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How LinkedIn Company Page Owners View, Sort, and Learn about Their Followers

Publisched on
1st June 2021

The question of the day is, is your company successfully using the LinkedIn Company Page features? Suppose your company is unaware of this powerful feature or suffering from low engagement. In that case, the LinkedIn Tips & Best Practices mentioned in this article shall better the authority in the industry while simultaneously increasing employee engagement and recruitment possibilities.

LinkedIn Company Page  

LinkedIn Company Page Tips

My company

This is the first section of the LinkedIn Company Page when you visit one. Primarily, the My Company section is designed for employees. It is a communication medium to mention their promotions, working anniversaries, research milestones, new hires and contribute to the trending feed. The first section of the LinkedIn Company Page builds connections among employees. It also provides a live broadcasting feature.


One section of the LinkedIn Company Page-related features is called “Events.” The section aims to feature not-so-distant virtual events that will take place at companies. Nowadays, the events section of the LinkedIn Company Page is getting more popular because of the pandemic. The events are automatically lined as provided, and the admin can monitor the presence and absentees at the end. It helps companies manage events better. It is frequently used as a promotional tool to generate awareness if the business contributes to a special cause or opens another office at a new location. The online portfolio creates buzz and attracts foot traffic and customers toward companies.

Page followers

Lastly, the third feature is “View Page Followers.” This section of the LinkedIn Company Page is wholly dedicated to the page’s followers. The page mentions the followers of the company, location, or industry. The newest sub-feature of this category in the LinkedIn Company Page also provides insights into when and how the follower found the company's Page.

LinkedIn Company Page Tips

LinkedIn Company Page

Saying that online competition between companies is extreme is an understatement. As a result, every company is using its think hat to figure out strategies to leave the competition behind. A newly introduced tool that has contributed to the competitive race is the LinkedIn Company Page. It provides an opportunity for customer assessment and employee insight. The following Tips will have your LinkedIn company page trending on LinkedIn.

Company Profile Image

The first thing customers see is the profile image of the company. The image needs to leave a lasting impression, so the customers fulfil their curiosity from learning about the company. Statistically speaking, a profile with a profile image receives six times more engagement than a profile without.

Choosing an appealing image for the company is very straightforward. The profile picture's specifications are 300 x 300 pixels with a PNG format and a square layout.

Interesting Company Portfolio

As for the "About Us" section, which describes the company's future and core competencies, it is a small paragraph that requires a simple and accessible structure to appeal. The company can also use specific keywords in this section to attract more online traffic.

However, remember that LinkedIn is a professional platform. It has a set of assumed rules, just like any other social media. Appropriate language is crucial to the customer. The company should avoid posting memes or inspirational quotes.

Key Fields

According to the LinkedIn company page tips, filling every required field in the registration template is necessary. When a company skips or leaves fields empty, it can destroy its impression upon its customers. In addition, a company must practice transparency and sustainability to maintain today’s conscious customers.

Companies that fill the URL section of the profile, mention address, and industry niche receive twice the traffic compared to an ill-completed page. In addition, a complete company profile allows customers to discover the company intimately. This results in customer lead improvement and business growth.

Showcase pages

The next privileged mention is creating the showcase pages. Take advantage of this handy LinkedIn feature. Companies can use showcase pages to showcase their products or services to the customers. These are highly customisable pages that cater to the exact specifics of the business object. For example, when a company sells multiple products, a showcase page can display how the product is made using a video of the product that resonates with customers.

However, these showcase pages require maintenance. The more you post, the more care is needed to perform effectively. Companies monitor these pages regularly and post meaningful content, slide presentations, Q&A sessions, and promotional videos.

Career Page

Another LinkedIn best practice is to build a career page. An engaging LinkedIn Company Page with an exciting career online culture receives more employment applications. Therefore, companies use the career page to hire professionals, contributing significantly to their organisation.

Companies are always spending considerable funds to market employment opportunities in newspapers, employment agencies, and other forms of communication media. However, LinkedIn is a free platform with professionals active the entire day. Thus, the savings from posting online can shift towards product development and innovative ideas to become the market leader.

Employees Engagement

Additionally, LinkedIn is a powerful platform, obviously with endless opportunities to grow and expand your business. Start asking your employees to engage with the customer. This will generate a healthy discussion toward product improvement and can also birth a healthy employee’s network with the company’s name attached to it.

A friendly conversation with stakeholders such as customers and vendors helps reinforce business relationships, resulting in recommendations, better rates with the suppliers, and network growth. Each business tries to reduce its cost to maximise profit, and this LinkedIn facility can aid in this direction.

Posting Relevant Content

Another valuable tip is to post relevant, helpful and engaging content on your LinkedIn company page. Like many people, professionals and customers constantly browse through social media feeds to stay aware of the oncoming events. Therefore, posting relevant slideshows or videos can boost online presence through the LinkedIn algorithm.

Next, Mark categories. Marking categories keeps content staying active on the followers and employee feeds. Additionally, companies can make their content more appealing by mentioning job functions, locations, and industry insights. It is entirely about the company presenting its ongoing operations.

Posting Frequency

Further elaborating on the previous point, let’s discuss the frequency of posting. Posts that are published one time a week receive double online engagement. In addition, there are various posts to share weekly, so businesses do not run out of ideas to post. Foremost, the easiest way is to repost interesting articles regarding the business and its core competencies.

To gain additional insights, you should ask employees what they are looking to read. Since employees are also the company's customers, this will render valuable information regarding what kind of content to post and whatnot. They can likewise post about their future presentations to the market.

Monitoring Competitors

Monitor the business. Companies can hold monthly meetings to monitor their online presence. They can also initiate content suggestions from the sales team or the employees. Another essential thing to observe is the business competition. This is available in the “Companies to track” option under Analytics. It helps to understand who is following the pages. In addition, the visitor's analytics identify the location, seniority, and job question of the business under a microscope. Therefore, this is a very beneficial opportunity to define the online presence and stand out among the competitors.

Employee engagement

Are you ready for a mind-blowing reality? Employees have ten times stronger reach compare to their employer. That is because the company is considered an unnatural entity, and on the other side, humans relate to more humans. This shows the importance of the employees in a company. Therefore, an organisation must ensure their online employee presence. LinkedIn Tips suggest an employee engagement strategy serves to achieve just that.

Encourage your employees from time to time to mention the name of the firm in their LinkedIn profile. Then, later on, motivate them to reach out to clients using a LinkedIn message service.

LinkedIn Day

Another helpful strategy is to celebrate LinkedIn at work by celebrating your companies presence on LinkedIn. For example, you can hire a professional photographer to shoot profile pictures. In addition, professionals can share inspiring stories about their success on LinkedIn, motivating other employees to create their own success stories. Businesses can also benchmark a set of reward system for employees who hire a client or generate business leads using LinkedIn.


LinkedIn is more effective than it seems to be for businesses. With the initiation of the LinkedIn Company Page, the professional platform kicks the ball right out of the mark. It is an innovative feature to boost online presence. Furthermore, it engages employees, so they feel more related to the company. Hopefully, the companies use the above tips for their true potential.



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