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3 Things To Know About Using LinkedIn Content Marketing

Publisched on
12th June 2022

LinkedIn's blogging portal was introduced to all users in 2015, enabling them to publish posts directly and distribute their content across the platform and beyond.

Though LinkedIn is mainly a B2B social networking site, it also supports B2C businesses. The social network is the home to executives from Virgin (including Richard Branson), GE, and Microsoft. LinkedIn content marketing increases their scope and helps them to engage with their customers.

There have been two key ways to write. The first is LinkedIn Publisher, which allows a user to create a long post (typically 5 to 7 parts) and post it with their community. The second is a LinkedIn status report, which is similar to Twitter and is ideal for brief, concise alerts and messages.

There are three LinkedIn Content Marketing items you should be aware of

1. Publishing is still essential

However, I've always used LinkedIn Publisher for LinkedIn content marketing since 2019, and I enjoy it. However, engagement has decreased in recent years. As you can see in the samples below from my published articles and status changes, the difference is essential.

Short-form status reports prove to get more feedback and shares than long-form posts, based on personal knowledge and observation of other indicators from clients and colleagues.

My approach to LinkedIn content marketing is simple:

Provide material that is useful to my target group (executives and marketers).

Share posts three to five days a week post.

My content shares are a mix of other people's content and my own.

To better distinguish my content and make it more discoverable, I use hashtags (#MarketingTips).

A content management approach that includes all blog posts and status changes is a sound strategy.

LinkedIn Content Marketing

Around twice a month, elaborate in long-form LinkedIn Publisher articles. For short, easy-to-read posts, use status updates.

2. The B2B Platform is ideal for creating content once and then posting it several times.

Do you have a blog somewhere? Then you can share your blog articles through the Status update.

However, make sure to share it in the comments, so LinkedIn doesn't penalise you for sharing a connection that takes the reader away from the platform. You've not only published a new post, but you've also increased your web traffic.

On LinkedIn, you can employ this strategy in a variety of ways. If you write an article about the main ten things you should know about your business, for example, post a set of 10 status changes, each with one of the five topics, and always connect back to the original article.

3. Videos are quickly accessible and very entertaining.

LinkedIn also allows you to share video status alerts directly from the website. You may also use videos to refresh your business website and your LinkedIn profile. It's a fun way to interact with your fans and get more people to see your stuff.

One of my clients has perfected the use of LinkedIn video and content marketing in general. He shared a 60-second video on the status update on a subject linked to a LinkedIn article he wrote. It provided valuable facts to his viewers when driving traffic to the article and increasing interaction.

LinkedIn has the potential to be a valuable platform for content marketing.

Use the B2B Giant and other social media networks for your content promotion, but the content must be as important and helpful to the group you want to target.

Take the time to learn about the features that it offers and how to use them to promote your content.

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