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LinkedIn for Accountants: The Mighty Marketing Guide To Skyrocket Your Business

Publisched on
19th May 2021

Are you an expert finance consultant who started his firm and is looking for tips for using LinkedIn for accountants to uplift business? LinkedIn is undoubtedly the fastest and one of the best social media channels that help companies to connect. It is the best platform to build your brand awareness by targeting a custom audience.
You are wondering if what is the custom audience? It's a feature that allows you to define your audience you want to target for the specific advertisement. You may define it by user location, age group, job type, company size, number of employees, and much more!

LinkedIn allows its users to post engaging content and participate in their industry-related discussions. It leads you to target the right industrial people and companies to connect with you. Business owners can boost their businesses with rich LinkedIn features, including sponsored ads, email marketing, building a professional network, connections, and a lot more. From advertisements to making connections, from boosting ads to getting leads, from engaging to conversions – you can perform anything using LINKEDIN!

So, let's check the LinkedIn guide for accountants and learn how to set their business profiles to uplift sales.

Marketing on LinkedIn for Accountants and Financial professionals!

LinkedIn for Accountants

LinkedIn is not just a social media channel for submitting and receiving resumes – it has a lot more to offer you! Rather than using LinkedIn for job seeking and growing connections, you may use it to grow your small businesses too. This effective social media channel leads you to make numerous connections with people from your field and companies to boost your business presence.
In short, LinkedIn is not just a social tool but a complete professional social network. It's all about career development and growth, helping individuals and businesses to grow most effectively.

Here are the valuable marketing tips of using LinkedIn for Accountants to uplift the business:

  1. Create a strong LinkedIn profile

    If you are struggling to evolve more into your business to make it stand out and boost, develop a strong profile that projects what you strive to do. Most people use LinkedIn as their digital resume, but this is not the case. Your resume presents what you have done, and your LinkedIn profile tells what you plan and with what you are struggling.

    LinkedIn works great for accountants and other people with finance professions. You may add your past work or jobs in your profile's experience section, but it's better to update this section with your future goal and elaborate more about the position you want to have next. This is how the employers get to know about your leadership and practical skills, which ultimately lead to your creating more connections.

    Your profile should be focusing more on how you would be helpful to others. Make your profile catchy with engaging content. For example, rather than simply saying, "I am a finance expert or accountant," you may write it more like, "I am an expert accounts consultant, help people over 40 creating enough wealth till retirement." This is called user-relatable content. You are telling about yourself, but ultimately you are making it personalized with the reader. Therefore, it is imperative to spend a good time making your LinkedIn profile, a profile worth for client's money and time. Be honest and show what exactly you can and want to deliver!

  2. Strong engagement with your existing and new connections

    Making a good profile and updating it with regular posts and quality content is not everything if you do not regularly engage with others. Make sure whatever you are posting on your profile is engaging on time. Bring your strong network where people do not have to wait for so long to hear back from you. It's a healthy activity to spend 10 to 15 minutes daily posting regular updates about what's going new in your business. Not only business, but it could also be anything like posting opinions on social issues and ask your connections to give feedback. That is how you stay connected with your audience, and ultimately they also get to know more about you.
    Plan new people to target every day or every week you want to build connections, check what they are talking about on their LinkedIn profiles, comment, and jump into the conversations. So, it's not only essential to do your posting but keep yourself engaged in other discussions too. As a result, you will make more and more connections that further lead to long-term relations benefiting your business.

  3. Email marketing on LinkedIn for accountants

    LinkedIn allows you to run an email marketing campaign to boost and market your services and business with numerous other features. You may send up to 50 emails at a time to your connections. Write a well-crafted email to your contacts, thanking them for being connected, and apologize for not writing the personalized email. This is how you invite your LinkedIn connection to be a part of your email marketing campaign, and they get updates about you. You may add different marketing links to your business, like website URL and sign-up link to your company or services. Do elaborate in the email body that what they will update by signing up to the site.
    You may also add the option to let the connections unsubscribe from your email list if they are not interested in getting updates about you. Whether you are running a small business or a large one, this email feature will help you stay connected with your connections. Moreover, they will be more interested to know more about you every day. Hence, the chances for more business growth and relationships increase which ultimately benefit your overall business.

