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LinkedIn Tips on How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Network Growth and Visibility

Publisched on
3rd June 2021

Today, we share some helpful LinkedIn tips and best practices for Businesses and Professionals that want to grow their network and gain better visibility.

Undoubtedly, LinkedIn is the top online platform for professional networking and the most used among the Fortune 500 Companies. But, how to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for your Network Growth and a Better Visibility? Therefore, it is essential to have an optimized LinkedIn profile to gain attention, succeed, and grow your network.

Remember that LinkedIn is not just a resume or portfolio, but it is all about your digital reputation. Therefore, you should focus on having a well-structured LinkedIn network to build credibility and reputation in the industry.

In addition, organized and well-targeted networking can help increase visibility and reach on various platforms.

This article will discuss the top LinkedIn networking and SEO tips to drive traffic to your website and boost networking.

Let us talk about these tips for better networking.

Top LinkedIn Tips for Network

These tips will help you create your own social and professional networking identity. So let us start doing.

Search for relevant groups and engage with them.

Like on any social media platform, groups are known for connecting and networking with like-minded people. For example, there are various categories of groups on LinkedIn that you can search for that resonate with your field or anything that is your passion. Likewise, it would be best if you search for groups related to your niche.

These groups can also be a great learning platform for junior professionals. You will be amazed to see intellectual and successful professionals sharing their journey and tips. Even the beginners share their experiences, and that can be very beneficial. In addition, you would find many people posting certain cases and asking for a piece of professional advice.

Therefore, you need to share your opinions, advice, and experiences through posting, commenting, or voting and not holding back any fear of judgment or opinions. Your active and participating nature will designate your ambition and passion in your field.

Always update your contact information.

This is one of the most significant LinkedIn Tips, and it is best to consider it as such. For example, John is a financial advisor; he is doing great on LinkedIn. John is a very talented person that shares experiences, expertise, and ideas. However, a potential customer with a particular need wants to reach him, but it turns out that John has no contact details on his contact section. Consequently, John is on the verge of losing a great opportunity.

Therefore, it is very important to keep your contact section updated. You must include all the contact details, such as your email addresses and phone numbers. In addition, you can also include your other social media networks details and your website or blog.

The more communication channels, the more accessible you are; it will be easier for other professionals to reach you and very beneficial for your networking.

Below a visual example of how your contact details should show up:

LinkedIn Tips Contact Sectio of Your LinkedIn Profile

People are constantly pinging and trying to reach professionals; ensure that you are easily accessible and keep your contact information constantly updated.

Optimize your LinkedIn Profile URL (Golden LinkedIn Tips)

Now, a golden tip for you: optimize your public profile URL because this makes it easy for people to find you.

To optimize, try to remove long and unnecessary numbers from the end of your public profile URL. Hence, your profile URL becomes simple and easy to share and remember, and it is very important for professionals who constantly share their profile URL.

Furthermore, let us describe how to optimize your profile URL in these easy steps below:

  • First, log into your LinkedIn account. Next, click "view your profile."
  • Secondly, click on "edit public profile & URL" on the right (as shown in the image below).
  • Third, under the edit URL option, right-click on the edit or pencil icon next to your public profile URL.
  • Now, type the last part of your new optimized URL in the text box.
  • Finally, click on save.

Adding a striking headline to your profile.

Your LinkedIn profile headline is your selling line, and it is just like a pitch or a small elevating speech. You are given to use 120 characters, so you need to make the most out of these and get creative. For example, LinkedIn would automatically mention your current working position as the default of your headline. Make sure your headline strikes an impression by telling what makes you different by describing yourself.

For example, here is a headline of a financial advisor that we name John "Financial Consultant or Advisor." The problem with this headline is that it does not tell anything about its specific niche. On the other hand, if John describes its niche or what makes his service different, people would take time to read.

However, suppose John takes time to write regarding his professional background on his headline. In that case, John tells about his years of experience, awards, certifications, and achievements. This little effort will pay off and help boost his LinkedIn network.

Adding links to your publications.

Another highly helpful Tip is adding links, studies, or articles to your posts, resulting in more traffic to your profile, and it will boost click-through rates.

Links receive more attention. Therefore, the more links you add, the more engaging your profile becomes. For example, if you have a website, links to your social media accounts, videos, or podcasts, add them to your LinkedIn profile because it heightens your traffic on various channels.

Use LinkedIn Pulse to post your articles.

Another powerful way you can benefit is to use the LinkedIn Pulse feature to publish your articles. In addition, it is an effective feature to promote your blog or website.

And your network will be able to share your work directly through the LinkedIn app, and the amazing thing is that it is free to use for everyone on the platform.

For example, it would look as shown in the image below:

LinkedIn Tips

All the LinkedIn Pulse features remain very important for businesses and professionals because they have to write about rapidly changing industry scenarios; this is an interactive feature and is relevant for boosting engagement. However, remember one thing- focus more on providing value for your network than to promote anything.

Monitor your profile viewing.

This excellent feature helps to get insights about people who might be interested in your product or service. In addition, LinkedIn notifies you when someone views your profile and keeps track of it.

However, to see who is viewing

 your profile, you have to allow others to see your profile. So, to allow this feature to work, you should follow these three simple steps:

1. First, go to "Privacy & Settings."

2. Then, head on to "profile viewing options." You can adjust all the settings here.

3. Finally, you see all the accounts that viewed your profile.

Search Engine Optimization tips for your profile.

Add keywords relevant to your industry or field to your profiles headline, summary, and work experience. Then, if anyone searches for those keywords, your profile will appear in the LinkedIn search results and on the Google Search as well and helps you drive more traffic to your LinkedIn profile.

These LinkedIn tips will help you optimize your networking game and drive more traffic to your channels. Apply them all, see your network skyrocketing, drive a considerable amount of traffic to your website or blog, transform your profile and career.




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