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How to Use LinkedIn Featured Profile Section to Your Benefit

Publisched on
16th April 2021

Are you wondering how to utilize the LinkedIn Featured section to your benefit?

In this short article, you'll discover how to use the Featured section for LinkedIn profiles to display your most noteworthy and updated work samples and media points out.

What Is the Featured Section on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn's Featured section belongs to your profile, not on a LinkedIn Group or LinkedIn Company Page. It allows you to highlight choose posts and add links to external sites, images, or documents.

This section is on the top of your profile between the About section and Activity section. If you do not see this feature, it's due to the fact that you can't access it yet. LinkedIn is slowly but surely rolling it out to all users.

If you're wondering how you may use the Featured section, some scenarios make apparent sense, like a task search. Showcasing the right material can set you apart from other candidates and leave a strong impression in a choice maker's mind.

Don't forget, though, that we're all in business of developing a personal brand. The Featured section of your profile can help you convey that individual brand to anyone-- potential consumers and customers, referral sources, and others.

Small company owners use this area on their profile to include their leading offerings.

Leaders can share their finest posts or videos.

Workers can highlight notable tasks.

The response is not a lot if you must utilize this brand-new feature, however rather how you'll utilize it. When you have a totally free tool at your disposal that enables you to include your skills more prominently, it makes sense to invest a couple of minutes concentrating on your LinkedIn profile (Link to the article on How to create a LinkedIn Profile that Rocks!) and use it to your best benefit.

To include a featured piece of material to your profile, scroll to the Featured section and click the Add Featured link. When you click this icon, you'll see a drop-down menu with the alternatives to choose posts, post, links, and media. The following areas discuss each of these options in detail.

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1. Feature a LinkedIn Post You Created or Are Pointed out In

If you select the Posts alternative from the drop-down menu shown above, you can flag a recently published LinkedIn update to your timeline as a featured post. LinkedIn will bring up your newest posts for you to pick from. Scroll through this list to discover a post you wish to feature. You can see the social evidence on each post before making a selection.

If you discover a post with a healthy variety of likes and comments, click the star icon in the lower-left corner of the post preview to set it as a featured post.

After you make your choice, click the blue Done button in the lower-right corner of the box. You'll now see the most just recently selected post in your Featured section, in addition to sneak peek details for that post. Viewers can click that sneak peek to see the complete post (Link to article on How to Create Engaging Content to Post on LinkedIn).

Note that if you haven't published to your LinkedIn profile, you'll require to release a post initially to your timeline so the Featured tool can pull that post into this new section of your profile.

I like to showcase LinkedIn posts in my Featured section since I can double the life out of the content. Numerous of the posts I have actually set as featured posts have continued to get engagement weeks later, simply due to the fact that people see them from my profile.

2. Include an Article You Released on LinkedIn

If you select the alternative to feature an article on your profile, you can pick from the library of short articles you have actually published on LinkedIn formerly. Comparable to including a post, you should have currently published a LinkedIn article prior to you can utilize this alternative.

To feature a post, click the plus button in the Featured section of your profile, and from the drop-down menu, click the plus button beside Articles.

You'll then see a list of current posts you have actually released on LinkedIn. You can see the social proof and general efficiency of each article prior to picking it.

Scroll through your current articles till you discover one you take pride in and want to function. Click the star icon in the lower-left corner of the sneak peek to make your selection.

When done, click the blue Done button in the lower-right corner of the pop-up window to set that post as a featured piece of content.

3. Feature a Link to an Off-Platform Resource

When you include a link to your Featured section, you'll be connecting out to a third-party web page. This can be helpful for showcasing particular service or products, portfolio pages, spotlights on your brand name done by other websites, and more. You can also include a link to a video, which can be a great alternative if you have a YouTube channel you want to include. You can get creative with what types of pages you want to utilize here.

To include a link, click the plus icon in your LinkedIn Profile Featured Section and then click the plus icon to the right of Hyperlinks in the drop-down menu.

In the pop-up window, copy and paste your URL into package. Click the blue Include button at the bottom right to move forward.

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Now examine the previewed product that LinkedIn drew in. Make sure that any imagery appears as a featured image on the original URL to be pulled into LinkedIn appropriately. If the previewed title and description do not match what you want to convey, you can rewrite them if required.

When you're satisfied with the preview of your link, click the blue Save button in the bottom right to include the link to your LinkedIn profile.

4. Upload and Function Notable Files to Your LinkedIn Profile

If you wish to feature specific images, PDFs, or other documents, you can utilize the fourth choice: Media. This is a lovely way to highlight a discussion or graphic aspect that you've striven on. And while not as visual, you can also include longer written files, which could be ideal for showcasing your copywriting abilities or even a thesis.

To include files to your LinkedIn Featured Profile Section, click the plus button next to Media in the drop-down menu. LinkedIn will automatically open a window to permit you to search your device for the suitable file you wish to feature when you do so.

Once you choose your media item, LinkedIn will produce a thumbnail sneak peek of it. LinkedIn will not pull in a description for a lot of media files, so you'll have to write something for the Featured sneak peek.

When you more than happy with the title, description, and media preview for your document, click the blue Save button to include it to your featured pieces of material.

Customise the Arrangement of Your Featured Content.

After you include a couple of products to your featured material, you may want to make some changes. You may realise you wish to eliminate some items, or maybe you might wish to rearrange the order. LinkedIn allows you to do both.

Later on, to change your featured content, click on the pencil icon on the Featured section's leading.

A box will appear that lists all of your featured material.

To get rid of an item from this list, hover over the Remove From Featured button in the lower left of the product's preview and select it.

To reorganize the featured content, discover the icon of four stacked lines found in each item's sneak peek's leading. When you pick this icon, the cursor will change to the "move" tool, and you can drag items around to reorganize them. The items at the top of the list will be revealed first from left to.

Click the blue Done button to save your changes.

A Few Tips to keep in mind About Your LinkedIn Profile.

Individuals who view your LinkedIn profile form a first impression of you in a flash. Utilizing the LinkedIn Featured Profile Section, you can be more strategic in what keywords or concepts you leave with visitors to your profile.

Your LinkedIn profile can and ought to be ever-changing. Look through your profile each quarter to see if you have any new tasks, abilities, experiences, or keywords to include. Constantly want to adjust and improve your profile, so it continues to serve you.

Combine any strategy around featured posts with regular LinkedIn publishing. If you have high-performing posts, believe about whether they can offer extra worth as part of your LinkedIn Featured Profile Section.

Consider the keywords you utilize in your LinkedIn profile. Anytime you include material to your profile, you have the chance to include strategic keywords. The right keywords can assist you improve your profile's presence on LinkedIn in an extremely natural way.

Think about the progression of your LinkedIn profile and the order in which a beginner would view the info. People see the LinkedIn Featured Profile Section just after reading your About section however prior to they get to your experience and current task roles. Be strategic about what you want people to understand about you and your knowledge. Craft an excellent About summary and after that enhance it with Featured material. By the time individuals get to your experience in previous roles, you want them to consider you a professional in the areas you have actually spotlighted.


The new Featured section on LinkedIn is a subtle feature, but it can make a substantial effect. It allows you to maximise the content you've currently shared on LinkedIn, in addition to function notable external links and projects. Do not miss out on this function to get your work the attention it should have and offers more life to content that has actually already carried out well in the past.

Have you added any material or links to the Featured section of your LinkedIn profile? How might you use this tool to your benefit?



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