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LinkedIn Post Inspector - Everything You Need To Know About!

Publisched on
20th October 2021

Have trouble with previewing a page or post you want to share with your network on LinkedIn?

How To Clear My Linkedin Hyperlink Cache Preview?

To sort out any possible issue before posting, you could use the debugger tool known as the Post Inspector, and you can't go wrong.

On the LinkedIn platforms, the last thing you want to do is o make a wrong impression.

So please don't rush into it and share a link that displays the wrong image or title. That could be a waste of your post and could end up hurting your brand.

Watch Video Tutorial:

What is LinkedIn Post Inspector (LinkedIn Debugging Tool)?

LinkedIn Post Inspector is a free tool that helps marketers generate correct content previews when sharing their links on LinkedIn.
LinkedIn Post Inspector is a post debugging tool and metadata inspecting tool that allows you to check the preview of the following content information:

URL information:

  1. Last scraped
  2. Fetched URL
  3. Canonical URL

URL redirect trail

Information about the Metadata LinkedIn gathers about your content:

  1. Content-Title
  2. Content-Type
  3. Image-URL
  4. Content Description
  5. Author
  6. Content Publish date

Why use LinkedIn Post Inspector?

The Post Inspector helps you identify how your content's metadata shows up when sharing your content with your LinkedIn network.
If you recently have made changes to your content, you can quickly check when LinkedIn last updated their data on your content. Additionally, you can request a re-scrape to get your content's metadata updated.

How to use and Post Inspector?

To check, clear, and refresh the LinkedIn cached version of your content, do the following steps:

Step 1: Go to LinkedIn Post Inspector https://www.linkedin.com/post-inspector/.
Step 2: Input your URL and click on Inspect button.
It will fetch all updated information about your post and clearing the cache on the LinkedIn site.
Step 3: Now, try sharing your URL.

Questions about LinkedIn Post Inspector:

  • How do I clear my LinkedIn link cache preview?
  • How do I fix the LinkedIn preview?
  • How do I change the preview of a LinkedIn link?
  • How do I clear my LinkedIn cache on my iPhone?
  • How to get rid of the LinkedIn preview link?
  • How do I get my LinkedIn link preview?

Terms and Aliases Referring to LinkedIn Post Inspector:

  1. LinkedIn post link checker: it's just another pseudonym for the LinkedIn Post Inspector.
  2. LinkedIn Open Graph debugger: Open Graph meta tags are LinkedIn's tags to create previews of links in shared posts. That's what the inspector gives you insight into and helps you debug.
  3. LinkedIn preview validator: Another nickname, you can easily preview and validate a link to any page with the inspector.
  4. LinkedIn share URL validator: The inspector also serves you to check that your links appear before you choose to share them in a post.
  5. LinkedIn checker or LinkedIn Debugger: other terms used for the Post Inspector.



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