  4. Never compromise on posting high-quality content

    As an accountant or finance consultant, your content should emphasize two parts: teaching others how to solve a particular problem. The second is how to do your job in a better manner. That is how the audience knows about your leading skills and how great a problem-solver you are. In any aspect, it naturally opens doors for your business and more valuable connections. Moreover, it's a good approach that gives some actual results to your business.
    Your content speaks louder than anything else on LinkedIn, and making it well-optimized will lead you towards more business ventures. Show the world the talent you have by playing with the words and then let them decide what makes them the most sense.

  5. Try sponsored updates

    If you are running a small financial consulting firm and recently joined LinkedIn to create strong connections with other businesses, try using sponsored updates. This feature works best for the newbies who want to market their services within no time. Sponsored updates work the same as Google Pay-Per-Click. With every advertisement and update you post, you pay for each impression and click your ad gets. So, the more people click your ad, the more you pay.

    Sponsored updates work well if you want to create an immediate voice for your business, but it demands more investment. You may define your targeted audience by adding the specific location, age group, organization type, job role, etc. This enables you to target the right people at the right time. With Sponsored updates over LinkedIn, you don't get the irrelevant audience, and leads are more like about the people interested in knowing more about you and your business. This is how your business's overall conversion rate increases, and you get more traffic to your website.

  6. Showcase the employees working for your financial firm

    Adding you all employees on LinkedIn is one of the worth features that generally business owners ignore. Let's suppose you have a company of 30 or 50 employees – make sure each of them has a profile added to your LinkedIn company page. The profiles should look professional and have a decent profile photo, job role, profile description, and company. This is something that makes you more real in front of the audience. People would not have any doubt about your working environment and how professional the team you have. It leaves an overall good impact on visitors visiting your LinkedIn company profile and will be more interested in creating connections with you.

  7. Find your targeted customers and connections

    One of the most critical features that LinkedIn offers is making your advertisements optimized. This feature helps you find the right audience and connections for your services. Like other social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, users can design customized ads featuring custom audiences, locations, products, and much more.
    LinkedIn now allows the same features for its audience too. LinkedIn for Accountants and any other business holders can target the unparalleled audience according to their ads they will run by setting the business status, industry type, company size, job role, and locations. For instance, you are selling an accounting tool or software to a large business in Europe. You can set your ad campaign to show you only to the companies with more than 200 employees located in Europe – and within this grouping people with the job role. "Executive" position title.
    Using LinkedIn for accountants is an ideal option to uplift businesses within few days. Optimizing and targeting the right people within your community will ultimately increase sales and overall company revenue. However, getting leads to your business is not everything but engaging them is the most important thing. Always make sure that you have a customer support team ready to engage with the new clients and to bring maximum conversions on board.

  8. Separate company page

    If you are running a small finance accounting business – it's always better to create a separate company page than updating your profile. Your company page should showcase everything your business website does, from profile picture to description, from colours to content to everything else. Moreover, make sure to update your LinkedIn page regularly with articles and company updates. Stay more and more active with your connections and participate in others' conversations, too, through comments. Most importantly, try focusing on making new connections every day with the people you think might be interested in your services. Remember that creating your LinkedIn presence and not updating it is like a website with no products and content.

  9. Have a custom URL for your business page

    It's essential to add a custom URL to your profile. Especially if you are running a small or large business and have several employees in the list – the custom profile URL will let your clients and audience search you on Google with your name, and your official profile will appear. It is also helpful when you schedule meeting over LinkedIn and haven't met people before. People will ultimately search about you on Google, and by click your LinkedIn profile, they will get to know everything about you and your business.
    Having a custom URL will lead to more chances to make your profile on top of the searches. And this ultimately will increase the leads for your business as more people will try to connect with you. Therefore, always for the custom URL for your profile to let the world know you faster.

