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LinkedIn vs Facebook- Why Financial Advisors Should Use LinkedIn

Publisched on
27th May 2021

Do you know why financial advisors should use LinkedIn? Due to the widespread benefits of LinkedIn for businesses, financial advisors must try their luck on it. Although there are many social platforms to grow business, LinkedIn is the best among all. In this article, you will learn about why LinkedIn is the best social network for financial advisors. Moreover, this article will also help you understand why LinkedIn beats Facebook. So, let's start!

Why Should Financial Advisors Use Linkedin Over Facebook?

Why should financial advisors use LinkedIn

With many social media sites, it becomes hard which one to choose. However, there is no single answer to this question, but it depends on person to person. For example, creating an account on Facebook would be the best option for you if you are a teen. In contrast, LinkedIn is an excellent choice if you are a business person. It is also suitable for financial advisors and skilful people. To get a clear idea, let’s go into the details of it.

Why Financial Advisors Should Use Linkedin?

Why should financial advisors use LinkedIn

Among several crucial reasons for this, here are some of the top ones.

1.     Full of Professionals, Investors, and Business People

The best reason to choose LinkedIn over other sites is its quality community. On all other platforms, you would find a higher percentage of non-professional accounts; an increased number of teenagers and kids are on Facebook. In addition, many retired persons, students, and homemakers are also on Facebook. No doubt that it also has professionals and business owners, but they are fewer. The other accounts are greater than those of the business accounts.

In contrast, the core reason financial advisors should use LinkedIn for their business is its quality community. At LinkedIn, you won’t find random or fun accounts. Instead, everyone on LinkedIn creates accounts for a purpose, either to find a job or to grow a business. Whatever the reason is, the LinkedIn community is full of skilled people that make an effective business setting. Therefore, giving your time and energy to such a site brings more significant results. In comparison, you won't get the same results on any other sites. Instead, the results would vary greatly.

2.     Has More B2B Marketers

Unlike any other platform, LinkedIn is the one that has more B2B marketers. Here, business-to-business jobs are easier to perform. Not only they are more accessible, but they also bring lots of opportunities. In addition, for business people, finding B2B clients is a stress-free process here.

In contrast, Facebook doesn’t enable you to enjoy such a sizeable B2B community. Although it allows you to build B2B relations, the choices are limited here. The biggest issue is that there is more B2C community on Facebook than the B2B group. This thing may impact your business goals if you are a financial advisor.

3.     Ideal for Small Business Owners as Well

Another reason for choosing LinkedIn is that it is ideal for smaller business owners. Other sites such as Facebook also allow small businesses to grow. However, it is tough for them to reach their desired level within the chosen time. In contrast, your smaller business can grow rapidly on LinkedIn. This is because LinkedIn is specially designed for businesses. Now, no matter whether your business is large or small, LinkedIn benefits you in leading it. At here, you can start from scratch and see your business growing rapidly with minor efforts.

4.     Event Promotion and Webinars

Let's learn with an example of why financial advisors should use LinkedIn? Suppose that you are launching a new brand online. For this, you want to spread awareness and engage people in your business. The more people will know about your business, the more positive results it will bring for you. For this reason, you want to create an event promotion and webinar.

Now suppose that you have the following two options:

The first is to make event promotions and share webinars among all 100-200 people. These people may or may not have any interest in your business.

Secondly, is to make event promotions and among 100-200 of your targeted people. These are those who have a deep interest in your business. They can also bring high profits to you.

Now which option would bring the more significant results and profits for you? Evidently, the second one.

LinkedIn performs this job as the second option. Within its wealthy population, you get only the relevant clients for your business. So it doesn't waste your efforts, time, and money on the wrong people.

5.     Media Spotlights

The spotlight ads are another excellent feature of LinkedIn. The Media spotlight ads are the reason why LinkedIn is the best social network for financial advisors. It allows these ads to bring more traffic to your business. Through media spotlight ads, you can create awareness about your business and financial activities.

Financial advisors can quickly engage people in their offerings. They can create spotlight ads to bring more people to their websites or landing pages. Through this, financial advisors can easily find the best clients for them. Through several spotlights ads, they can build their client network along with building long-term contacts with them.

6.     Self-directed Brokerage Accounts

The brokerage accounts on LinkedIn are self-directed and best for savings and growth. Financial advisors can easily find a great number of brokerage accounts on LinkedIn. As these brokerage accounts are self-directed, they would give a higher response rate. Upon finding the brokerage accounts, the financial advisors can contact them. With minimal effort, the financial advisors can build life-long relationships with these brokerage account holders. Then, both of the parties can enjoy the endless benefits of these accounts and their financial relationships. Many other platforms lack this feature and thus, lack their business effectiveness.

7.     Generate High Leads and Greater Engagement

In contrast to Facebook, LinkedIn creates high engagement for businesses. Through engaging, more people in businesses also give higher leads. Through your marketing efforts on LinkedIn, you can easily find greater prospects and high leads. These high leads would benefit your business along with bringing more profits. In this way, the engagement level of your business would also increase rapidly.

8.     High Yielding Ad Campaigns

The ad campaigns on LinkedIn produce the biggest results. They produce greater results as they are targeted towards potential clients. By creating special ads for a specific group of people, you get a better response. When your audience is right and relevant, the ads bring positive results. In this way, you would be glad to see that your financial and marketing efforts are not going to waste. Instead, these efforts are bringing the ideal results for you.

9.     Helps to Find Business Profiles

For financial advisors, LinkedIn is the best place as it helps in finding business profiles. Unlike other social networks, it allows to set up a complete business profile. Even each of your staff members can have a complete employee profile here. This helps the financial advisors to find them easily. They can even search the relevant business profiles on LinkedIn. When they find the relevant companies, they can get in touch with them. Furthermore, LinkedIn allows building profitable long-term relationships with your clients. Thus, finding clients and making long-term contact with them is super easy on LinkedIn.

10. A Solely Business Platform

Performing a task at the right place makes a significant difference. For example, playing football in a workplace is wrong and would make you suffer. At the same time, performing office duties in a park is irrelevant. Therefore, choosing the right place for a task is very important. For this reason, LinkedIn is the best because it is a purely business platform. It enables you to grow your business in the best way here.

In contrast, other social networks are not only for businesses. Many of them allow having fun and entertainment, such as Facebook. So, it may create a difference in the results you obtain from your business efforts.

Linkedin Sales Navigator for Better Results

If you are a financial advisor or involved in any business, choose a LinkedIn Sales Navigator account. The main reason for upgrading to this account is to find more leads. This account amazingly helps in finding more leads and thus enjoying more profits. The cost per month of this sales account is about $79.99. Although, however, it is a bit higher for many people its benefits worth this price. For more information on this LinkedIn account type, you can visit the LinkedIn site.


The above information would help you understand why LinkedIn beats Facebook and why should financial advisors use LinkedIn. Being an ideal business place, LinkedIn brings many benefits. Business people and financial advisors can get more leads on LinkedIn. By creating their business profiles here, they can open up the doors of success for them. So what are you waiting for? Create your business account on LinkedIn today and start enjoying greater profits!



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