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How To Use LinkedIn Swipe-Up Feature for Your LinkedIn Stories

Publisched on
12th May 2021

After the huge success of the Instagram swipe-up feature for stories, LinkedIn also introduced this feature. From September 2020, people are using the swipe-up feature for creating LinkedIn Stories. The core reason behind using this feature is that it drives more traffic to one's content and, thus, more profits. Therefore, if you are also running your business on LinkedIn, using the LinkedIn Swipe-Up button would help you in generating more leads. You will learn later in this article about how does this LinkedIn swipe-up feature boosts your audience. For now, let’s start with exploring the LinkedIn swipe-up feature from the start.

What is LinkedIn Swipe-Up?

LinkedIn swipe-up is a feature that anyone can use to add a link to the LinkedIn stories. Whenever you post a story, you can embed a link or a website URL to this story. Thus, it would enable people to go to your link directly from your stories. The LinkedIn story updates with the links yield the maximum results in bringing more people to your site. Hence, it would boost your traffic and get more customers to your site. As a result, you would be able to enjoy greater revenues and more profits from your business.

How to Use LinkedIn Swipe-Up Feature?

Using the LinkedIn swipe-up feature is the easiest thing. To use it, you must have a LinkedIn account. If you don’t have any, make sure to sign-up for a LinkedIn account. If you have any issues creating a LinkedIn account, you can take help from the Internet about creating a LinkedIn account. After completing it, you have to make some efforts to get followers. Once your business account has enough followers, it is time to go for the LinkedIn swipe-up feature in stories. You have to go through a few simple steps, which are as follows:

·      Step 1

The first thing you have to do is open up your LinkedIn account and click on the post-story to use the LinkedIn swipe-up feature. When you click on the post a story button, you would see different options. For example, you would have to choose either a video or a photo to post as a story.

·      Step 2

If you want to post a video, make sure you have already created an engaging video and saved it in your device gallery. Similarly, if you want to post a photo as a story, make sure that your image is of high quality and engaging for your audience. So, whatever you want to post on your LinkedIn story, choose it from your device gallery.

·      Step 3

Now, you would see different options to edit it. If you want to make any changes to the chosen photo or video, you can do it at this step. Additionally, you can also write some labels or add any signs to your photo or video. When you are done, now look at the corner of your video for a link button. This button would look like a piece of chain. When you click on it, a dialogue box will open to ask you to enter the link/URL. Now you can either copy or paste a link from another site to here or type it manually. If you type it manually, please double-check if it is error-free and redirecting to the expected site. Click Ok.

·      Step 4

Now, your story is ready to publish with the swipe-up feature. Click on the publish button and enjoy it in your feed. Keep in mind that anyone connected with you or following you can see your story until it disappears. So, choose your story wisely and make it the most engaging to attract people to it.

Who is eligible to use the LinkedIn swipe-up feature?

Unfortunately, not everyone can use the LinkedIn swipe-up feature as there are two requirements for this. These two are as follows:

  • A person must have a minimum of 5000 followers or connections on LinkedIn to use the swipe-up feature.
  • Similarly, a person’s LinkedIn account must have the follow button on it. If you don’t have the follow button but a connect button, you would not be eligible to use the swipe-up feature.

Besides having these most straightforward two requirements, there are no other restrictions. Anyone can easily and freely use the LinkedIn swipe-up button if he meets the above two requirements.

Note: Make sure to keep in mind that you have to wait for a week when you meet the criteria to use the swipe-up feature. It takes around a week for eligible accounts to start using this feature after LinkedIn approves their account.

Top 7 benefits of using LinkedIn Swipe-Up Feature!

LinkedIn Swipe-up

Now that you know why everyone must use a LinkedIn swipe-up feature and how anyone can use it, let's come to its benefits. Here are the following top 7 benefits of using the LinkedIn swipe-up feature for any person’s business.

1.    Easy to create

The most fantastic feature of using the swipe-up feature on LinkedIn stories is that it is effortless to create. To use this feature, you don't need to struggle for hours. Additionally, it doesn't matter if you have deep knowledge and expertise in using LinkedIn features. Instead, the LinkedIn swipe-up feature requires only a few clicks to use. Not even the experts and professionals, but the teens can also use this feature without any issue.

