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What is LinkedIn Live and How to Use It in Your Marketing Plan

Publisched on
21st April 2021

LinkedIn has almost 700 million active users and has become one of the leading social network platforms.

In 2020, it was stated that LinkedIn Live would likewise become available to business pages.

With this statement, LinkedIn chose "to bring you a tighter combination between LinkedIn Events and LinkedIn Live, by turning these two items into a new service that allows you to stay linked to your communities and meet your consumers anywhere they are."

Live streaming continues to acquire appeal amongst audiences. In truth, in 2019, web users enjoyed 1.1 billion hours of live video.

Additionally, according to Go-Globe, live streaming is expected to make up 82% of all website traffic.

Furthermore, LinkedIn Live streams have increased by 158% given that February 2020. Despite the fact that LinkedIn Live isn't available to all companies today, it might be time to begin thinking about live streaming. To begin with LinkedIn Live, you can finish an application online to end up being a Live broadcaster.

In this article, let's analyze how you can leverage LinkedIn Live in your marketing plan to bring in new audiences.

Essential steps to use LinkedIn for marketing and networking

LinkedIn Live

The live streaming feature of LinkedIn called "LinkedIn Live" enables you to stream live video to your audience to drive engagement and develop deeper connections.

LinkedIn Live videos usually get seven times more reactions and 24 times more comments than native videos produced by the same broadcasters.

LinkedIn, known as the expert social networks network, is a great place to stream live videos since you can truly learn more about your audience and engage with them in a manner that companies have not been able to do before.

Now that you understand what LinkedIn Live is and why you need to utilize it, let's dive into the logistics.

How to use LinkedIn Live

  1. Apply For the LinkedIn Live profile feature.
  2. Subscribe for a third-party video streaming SaaS.
  3. Connect LinkedIn Live Events to your video streaming software
  4. Write an appealing headline and description for your live stream.
  5. Start your live stream by using your third-party software.

1. LinkedIn Live Application

To get started with LinkedIn Live, it requires applying to have the feature enabled to your profile.

You'll be asked if you wish to live stream from your profile or your LinkedIn company page and the link to the page you want to stream from during the application process.

If you want to stream from a company page, you'll likewise need to consist of the profile URL of the page admins. Only up to three-page admins can have the capability to stream from your service page.

When you have applied, it's time to wait for the approval. Be sure to keep looking at this because you do not wish to miss the alert you have gotten to LinkedIn Live.

2. Subscribe for a third-party video streaming SaaS.

Before you can go live on LinkedIn, you'll need to subscribe to a video streaming service because LinkedIn does not provide native streaming currently.

You can utilize tools like Socialive or StreamYard. These tools are very helpful for going live on a desktop. They can make it simpler to see comments and interact with your audience during the stream.

3. Connect LinkedIn Live Events to your third-party video streaming software.

After you've applied for your LinkedIn streaming tool and got approved for LinkedIn Live, now it's time to connect LinkedIn Live with your third-party streaming tool.

To do so, log in to your 3rd-party software and go to the location where you can include streaming locations (this will alter depending on the tool you're using).

As soon as you find the right location to add a streaming place, you need to click a profile and connect from there.

4. Write an appealing headline and description for your live stream.

After LinkedIn Live and the video-streaming software are linked, you're all set to go live by clicking the "Go live" button or start streaming.

Before the platform begins live streaming, you'll see an area to compose a title and description for the stream.

Make sure to carefully define what users can aspect and what's all about in the live event. This will keep their interest and help make your audience excited about the live stream.

5. Start your live stream by using your third-party software.

Ensure your camera and microphone are correctly set up before you go live. You'll likewise want to control the video camera position, audio & video quality, and your background. Your video necessitates looking professional, primarily considered that LinkedIn is a social network for professionals.

Now, we understand what LinkedIn Live is and how to begin, but you might question, "How can I use this tool?" Let's dive in below.

5 Ways to Use LinkedIn Live

  1. Promote Events
  2. Demonstrate Knowledge & Ability
  3. Attract Employees
  4. Promote Products or Announce a Collaboration
  5. Gain Brand Awareness and Authority in your Industry

Promote Events

With the recent integrated combination of LinkedIn Live and LinkedIn Events, the social networks platform is a terrific location to host your virtual occasions.

Virtual events permit you to join your viewers and host your event in a trusted and granted environment.

Moreover, hosting a virtual event on LinkedIn Live will assist you in bringing in your target professional audience.

You can share your events with your service page fans, plus you can send out event invites to your first-degree profile connections.

Rather than taking videos throughout your virtual conference and publishing them later, LinkedIn Live enables you to con with your audience in real-time.

According to a study, LinkedIn Live events receive 23 times more comments and six times more responses than native videos.

When using it, you can join and interact with your connections and followers in real-time throughout your virtual events.

Demonstrate Knowledge & Ability

Not to be redundant, however, ending up being an authority in your market is a crucial part of your marketing method.

LinkedIn Live provides an excellent chance to display your competence.

Using live streaming technology, you can share your pointers and techniques with your audience. To do this, brainstorm how-to subjects that your audience is interested in.

If you're struggling to develop concepts, consider repurposing old content like an article or YouTube videos.

Producing live-streaming material will assist you in increasing your content marketing strategy.

Attract Employees

LinkedIn is among the primary hubs for employers and job-seekers alike. Hiring is one of the leading benefits of having a profile for people and brand names.

With LinkedIn Live, you can sustain your recruiting efforts by introducing your team, presenting your workplace culture, and answering your audience questions.

Also, you can host a live panel with workers on what it's like to work for your business. Employees can talk about their work experience and advise people who are interested in working for your company.

Furthermore, you can host a Q&A with numerous people in your organization to highlight their particular tasks. You can introduce themselves and their role and then take concerns about their day-to-day jobs and duties.

If you want to utilize LinkedIn Live to support your recruiting efforts, think of other social media methods you've implemented, and then plan how those can convert into a live stream.

Promote Products or Announce a Collaboration

LinkedIn is a fantastic platform to announce a brand-new product or collaboration. You should also consider bringing business ambassadors and business partners to address your partnership.

This is likewise an excellent chance to inform and connect with your audience.

By promoting or introducing a product during a live stream, you can get immediate feedback from your audience, answer questions, and conduct a live presentation.

The announcement of LinkedIn Live shows that live streaming will continue to be an essential method in your marketing method. This function reveals that customers are interested in connecting with brands in real-time.

Gain Brand Awareness and Authority in your Industry

One of the main methods for many companies is to utilize the social media platform to place yourself as a market leader.

To do this, you can talk about existing occasions in your market and increase your content development technique.

Utilizing LinkedIn Live, you can host a panel for industry believed leaders, consisting of those at your company, to go over industry patterns and issues.

Furthermore, you can host a live stream devoted to interviewing market specialists and experts.

Magnifying thought leaders and participating in market discussions is a terrific method to use LinkedIn Live to attract brand-new audiences.



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