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Written by
Giuseppe Gurrieri

How to Use Linkedin for Your E-Commerce Business

Publisched on
9th February 2021

At first, it may seem easy getting a pen and paper and then mapping things you need to do to set up your e-commerce business.

But soon enough, you will discover that getting customers online as a new brand isn’t as easy as it seemed to be. 

Finding prospective clients online is something that requires lots of patience and persistence.

But thankfully, there is a good number of ways to boost your brand's online presence.

The good news is that you will not have to spend a massive chunk of money to get it done. In some instances, you won't even have to spend at all.

This article will share tips that will help you boost your e-commerce online brand presence on LinkedIn.

If you tried other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and you’re not satisfied with the outcome, it may be time for you to give LinkedIn a shot.

It is one professional marketplace with many benefits in store for experts from all works of life.

Not only it will help you attract your target audience, but it will also help your brand boost its sales. 

LinkedIns Potential

For the record, LinkedIn has over 100 million professional businesses registered on the platform.

It's a vital place to meet other small business entrepreneurs who are just starting like you.

All you need do is to connect with these persons, and over time, the rapport between you two can lead to a successful partnership.

Such rapports can also help both parties boost sales.

Over the years, LinkedIn has built a reputation for being a reliable place to find employment and generate leads.

And this is due to how professional the atmosphere is.

While this is a healthy practice, it will benefit your e-commerce brand a whole lot more if you know how to use it accurately. 

With that said, if you don’t have a separate LinkedIn profile for the brand, then below are five tips for why you should. 


E-Commerce Business

1. To boost your brand’s online presence

The more discoverable your e-commerce business is on LinkedIn, the greater the opportunities it will lay on your feet to succeed.

The exposure provides for companies to thrive second to no other platform.

And when we say online presence, we don’t mean people are finding your business profile alone and creating a business link to your page.

It provides a better avenue for your brand to be seen and patronized by all and sundry. 

2. An avenue to share your business story

Creating a professional business profile for your brand on LinkedIn will give you a chance to showcase your business worldwide.

It equally allows you to share your brand's story, mission statement, and things that make it stand out from the crowd.

The more appealing you create your brand story, the more attention it will generate.

It is good because it will also make more people feel the need to share your business page with their audience.

It will become a win-win situation for the brand.

3. It helps you build rapport with other brands

Like we earlier mentioned, LinkedIn is a marketplace that is loaded with numerous business experts serving different niches.

And this makes it an excellent place for fresh and veteran e-commerce store owners to build a reliable network.

This type of business relationship can be highly beneficial to your business because your associates can use their audience to draw light (attention) towards your direction. 

This business-to-business connection can yield results such as a spot on podcasts, email blasts, power collaborations on giveaways and contests, affiliate partnerships, guest posts and more.

Ensure you are active and up to date with trendy things in your industry because the more active you are, the more you stand to gain from these friendships.

4. Become a Professional.

Rather than posting memes and profitless posts, you can publish educative articles and blog posts concerning your area of expertise.

Doing this over time will make your audience see you as an expert in your field.

And the more engaged they are, the easier it becomes to sell whatever product you want to them.

It will also make them build a level of trust for your brand.

Another thing that you will gain from presenting yourself as a professional is that your audience will most times be motivated to share your posts, and the more they share with their audience, the bigger your brand gets.

5. Your brand gets an Improved SEO.

For e-commerce stores, search engine optimization is one vital tool in your arsenal.

Boosting SEO one of the reasons most brands develop an active profile on LinkedIn.

The more enhanced your profile is, the more you will attract customers to you. be attracted to you.

So, there you go with the five crucial tips that will help your brand improve its social media presence.

But then, LinkedIn for E-commerce Business shouldn't be the only alternative in your arsenal.

Instead, it should be a part of a brilliant marketing strategy and an option to yield results without spending much money.


The tips that we shared in this article was well seasoned for the growth of your e-commerce brand.

We guarantee that following them will help your brand build connections that will boost sales and increase your brand’s visibility.

Finally, you need to know that consistency is critical in everything you do online as a brand for you to see the desired result.

So what that means is that the more you do on LinkedIn, the better outcome you will see.



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