Use the appropriate wording.

LinkedIn Product Pages

The description of the product plays a crucial role in attracting people or in making them purchase it. Therefore, never add any product without the description. The best way to add a product to your best LinkedIn product pages is to write engaging words with it. You must explain why people should buy this product or what benefits it would give to them. If you think that your specific product is for a particular age group, write it with the product. Also, share the price of the product with its picture.

·       Don’t forget to edit.

Editing photos is an important step. Always take out some time for the editing. Without editing the photos, they may not look good or may fail to attract people. However, make sure that the edited photos look natural and authentic. For this, don't overuse the filters and other features of the editing app. Instead, fix the simple things such as colors, brightness, contrast, and hue, etc. Once you are done with the editing, check if the picture portrays the product as it is. Then, choose at least two or three best photos to post.

·       Use stories to inform people about a newly added product.

To bring more people to your product pages, use LinkedIn stories.

After you learn how to add products to the LinkedIn company page, learn how to create engaging stories and the LinkedIn Stories Swipe-Up feature, then create as many stories about your products as you want. However, don’t post all of them on the same day. Instead, keep sharing them one by one throughout the month. As a result, it would create more significant results by making people move to your product pages from your stories.

·       Add a call-to-action.

LinkedIn Product Pages

The final and the most important thing is to add a call-to-action button. Many people may go back from your product pages or stories without purchasing because of the missing of this specific button. However, the call-to-action button would magically boost your profit. So do yourself a favour and add it!


To grow your business on LinkedIn, you must know how to add products to the LinkedIn company page. Two ways to do so we have discussed in this article. You can use any of these two ways or both of them for the best results. However, Ensure to keep in mind the crucial tips (discussed above) for adding products to create the best product pages.



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