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3 Best LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies to Apply to Your Content Marketing

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3rd July 2022
3 Best LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies to Apply to Your Content Marketing

Are you looking for the most effective ways to generate leads on LinkedIn? If so, this article would serve you as a complete guide. Since the past few years, the trend towards LinkedIn Lead Generation is growing so fast. Lead generation means attracting and grow your number of customers through several ways, such as content writing. Although LinkedIn is not the largest social media network, it has the most effective population of professionals and experts. Almost everyone on this platform is skilled, knowledgeable, and talented. Thus, it is not wrong to say that LinkedIn has the most potent and quality-oriented population.  

For marketing purposes, this type of population yields the best results as they understand and respond quickly. Therefore, you can effectively use LinkedIn for content marketing by generating leads and publishing your content here. While doing so, keep in mind that LinkedIn is both for B2B and B2C consumers. So, you are free to write and design your content for any types of potential customers. To get 100% results for LinkedIn lead generation through content writing, keep the following things in mind.

LinkedIn for content marketing

1.    While publishing for LinkedIn lead generation, use status updates

The first and foremost important thing to keep in mind is to use the status updates for every content. Unfortunately, many of you don't know how important the status updates are. Whenever you write and post long content on LinkedIn, some notice it, and some do not. To get more people on your content, you must keep reminding them that you have posted something. Due to this, it is important to use the short status updates relevant to your post. Surprisingly, these short status updates dramatically help get more comments, more likes, and more leads.

Along with using the short status updates, here are a few more things to practice. These are as follows:

  • Make sure you are posting at least 3-5 times a week.
  • Must use other credible sources with your original piece of writing
  • Never forget about the hashtags as they play a decisive role in LinkedIn content marketing to generate leads
  • Finally, never post fluff but only the valuable and engaging content for your people

Without making short status updates, there is no use of your long posts on LinkedIn. However, you would get excellent results when you publish a long post and share several short updates about it. Therefore, always share short status updates about your long posts for content marketing and enjoy more comments and likes.

2.    Make and share highly engaging videos.

Linkedin Lead Generation

It is important to understand that images are more powerful than words. While spending time on social media sites, people may not read all the written posts but must watch almost all engaging videos. Therefore, engaging and attracting videos are the must-haves to involve people in your posts.

Fortunately, LinkedIn allows its users to make small video status as well as share them with others. Once you write your content, make sure also to design some video status about it. Then, share these video statuses in multiple places to attract larger audiences. For this purpose, the best thing is to share your video status on your LinkedIn profile. Besides, it is also a great idea to share them on your company profile updates.

No matter where you share your video update, keep in mind that it must engage your audience. If you write a long post on LinkedIn and promote it, design a video update containing its highlights. Finally, include the link of the long article or long post at the end of the video to redirect people to the main content.

As a result, whenever people see your video status, many of them would click on the link and read your long post. In this way, video updates play a significant role in generating leads for a business. However, pay deep attention to a few things while making videos on LinkedIn. For example, your video should not be longer than 60 seconds and must contain a brief description. Additionally, it must also contain hashtags, analytics, and a link to your main post.

3.    Share each written post several times

Linkedin Lead Generation

The good news for LinkedIn users is that LinkedIn allows you to share your content outside this platform. This is such a blessing that it delivers valuable results for your lead generation campaign. So, whenever you choose LinkedIn for content marketing, don't forget to share your content across multiple platforms. When you post anything on LinkedIn, you have two ways to share it on other platforms. The first one is to export it to other platforms using the share icon directly. The second option is to copy its link and share it anywhere you want.

Sharing your content to other social networks is an effective strategy of LinkedIn content marketing to generate leads. You can also share your content or posts in the comments section to engage people in it. Elsewhere, blogs are also the best place to share your LinkedIn posts to grow your audience.

Conclusion: LinkedIn for content marketing is an excellent choice to increase your audience. Those who struggle for LinkedIn lead generation must know that sharing only the long posts on LinkedIn may not bring fruitful results. No matter how well and engaging your post is, many people would ignore reading it. To involve a larger audience in all your posts, you have to make more efforts other than simply writing a post.

These efforts include making several status updates, videos and sharing the links with others. While crafting videos and status updates, make sure to add the element of engagement to them to see the results. Additionally, keep sharing your content to the LinkedIn profile and other platforms multiple times for more exposure. By following these most straightforward tips, you can enjoy the most significant results in your LinkedIn lead generation campaigns.



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