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LinkedIn Guide for IT Solutions & Services on How to Generate Leads

Publisched on
9th June 2021

Every business has its competitors, but when it comes to those that provide IT solutions and services on social media platforms like LinkedIn, the rate at which new competition emerges is overwhelming. This is because most organizations continually seek marketers that would play vital roles in creating greener pastures for their business both on and offline.
To generate the desired lead for your IT solutions and services on LinkedIn, you will need to consider numerous B2B strategies as they will help you build a robust inbound channel.

Always bear in mind that your prospective clients are constantly seeking answers to various challenges that they are facing. Examples of such include tips on how to improve their business both offline and on LinkedIn, more knowledge to attain greater heights, and other forms of solutions online. So if you want them to patronize your services, you will have to put in the time, effort, and the required resources to make it happen. When you're able to do this, your company will become more visible to your prospects on both ends.

But remember not to relent when you start seeing results because if your company rests on its laurels, it won't continually generate effective leads that will increase its growth.
Below are some tips that will help your IT services generate more leads and attract new clients on LinkedIn.

Create Well-Grounded Content

  It Solutions & Services on
  • Create well-grounded content

    Be cautious when creating the cornerstone pages of your business's website and page on LinkedIn. And this is because they will determine how well it will rank for SEO. Outsmart your competitors by prioritizing your fundamental or cornerstone page on Google and then making it your navigation page that directs your visitors rather than channeling all the energy on your product or about us pages. We are not trying to say that those pages cannot play crucial roles or perform well independently. We are saying that they may not get the desired value and impression that your page needs on LinkedIn and your website if they are not given due consideration.
    Again, you can publish a couple of content links to direct visitors to your cornerstone content from LinkedIn.

  • More content is always better

    When it comes to placing the spotlight on your profile on LinkedIn, always remember that publishing more content is always better than having lesser content. Again, you shouldn't just publish any content because you want to drive traffic to your business. Ensure whatever post you publish adds some value to your target audience. Your post could either inspire or address some of the challenges commonly faced in the IT service arena.

    By consistently sharing articles and blog posts with links from your LinkedIn profile to your fundamental site through LinkedIn, the Google search engine will channel its attention to your entire page and back to your LinkedIn profile. This will significantly increase your site's visibility and generate more leads for your IT business.

    Also, while blogging, you're free to use a chain of keywords that show its ranking while providing the necessary answers that your visitors seek. Another thing you need to bear in mind whenever you're creating content is to ensure that it extends beyond your product. To achieve this, you will need to add exceptional insights into the general performance of your industry.

    There is another form of content that is known as third-party content. This type of content is written solely by a brand that runs a business on both sites and LinkedIn.

    Whenever you're creating this type of content, you can also include links that directly lead to your website's entire pages and LinkedIn. It's necessary to do so because your target audience is often eager to know more about most businesses before patronizing them. That level of curiosity can steer either them from your LinkedIn page to your website or vice versa.

  • Run promos on LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is one powerful means that you can use to promote your business. In case you haven't thought about it, now is the time to look in the direction. The first move you want to take when harnessing LinkedIn's resourcefulness is creating an account for your IT services (if you don't already have one).

    Having a profile on LinkedIn may be the first step in the right direction, but that's not all that's required to reach out to your target audience, as you may need to run a couple of promotions to create the awareness your business needs.

    The next step is to consistently make posts about your offer on LinkedIn and your other social media handles. If consistent posting would be a difficult task due to various activities that you have to meet up in a day, you can use tools such as Hootsuite and Buffer to schedule posts ahead of time.

    You can also use our LinkedIn Automation Tool to establish connections with other business owners in your niche. Here is how the LinkedIn Auto Connection Tool works.

  • Optimize conversion opportunities

    For IT marketing teams and agencies to optimize and convert whatever opportunity presents itself, there is a need to build effective campaigns which will significantly improve lead generations and increase their brand's awareness on LinkedIn. Marketing teams also need to understand that users/consumers expect a positive experience all the time. So, it's up to these marketers to lay the foundation for trust to thrive as it will have these consumers and visitors return for more.

  • Design the type of CTA that fits your page content

    Be mindful when creating the kind of content that you intend to use to keep your page visitors glued to your IT service page on LinkedIn. Instead of focusing primarily on the features of what your brand offers on LinkedIn, you should focus some more on its benefits. Also, try to see your LinkedIn page as a long-term project that will require consistency rather than a one-time experience. Brands will equally benefit a lot if they can pay close attention to both optimization and analytics.

  • Sell Value

    One question that every marketer and business owner needs to ask is, "how efficient is my service to my customers both in real life and on LinkedIn?" It's important to reflect on questions like this because they will force you to make necessary changes that will take you a step ahead of your competitors in all ramifications. You should know that people will only remain eager to patronize your business only when your services are beneficial to them. Make out time to identify and improve the strengths and weaknesses of your business, as it will serve as a legal ground to create more value for your brand.

  • Offer logical services

    Avoid complicating your services whenever you try to drive traffic to your business. The reason is that your prospects won't give your product or service a second thought is if they fail to understand what your service is all about.

    Build trust whenever you canNo business can thrive without first laying the foundation of trust for its customers. It's also important to know that trust comes top of the list for your clients too. And this is because no one will give you a dime of their hard-earned money if they don't trust your service. One way to establish trust is to deliver on your promise.

  • Build trust whenever you can

    No business can thrive without first laying the foundation of trust for its customers. It's also important to know that trust comes top of the list for your clients too. And this is because no one will give you a dime of their hard-earned money if they don't trust your service. One way to establish trust is to deliver on your promise.

  • Deliver excellently

    Your brand isn't what you say it is, but what others call it behind your back. The kind of service you deliver will either make or break your business. Provide excellent work, step back and watch your business grow. The moment you can prove yourself before your existing customers, the easier it will be for the new ones to depend on your service to deliver excellently. Word of mouth is also another method of advertising that creates instant trust before new clients. If you can satisfy your existing customers, then there are chances that they will recommend your services to others on LinkedIn.

  • Website assessment proposition

    Most people are unaware that the general outlooks of their website and LinkedIn page/profile play a vital role in attracting and keeping visitors.
    In case you haven't thought about it, now is the time to do so. Focus on the general outlook of your online pages, content offers, landing pages, and entire content. Ensure no one visits and leaves without some sense of satisfaction. Again, make sure it's accessible to both laptop and mobile phone users as some of your IT buyers will often scan through your website and LinkedIn page with their preferred gadget.

Final Thoughts
Investing more resources in advertising campaigns to reach more visitors may not be the solution to the problem your business is facing. Trace your steps back to its foundation, and you may discover what your brand is missing that may help it bounce back to its feet. Frequently audit your brand's current value proposition to certify it effectively communicates the needs of the IT service community on LinkedIn.
Visit the drawing board from time to time to track the progress of your set goals, metrics, strategy, sales, and so on, as it will help you reduce some obstacles that could hinder your success. It will reveal what works and what does not for you to make the necessary adjustments when you can do this over a long period.

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