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Smart Steps To Use LinkedIn Message Ads For Getting Into LinkedIn Inboxes

Publisched on
6th May 2021

Do you want to know how you can let your post reach high to the prospects' LinkedIn inboxes? Have you ever get an opportunity to know about LinkedIn message advertisements? If not, we are sure that this guide will help you learn about using LinkedIn Message Ads to get into LinkedIn inboxes.


Introduction about LinkedIn Message Ads and how it Works

You will be paid when someone else will click other ad forms on LinkedIn. LinkedIn Inbox Messages Advertising was previously known as Supported InMail. The whole concept of message advertising becomes quite costly due to the involvement of various steps. This involves the steps between receiving the ad and yet clicking on your bid.

If you have any deal that receives excellent engagement, it will lower the average cost per click. Your main aim should be to create a bid that seems to be like a personal invitation. It would be best if you were making a bid to the LinkedIn participants, which will boost their ego and make them feel significant. In short, always put yourself in the shoes of the receivers. This is how you will gain enormous success!

Ways to Use LinkedIn Message Ads for Getting Into LinkedIn Inboxes

Creating LinkedIn Message Ad Campaign

One most complex ad style is the creation of LinkedIn message advertising. You have to open the Campaign Manager dashboard and later choose one campaign class, to begin with. After it, you have to select Create Campaign located on the drop-down menu.

Once you are done with the selection, you have to pick a specific goal for the LinkedIn initiative. Choose the Website Visits and send traffic to the landing page of your website. If you cannot create a message ad campaign, do consider taking help from a professional LinkedIn expert.

Determining Format and Budget of LinkedIn Message Ad

When we talk about Ad Format, it includes many fundamental aspects in it. This can be either a video ad, a single image ad, or a carousel image ad. All these three items will act as advertisements in the news feed. In short, they all act as sponsored materials. You have to display the text and spotlight the advertisements show along the right rail on the desktop.

You have to set a reasonable budget in the Budget & Schedule segment to follow for the rest of your procedure. For the message advertising, the only bid form is CPS which is Cost per Delivery. LinkedIn will recommend a bid that is $0.80 per ad, which adds up in this case.

Creating an ad for the LinkedIn message

This stage is about writing a LinkedIn message ad that is the most enjoyable for beginners to work on. You can start creating the ad by pressing the "Create New Ad button."

Message in your ad will be coming from the LinkedIn Message personal profile. You have to choose the one who will be delivering your supporting message. This needs to be all carry out from Sender Column. By default, you will act as the sender. If you want to choose someone other than you, click on the "Add Sender" option. Once you have made all the selections, click the "Send Request" option. LinkedIn will, later on, send an invitation link to the person whose name you have mentioned as the sender.

How to add a topic line?

After it, you have to add the topic line. You have to be careful with the selection of your subject matter because it signifies your open rate. In the subject line, there is no need to add any dynamic message personally. You can add personal LinkedIn Message later on in the box. Click the option of "Insert Custom Fields” and then select any alternative from the drop-down menu for adding a custom field. For instance, if you have selected the First Name, LinkedIn will insert the "% FIRSTNAME%" as the message text.

But there are some rules which might extend when you are personalizing any invitation or event. One basic approach is to avoid squandering people's time. Try to add the LinkedIn Message with extra valuable impact so the customer can instantly notice them right away. There is no need to make it look like a massive text curtain.

Choose a relevant text and then press the link icon for inserting the link in the landing page. Type the URL in the Edit Link window and then double-check the text which needs to be displayed. After finalizing, click the "OK" option. You can also install a custom footer with conditions, terms, and disclaimers based on your needs.

What is Call to Action?

Don't forget to add a call to action below that. This call to action will be written as "RSVP Now!" along with the link on your landing page. Call to action needs to be added under the message of the call-to-action button.

For adding banner creativity as a commercial promotion, click the option of “upload”. There is an availability of free ad inventory, so make sure you do put something online for targeting more users. If you miss uploading any creative, image of another advertiser will appear instead of yours! To start a campaign, click the "Next" option. Choose the option of Launch Campaign from the drop-down menu.


To sum up the whole discussion, you should be generating those LinkedIn message ads that are effective and perform in a better scenario. For that sake, there is a need to follow few basic guidelines to make it look better compared to other ad formats.

If you want to use some other LinkedIn Message ad forms, our top recommendation would be to use content ad style. This ad style works as a single image format in terms of cheat sheets, free checklists, white paper, or webinars. You have to perform the bidding based on cost per click and always start at the lowest level.

Another smart way to get similar results is by checking out our solution and Automate LinkedIn Messages without having the hassle of repeating manual work.



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