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Powerful Methods For Increasing Your Organic Reach On LinkedIn

Publisched on
7th July 2022

Do you want to know how you can increase your LinkedIn Organic Outreach using LinkedIn SEO? Is it hard for you to follow the basics as a beginner? We all know that LinkedIn has made itself one of the fastest growing social media platforms in terms of advertisement. More than 690 million users are currently active on this site for creating links and networking systems. In just the least period, this site has become a powerful professional network all over the globe.

Whether you want to run a company or even if you're going to search for a job, LinkedIn will be a true life savior for you. It will bring together millions of options for you at a professional level. For the B2B Companies, this platform is not less than a treasure to gain worldwide traction.

LinkedIn Organic Outreach

To get started with LinkedIn organic outreach or LinkedIn SEO, you need to know the formulas of:

  • Joining
  • Optimizing the profile
  • Get connected

This is one such common ideology on which LinkedIn operates. If you think the same, then you are completely wrong with this concept! There is much more to do!

Importance of Expanding LinkedIn Organic Outreach with LinkedIn SEO

It is a fact that by increasing your LinkedIn organic outreach links, you are raising your chances to gain more career opportunities as an individual. Companies take the benefit of producing more leads. It even raises the chances to move ahead on the LinkedIn search results ladder.

For extending your network and LinkedIn organic outreach, you need to follow few basic tactics for successful growth. Let’s discuss a few primary and straightforward ways for increasing your LinkedIn SEO outreach:

Leverage your Written Blogs

Blogs are created for different purposes. This can be either for advertisement, networking, or brand creation. The primary purpose of creating a blog is to interact with the maximum audience and hear and see you.

To share your content on your LinkedIn Company Page, you can use the platform LinkedIn Plus. This tool works as the online news-sharing feed for writing complete articles. You can share your written content with the audience without any restrictions. With LinkedIn Plus, you can:

  • Connect yourself with the target audience. Various industries can also use your content upon your permission.
  • Once you have published the content on LinkedIn, it notifies all your contacts.
  • Make sure your content is engaging, so it can help you to learn more, expand higher, and make some great connections.

Engagement Via Groups

After becoming a member of LinkedIn, you can also join professional communities. With the help of these communities, you can engage yourself with business experts or some well-known names. Plus, you can get into some thoughtful discussions with different individuals related to your content forums to have LinkedIn organic outreach.

Now the main question is how you can locate all such organisations! Well, LinkedIn has made this whole task simple for you. You have to type the name or keyword of the category you are looking for in the Search bar.

Now from the dropdown menu, click the option “group.” Choose the suitable one and later on submit your request for participation. After joining the forum, you can often see which members are associated with the network. Inquire more about the network to maintain your present relationship and have a smooth interaction with the groups.

Share it strategically

No doubt, sharing content is extremely important. But at the same time, you need to be equally strategic as well. It would be best to share such a piece of content engaging for the readers to readout. Pay attention to the target demographic. Figure out what your audience wants to read and write something which falls according to their interest level.

Use of Hashtags

How many of you know that you can use hashtags for LinkedIn Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Well, it sounds exciting, but it is possible! With the help of hashtags, users can easily search for the content or material they are looking for. It even let you know about the total number of users who searched your content.

Hashtags have always remained a popular medium for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook content. But now, it has made itself to be the part of LinkedIn as well. Many users feel that using the hashtags for the LinkedIn content won’t bring a professional or a business look. But that’s not true! It will make tremendous sense if you broaden your horizons.

Use Different Formats

The following most crucial technique is about using different formats! It is always the best approach to experiment with some rich media channels. This can be gifs, carousels, or animations in your written blogs. Such formats are excellent to add your blogs with an appealing effect for increasing the interaction.

According to the latest survey, half of the LinkedIn users prefer to add videos to their content for a better representation. But the question is what sort of videos are appropriate for LinkedIn. Let’s give you few suggestions below:

  • Add some industry-related insight videos. These videos can be in the form of instructional or tutorial videos for demonstrating a better industry experience. You can hence use these videos for sharing some valuable information with the audience related to your profession.
  • Try to add some trending news videos. But for that sake, you need to keep a close eye on the world’s latest happenings.
  • We will also recommend you add some promotional videos related to some courses or webinars. In the video context, you can add details about the company or product.
  • Last we have the idea of including some live streaming videos to interact with the audience in real-time. It is similar to the way how you do live streaming on Facebook or Instagram.

Cross-Promoting your Content on Different Platforms

To gain higher exposure, performing cross-promotion is known to be the most effective medium. Any video or article which you have shared on LinkedIn, you can also share on other social media platforms as well. LinkedIn will also prioritise the content for achieving a high algorithm for targeting the massive traffic on the site.

Delivering Value through All Your Posts

To have higher audience participation, it is mandatory that content has to be helpful. Higher user engagement means more chances to expand your network. Try to create a meaningful content piece for the users, and they can interact with you better through that content.

Your content can include providing some advice and answering some concerns about the market world or providing valid information. Taking ideas from rivals is also a good option, but make sure you do not copy their ideas.


So this was the end! Well, we hope that with this guide, you will be finding it a lot easy to be a part of LinkedIn and get an incredible outreach. All the LinkedIn SEO techniques we have described above are pretty easy to follow for beginners to grow. Just follow your rivals, see how they have attained success, and later on perform these LinkedIn SEO tactics.

All the Best!



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