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LinkedIn Prospecting: In Order To Get The Right Answers, You Need To Ask The Right Questions

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5th July 2022
LinkedIn Prospecting: In Order To Get The Right Answers, You Need To Ask The Right Questions

Effective LinkedIn prospecting techniques and questions can truly be lifesavers! Mainly because prospecting is the biggest challenge faced by professionals, getting in front of prospective clients seems impossible!

However, although challenging, prospecting is among the essential parts of selling. You cannot sell anything until and unless your start to prospect new customers. And do you know what? The most fruitful professionals are the ones that indulge in prospecting the most! So, here I am today to bring you the LinkedIn prospective questions to help professionals out there ace their prospecting game!

The Importance of LinkedIn for Prospecting

Have you been thinking of using LinkedIn as part of your prospecting strategy? Well, you should go for it. LinkedIn is a lot more than a digital resume platform, and you should be using the plenty of perks it has to offer to leverage your prospecting!

Besides, it is both a cost and time-efficient way to market yourself as a professional. LinkedIn is far more valuable than Facebook and Twitter when it comes to professionals and businesses. It happens to have the largest concentration of wealthy consumers and the highest percentage of millionaire users.

For that matter, you would be missing a lot if you aren't incorporating LinkedIn into your Prospecting strategies. However, to become a successful professional and overcome your clients' objections, you will have to nail your prospecting questionnaire! So, let your creativity kick in and use our mini-guide to avoid the common LinkedIn mistakes while working with commitment, and you shall soon start getting prospects right here on LinkedIn!

Let me be very straightforward to you, most of you are just asking wrong or even 'bad' prospecting questions that are not helping you in any way on LinkedIn! But, on the other hand, some professionals aren't attempting to prospect for fear of sounding like a salesperson! So, it is time to learn how to create your prospecting questions and which question should be avoided altogether for the perfect impression. So, let's get started, shall we?

How to get new clients as a Professional?

First things first, how can you get new clients? The prospecting questions come only after that. So here are a few ways to get new clients through LinkedIn:

  • Referrals, Referrals, Referrals!
  • The best way to get new clients and grow your business is to stay connected with all your existing clients on LinkedIn.
  • Communicate with them via email, send them your newsletter every month, and win their trust through your outstanding services.
  • Find ways to ask your loyal clients for referrals; you would be surprised what a great way of getting new clients it can be!

Create Engaging Content over different Channels

Look for other ways of spreading your word and marketing yourself. For instance, blogs, videos, images, podcasts, and more. As they say, 'Content is the King', so try to create content that your target audience loves. But don't expect quick results, but over time. Let them enjoy your content and learn from it. What you can do to maximize the results is to reach enough people to make a difference. Of course, not everyone that engages with your content will come to buy something from you. Most of them will try to do it themselves. But this shouldn't hamper your spirits as you will soon be able to get conversions.

Direct Engagement

Go out to their doorstep and engage with them directly. In this case, talk with your targeted audience on LinkedIn!

Right and Wrong LinkedIn Prospecting Questions

Wrong Prospecting Questions that You Should Avoid

I see many Financial Advisors asking inappropriate questions and hence end up having no new clients.

Here are some examples of the wrong prospecting questions asked to potential customers that you must avoid in all situations:

  • Do you think you could save more money than you are currently savings?
  • When are you planning to retire?
  • Do you even have a retirement plan in place?
  • If given a chance, would you retire right now?
  • Do you need a financial advisor to help you with your money issues?
  • Are you satisfied with your current financial status?
  • Is your current experience enough?
  • Are you looking for a way to pay your credit card debt?

Do you know what makes these questions wrong? Because you are making the client feel bad about themselves only to ask them to come and meet you to get their issue resolved! Here's what you mustn't do while creating your prospecting questions:

  • Look too desperate and obvious by making them feel bad about themselves.
  • Don't go on to ask such personal questions so blatantly as you don't have any right yet.

Asking such questions would make you come through as an arrogant person, and you wouldn't win their trust. So, consequently, they wouldn't engage with you!

Ways to Ask the Right LinkedIn Prospecting Questions

Do you know how the best professionals do it?

They do it effortlessly, just like a natural conversation you make while socializing!

That's right!

Look at it as a way of socializing with people and interact with them emphatically. You will see how being effortless can be the real key to your success.

Forced conversations and uncomfortable questions make things worse.

Whereas natural conversations might not bring you the results instantly, but if you talk to enough people, you will find a few prospects as well!

Be Effortless!

When you engage with people, of course, you will also encounter jerks among them. Be thankful for them as well as you would know whom to struck off from your LinkedIn network then and there. As for the positive interactions, give them some time to nurture and don't rush.
Just keep engaging with them over LinkedIn and keep posting good relevant Content. Soon you will see people signing up for your memberships out of nowhere or buying your e-books. That's the beauty of LinkedIn!

Start with a good mood!
Be optimistic about the whole process. Always smile before dialing a number or sending out a message. Approach every person hoping that your interaction will be fun and beneficial for all the parties involved. Finally, always try to start in a good mood; if you aren't feeling your best today, maybe try tomorrow!

Be Clear of your Intentions

Before you start typing your question, think twice about what impression you want to leave on that person. Ask yourself:

  • How do you want to change their life for the better?
  • How can you make them happy despite everything?
  • How can you serve them and be their hero?
  • Use Scripts!

"If you sow humbly, you will reap with greatness." — Giuseppe Gurrieri

Prospecting Scripts are a great way to go about it. They help you leading into question instead of just dropping bombs on them. When you add context to your conversation, it will strengthen your credibility with them, as it will make it all look effortless and natural.

Remember that when you are doing it on LinkedIn, you should probably proceed in a three-message sequence, as you have to ask the question at some point.

Right LinkedIn Prospecting Questions

Here are a few examples of good professional prospecting questions:

  • Erica, I am thinking about creating a retirement-related post. Do you want me to cover any particular topic while doing it?
  • Joseph, do you think I could help you in any way to make the retirement process easier to comprehend?
  • Mark, do you think knowing me could be helpful for you in any way besides working with me? I am asking this because I work with very few clients; however, I wouldn't want to limit my knowledge to my contacts!
  • Isabella, what do you think is the reason that professionals like me misunderstand the doctors? I am trying to self-learn and enhance my empathizing abilities; your answer would be precious!

When you use a script, you will relay that your primary goal is to understand the other person and not just sell your services. Thus, it will help remove the embarrassment between the seller and the potential customer while clarifying your purpose.

Conclusion: In a nutshell, it is crucial that you try to bond with the prospects and not just level your sales pitch. When you approach people with a goal and purpose other than just selling your services, they would love to connect with you genuinely. It will help to remove the desperation from your prospecting questions and bring objectivity to them while helping you nurture long-term, fruitful relationships!

Tips: Now that you've learned which questions to ask and which not to ask, I've prepared the icing on the cake for you so you can get started with full enjoyment. And that with full power and automatically! Click here to find out more.



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