2.    Generate more leads

Another significant benefit of using the swipe-up feature on LinkedIn is to get more people in your business. Whenever you post a link with your story, it makes your readers curious to see what is in the link. This happens when you create an engaging story and add a response-provoking label with the link. Upon reading this, the users can’t stop themselves from clicking on the link. If they like the stuff, they may make a purchase or start following your account to see more content like this. As a result, the number of leads on your LinkedIn account starts to increase that benefits your business.

3.    Increase website visitors

A LinkedIn Story with a swipe-up link not only creates more leads but also increases one’s website visitors. By adding a link to your LinkedIn stories, you indirectly call your audience to visit your website. Upon seeing an engaging story with a link, many users randomly click on the link. If the link leads them to a website and they like the content/stuff there, they would be more likely to visit it in the future. In this way, the website traffic increases. The more stories with the LinkedIn swipe-up feature you would create, the more traffic you would get to your website or blog.

4.    Boosts revenue

The basic purpose of posting and sharing a story is to involve more people in your business to profit. This is where this swipe-up feature plays a significant role in driving more profits and making more money for you. By getting more people involved in your business and by increasing your website traffic, your revenue increases.

Let’s understand this in simple words. Suppose that you have a clothing brand and you are trying to market your products through multiple social media platforms. One of these platforms is LinkedIn, where you are planning to post stories with the swipe-up feature. Now, you create an engaging and compelling story, such as “Flat 50% off on everything till tonight”. You also add your website link to this story and share it with your audience or followers.

Now, many people would see your story, and many of them would instantly visit your website by swiping up. Many of them visit to buy something at off prices while others visit randomly. However, many purchase something because the stuff is so good while the prices are too low. Although some of them didn't need to buy anything, they still make an impulse purchase. This is how adding a simple story with a swipe-up feature dramatically boosts your website traffic, leads, and profits.

5.    Free of cost

Moreover, another best advantage of using the LinkedIn swipe-up feature is that it is free of cost. You don’t have to pay any fee or any cost to use this feature. Instead, anyone is free to create as many stories with a swipe-up feature as he wants. Whether you create one or ten stories with a swipe-up feature each day, you won’t have to pay for it. In this way, LinkedIn offers greater value and higher flexibility to its users. It allows everyone to engage in a stress-free and cost-free program of showcasing their products and services. In return, they get amazing results by only creating convincing stories with swipe-up links.

6.    Promote your products and services

The LinkedIn stories with swipe-up links are the best ways to promote your products and stories. No matter how many products and services you want to promote, you are free to create stories for them. The best thing is that you can also create a separate story for each product and service. The more stories you would create with specific links in each one, the more impressive results you would see. 

7.    Boost engagement

Last but not least, LinkedIn stories are an incredible way to boost your audience's engagement in your business. By bringing them to your site via swipe-up links, you can engage them in your business. As a result, your audience starts connecting to your company and shows greater interest in your products and services. When this happens, it ultimately drives more profits to your business via making long-term relationships with your customers. 

Essential tips to consider:

Here are a few important things to consider while using the LinkedIn swipe-up feature for your business.

  • Never randomly post a photo or a video as a story with a URL. Instead, spend a good time making an engaging video or an attractive photo to get the best results.
  • Instead of posting all of the stories at the same time, post them individually at different times. Different people are up at different times. So, it would help everyone to see your content in the recent posts.
  • Moreover, if you want to promote a product, service, business, or anything else, posting a single story won’t help. To get the maximum results, keep sharing it several times a week with the swipe-up link. Through keep reminding people about your offerings several times, you can enjoy greater paybacks.
  • Make sure to keep your stories and swipe up links relevant to each other to create a good impact.


To enjoy all of the above-discussed benefits of the LinkedIn Swipe-Up feature, you must start using it for your business. Using this feature is not difficult, but you can easily do it by following the steps discussed in this article. However, keep in mind that your story content must be engaging and creative to draw out the maximum results. Dull and boring stories with links would not give you the desired results as compared to interesting stories. Take this article as a guide to start using the LinkedIn swipe-up feature and enjoy the fantastic results. With it, you won’t only enjoy the greater traffic and more leads to your business but also more engagement. As a result, all of these would bring more profits and more success for your business.



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