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7 Hidden Powerful Features Marketers Need To Know About LinkedIn Messages

Publisched on
5th May 2021

Do you know that you can chat with your friends and colleagues on LinkedIn in a personal way? If yes, you would be surprised to listen to the fact that LinkedIn Messages has grown to a new extent which is impressive to encounter. With the help of LinkedIn Message, you can send some video messages, text messages, or voice messages. This can be sent easily to either one person or even to the group. Let’s have a complete discussion about it in this post to surprise you a bit!

What are LinkedIn Messages all about?

Although messaging on LinkedIn is not a new thing at all. It has been going on for the last so long years and hence some new features are being added. And trust me, the addition of some new features makes this whole process of messaging extra special for you. Plus, you also have an option where you can either privately accept or even reject a message request from any person who is not part of your LinkedIn network.

A quick guide on how to use LinkedIn Messages (Hidden) Features

LinkedIn Messages

Below we will be having a brief discussion about how you can use the LinkedIn Messages and at what potential provides its functions:

1.    Setting up LinkedIn Messages Smart Replies

Most of the messages which you are sending and receiving on LinkedIn are text-based. Smart Replies is the latest feature on LinkedIn. With this feature, you can easily handle all your messages during a busy day. It comes up with AL-driven and some pre-populated responses for you. Once you have sent the message successfully, you will receive two options, either the thumbs-up button or the Thanks.

2.    Get all your LinkedIn Message Notifications via Email

Whether you want to receive the email updated about the messages on LinkedIn or not, it is your personal choice. Under the main menu, visit Settings & Privacy for customizing all your preferences. Choose the “Email” option and then select Conversations from the tab of Communications. You will have the options of weekly digest, individually, none, or can have suggested notification frequency.

3.    Manage your LinkedIn Message Conversations by quickly filtering them

To manage your LinkedIn inbox, choose the messaging tab option on the top of your profile page. Click the Filter icon and select the option of “All Messages.” This is how you can filter all your current messages in the inbox. After choosing a specific message, mark it with “delete,” “unread,” or “archive.”

4.    Mute or Deleting LinkedIn Messages Dialogue

To delete or mute any message, just pick any message and then press the three-dot icon on the top-right corner of the page. To select the mute option, move to the drop-down menu. If you want to unmute your conversation, click the unmute button. Once you have deleted any of your inbox conversions, you cannot undo it.

Messages on LinkedIn can be reported

If you feel that any message is unwanted and offensive, you can easily report and delete it. LinkedIn is also available with the spam detection feature built-in. If any of the messages are inappropriate, LinkedIn will display them with the warning message.

You can also label it with the tagline of “Safe Material.” For reporting any message, you have to choose the report option in which you have to mention a reason to report it. Even though if the sender deleted any of their unwanted posts, you can still record it!

5.    Use of LinkedIn Messages for Sharing a Post

Do you know that you can also use messaging for sharing a post? Well, yes, it is possible! Tap on the send option, which is under the post of your LinkedIn news feed. This is the place from where you can share your post on other networks.

After it, a new window will appear in which you have to compose a new message. To share it on other networks, you have to change your entire settings one by one and choose the networks you want to share.

6.    Leaving a voice message

With the help of LinkedIn, you can also send your voice messages to any of your first-degree connections. This can be made through the use of their mobile app. The duration of the message should not be more than one minute. Once you have recorded it, you can either delete it or send it.

For sending a voice message, tap on the messaging icon on the top right corner of "Big L". Choose a person or user with which you want to share the message. Now choose the microphone option. For recording a message, hold down the microphone button. For listening to a message, tap on the blue bar options and then press the play button.

7.    Hosting an event chat on the LinkedIn Messages

It is even possible to create a chat with the rest of the participants attending the same event on LinkedIn Events. This is how you can easily connect yourself with the rest of the fellow guests, no matter whether you are hosting the webinar or if you are attending the conference with a LinkedIn event built all around it. Just set up the event chat and add all those participants to it to whom you want to send the invitation. You should encourage them to be a part of the event as an event host.

Conclusion: Well, above all, there have been so many more unique features that you will encounter while using LinkedIn as a regular user. Usage of LinkedIn messages will help you to quickly Expand your LinkedIn Network and get a chance to improve your relationships. By sending an audio message or video message, you can give your message a professional look. Give your audience a wider image by creating event chats.



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