  10. Complete your summary section on the profile

    The summary section is mainly overlooked, but it has a powerful space to let the audience know more about you. LinkedIn for Accountants allows them to add a 2000 characters long summary to your profile. Having a strong and effective LinkedIn Summary will lead you to more leads if it showcases everything about you in the minimal word count. Many users do not check activities and score the LinkedIn profile by its summary – how effective the summary is.

    Always write in a way it should cover everything about you:
  • Your experience
  • Future goals
  • Skills
  • What passionate you

And everything else but in the limited word count.

  1. Join more LinkedIn groups and be active
    One of the most effective ways to know your targeted audience is to join maximum yet relevant LinkedIn groups. It will let you know about the hot talks, but you get more chances to share your opinion. It opens the doors to connect you with the right audience. You may message any of the group members even though if you are not connected. Moreover, you get an opportunity to share your opinion on a particular problem in the group. So, people get to know more about you, and your expertise and chances of new connections get uplifted.

Most famous Groups available on LinkedIn for Accountants

Here are some of the groups that are available on LinkedIn for Accountants:

Accounting & Audit:
This LinkedIn group for accountants and for all businesses' financial managers, either a small business or large, an investment bank, or a boutique. Financial managers from every field are open to join this group to stay updated with their relevant field.

LinkedIn for Accountants

Accountant of Future:
The accounting group of LinkedIn has been evolving with new software and technology. So, this group effectively talks about the future accounting implications, current taxes, and accounting practices.

Accounting | Finance | Professional |World Finance Network:
It is one of the biggest groups on LinkedIn for accountants with over 200,000 members. It is also one of the most active groups with numerous finance experts and professionals.

AICPA Taxes Practitioners:
It is an official LinkedIn group sponsored by AICPA, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. This institute keeps the group updated with the new tax legislation updates.

Account Today | Discussion Group:
SourceMedia’s Editor-in-Chief created this group. This accounting group keeps its members updated with the latest industry news and experts’ analysis and interaction.

Accounting Professionals:
As the name shows, this accounting group is specifically for accounting professionals who want to share their opinion on current happening in the finance world.

Finance Club:
It is one of the most famous groups on LinkedIn for accountants, with over one million members. The group focuses on motivating the young accountants and help to grow the finance industry network.

A Tax Accounting Question Group Hosted By CPA Executive Search Group:
This group is all about Tax Question and Answers to Tax Questions. State and Federal Income Tax Preparation and Planning. The group focuses on making the finance professionals and businesses interconnected.

Marketing For Accountants, CPAs, EAs, Bookkeepers, and Tax Professionals:
This LinkedIn group focuses, as the name suggests, about Marketing for Accountants on growing the practice of new financial professionals and keeping them connected with the industry experts. Any finance member can join this group, either CPA, bookkeeper, EA, or tax professional.

CPA Trendlines:
Rick Telberg created this group. The group helps to provide practice guidelines for the finance, tax, or accounting community.

Tax professionals:
This group has more than 100,000 LinkedIn Group members and dedicated all the tax professionals to connect and commute with each other.

NATP – National Association of Tax Professionals:
If you are looking for some strict guidelines from experts to prepare tax files and returns, this group is absolutely for you.

Super CFO:
With about 100k members this group is for everyone with an account and finance background. Either you're CSO, FD, CFO, CLO, Lawer, accountant, CTO, banker, CMO, etc. This group is perfect for helping you with every accounting matter.

Bookkeeping Online:
It is an ideal group if you need help in Quickbooks. The group has more than 150k group members and emphasizes client management, billing policies, and best accounting tips.

Tips: If you want to create your own LinkedIn Group then get to know how here

To get the most out of LinkedIn for accountants and financial business, try creating more connections and a well-optimized business profile. Provide all the details about your business to let the consumers understand you and your company. LinkedIn is more about telling the audience about your future goals than the experience. Participate in all the conversations related to your business and join the authentic industry-related groups too.
Keep your connections updated with the regular high-quality content. All of these activities will lead you to create strong brand awareness and target the right audience to have more leads and conversions for your business than ever before.



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