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LinkedIn Marketing for Freelance Writers

Publisched on
5th June 2022

Finding passion is one thing, but following it is another. 

Writing for most people is a hobby, while for others, it’s a source of income and livelihood. 

But whether you write for fun or otherwise, you need to establish yourself as a brand online and offline. 

It is crucial to do so because it will frequently help you get writing jobs and generate the desired leads. 

But how do you go about this? 

The answer is to start marketing yourself and your writing services, both in real life and online. 

And which platform gives you a better chance to achieve those social marketing goals than LinkedIn? 

What most people don’t know is that LinkedIn picks up your resume and gives it a more human feel compared to other platforms. 

It equally clarifies how your experiences in writing will be of benefit to your client’s future. 

This article shares five effective ways to optimize your freelancing profile on LinkedIn and get writing jobs. 

Five ways to boost your Freelance Writer services on LinkedIn

1. Create a LinkedIn profile

To tap into LinkedIn’s resources and promote your freelance write services, you need to have a LinkedIn account.

 This is the first step towards taking what you do to another level. 

It’s also what will help recruiters find your services and hire you for your skill. 

But while creating your LinkedIn profile, there are certain things that you need to keep at the back of your mind to avoid shooting yourself in the foot. 

They are as follows;

Avoid heavy and ambiguous words. 

As much as you can, choose simple words that are easy to read while maintaining your reader’s attention. 

Because you’re a writer, it doesn’t mean you need to use Shakespearean words to make a first impression. 

You will only be turning them off rather than pleasing them. 

Again, keep it short and straight to the point. 

The best way to transmit a good impression is to express sufficient knowledge that shows you understand the industry, but your readers shouldn’t feel like they are reading a report all the way. 

  • Avoid common and overused words.

It’s easy to use words like “skilled” and “motivated” when you’re trying to make a good first impression. 

While doing this is not a crime, you should aim at making your profile stand out and not be like the rest. 

So, rather than tell your audience that you’re a skilled and seasoned freelance writer, share brief examples, portfolio samples and other accomplishments that drive home your point.

  • Highlight your niche

A popular mistake people make is thinking that B2B is a niche of its own. 

No, it’s not! 

Rather, it’s an audience. 

Do take note of this because it will help you when writing your summary. 

And while doing so, you need to think about what your future client needs. 

You need to also separate what you do from 'why' you have chosen to do it. 

Dazzling your prospective readers with news from behind-the-scenes of a big event is another way to explain 'why' you have chosen to do something. 

Say, a prominent fashion week or a tech product launch. 

This is an example of ‘why’ you do something that your prospects will often care about. 

2. Promote your Freelance Writer services

A famous quote by Albert Einstein says, doing business without advertising is like kissing a woman in the dark.

You possibly know what you’re doing, but others don’t. 

You may know all the basics in freelance writing, but to become that brand that will fetch you the writing jobs that will enable you to express your writing talent, you will need to promote your works and services. 

When it comes to promoting your works or services on LinkedIn, you don’t have to break the bank to do so. 

While several packages require that spend much to get your brand before a larger audience, there are simpler measures that you can follow to promote your work on LinkedIn. 


  • Add a few portfolio samples

Some of your prospects may want to see some works you have done for other clients over the years. 

They may be particular about this because they may want to ensure that your services are as good as you claim they are. 

What you need to do is upload PDFs of some of the best articles or pieces of writing you’ve done over the years. 

Take time to thoroughly go through what you will upload here because it will sell your brand before your prospects. 

You could also add some links to direct your readers to access and read your works if you can’t upload the files. 

Adding a link that connects and redirects traffic from your blog or website to your LinkedIn page is another way to promote your writing services. 

Another benefit to reap from doing this is that some of your frequent readers may also have a LinkedIn account. 

By clicking on the link that directs them to their LinkedIn profile, you two can establish a connection. 

They could also leave recommendations that will further make your profile appear credible. 

You can do this on LinkedIn by using the publishing platform. 

In this platform, you can share a copy of a post that you may have already posted on your blog, or you could write a new customized article exclusive to your LinkedIn audience. 

Food for thought when using the publishing platform is to keep your audience's interest and those you’re connected to in mind. 

You may be a real estate writer, for example, and you have intentions to work for a real estate marketing company. 

You would have to consider what type of content that they will want you to write for them. 

Since their nice is about real estate, they could ask you to write an article like “Ways to attract wealthy buyers to patronize their business.” 

While doing so, remember no rule of thumb says you have to write nonfiction articles. 

You can use LinkedIn to show how creative you are in the field you’re trying to make a name for yourself.

3. Search for Freelance Writer jobs on LinkedIn

Top companies can afford to spend thousands of dollars on ads to promote whatever product or service they offer. 

But you don't have to join them in doing so once you decide to take your writing services on LinkedIn (except you have enough cash to throw around). 

As a newbie trying to establish a brand, you can search for those ads run by top companies based on demographics such as location and industry and reach out to them. 

You can either offer a full-time position or a freelance service. 

They could see your profile and credentials and decide to hire you temporarily if they are not searching for something permanent. 

But what is certain is that the recommendations you will get if they decide to take you in will boost your page’s social proof. 

It will also increase your page’s credibility when you become a household name. 

You don’t also have to wait around for advertisements to pop up on your LinkedIn page; you can see some on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and proceed to send them a message on LinkedIn concerning their current advertisement. 

Note; they are more likely to see credentials and attend to you quicker if they aren’t running the same ad on LinkedIn. 

4. Network

I’m sure you must have heard the saying that your network is your net-worth. 

The secret behind building a solid brand that gets numerous writings jobs lies in networking opportunities. 

The bigger the network, the more jobs you will get and the bigger your readers. 

Great things they say don’t come easy. 

So, even if you don’t have many connections now, or at all because you’re new, you can try connecting with current and past collaborators you’ve worked with. 

You can also connect with your former employers and colleagues as it will help you expand your reach. 

Once you’ve started bonding with them, you could ask some of them to leave you a testimonial. 

It will improve your social proof. 

You could also join some groups on LinkedIn for writers and connect with them. 

Once you become a member of any writing group, you can discuss topics like rates, potential jobs, various issues that clients experience, etc.

5. Consistency

As a newbie trying to stand your ground, you have to be consistent with the articles you publish on your LinkedIn profile

Aim to publish one to two topics every week. 

The more frequently you post your articles, the greater the traffic it will generate over time. 

6. LinkedIn and Facebook Groups Posting to get visibility and targeted traffic

According to LinkedIn and Facebook, a user is more likely to see a post shared in a group than a regular post update because the group post falls within the user's interest area. This also increases the chances for better engagement, as a post will be noticed by large numbers of users in real time.
Start sharing your post to multiple Groups on Facebook and LinkedIn to get targeted outreach!
Here you can find out how to post in Multiple Facebook Groups by using the best and the 2 time MarTech Award Winning LinkedIn and Facebook Groups Auto Posting Tool!


LinkedIn is one platform that helps both the newbie and the veteran freelance writers. 

Rather than stay on the sideline and hear success stories from other writers, you too can be among those telling the stories. 

Leverage the opportunities LinkedIn provides daily, connect with other writers and promote your brand. 

In conclusion, don’t forget to include a call to action at the end of each article you write. 

It can drive traffic from your blog to your LinkedIn page and vice versa. 

LinkedIn Marketing for Freelance Writers

LinkedIn Marketing for Freelance Writers



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