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Giuseppe Gurrieri

How to Avoid LinkedIn’s Weekly Connection Request Restrictions Using the Auto Messaging to Group Members of Linked Assist

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2nd June 2022
How to Avoid LinkedIn’s Weekly Connection Request Restrictions Using the Auto Messaging to Group Members of Linked Assist

It’s no longer news that LinkedIn has rolled out a new set of rules regarding the number of weekly connection requests that one can send to their target audience. 

But before the new limit was introduced, one could have as many as 100 connection requests sent per day. In other words, this translates to between 700 to 800 connection requests by the end of each week. But that has taken a different twist today because the new limit only allows a person to send a maximum of 100 requests a week. Sad and disappointing, we know! But read on, there’s more good stuff on the way.

With the new decrease on board, it means the chances of connecting to a prospect that is completely out of your network have reduced to about 20% of what it was. The latest development happens both for regular LinkedIn accounts as well as Sales Navigator. 

It’s a numbers game for both marketers and business owners and when one gets limited in that way, the revenue results generated will be hit hard and fast. 

It may be hard to guess why LinkedIn decided to take such a measure but if you’re guessing that it may also serve as a way to curb the rate at which people sporadically spray connect requests, you may not be far from the truth. 

Over the years, LinkedIn has tried to set and maintain a certain level of professionalism, and behaviors such as spraying connect requests not only piss the prospect off but also tend to lower the value of the platform. One should never forget that LinkedIn is a professional social network that thrives on meaningful business relationships.

In case the limit is a big deal for you, don’t worry, because we have compiled this guide just for you. In this guide, we will let you on some easy tips that you can use to bypass these limits using smart LinkedIn automation tools such as LinkedIn Assist. Plus other tips that will help you get around the new connection request limit. 

If you’re running a campaign and you get notified that you have reached the limit, simply pause and wait until the ban is lifted the following week. On the other hand, tools such as Linked Assist effortlessly allow you to bypass the weekly limit. What LinkedIn assist does for you is that it automatically sends messages to establish a connection and thereby creates more opportunities for you to send those messages to group members. 


Below are some tips that will help you get around the new limit smoothly and equally improve revenue. 


If you aim at connecting with more prospects using groups as a medium, there are two ways this can be achieved. The first thing you need to do is to be a member of a group. Find time to do a quality search for groups that are related to your niche or the service that you offer. 

It’s imperative that you focus on groups with users that match your target demographics. After becoming a member of a group, the next step is to start interacting with other members of the group. To make an impact, you need to be consistent with posting (this cannot be overemphasized). But then again, while posting, remember not to overdo it, as it could be a huge turnoff for some group members. Instead, what you should do is focus on sharing a post that is helpful and also provides valuable information to your prospect. 

In case you’re wondering how you could go about this, you could say something like “if you’re having a problem with xxx, perhaps yyy could be of help” You can take it a step further by saying, If you think that may be the case, then check out our (Go on to list what your brand offers for solution).

Creating LinkedIn Groups

There is another option is that available when it comes to using LinkedIn groups to make new connections and it’s by creating your own group. What is essential to note here is that groups can quickly help you build up a list of ready-to-buy prospects. When opting for this, the first thing you will need to do is to create your personal group, and then send invitations to those you have already established a connection. At your convenience, surf the members of the various groups that you’re active in for new potential members. Once you’re done with this step, put together a list of potential prospects and start sending out well-organized and carefully packaged invites. But it’s also crucial to ensure that the messages you send out are personalized and well-constructed, otherwise, they can come off to your prospect as spammy in nature. And you wouldn’t like your efforts to be in vain, or will you?

As easy as this step may appear, we have to both agree that compiling a list and sending out numerous messages isn’t an easy task, especially if you have to combine it with a busy daily schedule. So what can you do instead? This is where Linked Assist steps in to relieve you of that stress. 

The LinkedIn assist tool is an easy-to-use tool that allows sending messages to tons of LinkedIn group members through the help of its automated messaging to group members feature. 

One of the outstanding things about the LinkedIn Assist feature is that it will help you easily connect with your prospects. 

When using the LinkedIn Assist tool, the first thing you need to do is to pick a group where you have earmarked your target audience and then follow the procedure below.


-Click on the Linked Assist icon in the Chrome internet browser

-Click the Select Function dropdown

-Pick Message to Group members

-Select the Time Interval Between each message in seconds

Note: Always bear in mind that 30 seconds is the minimum interval time and it is a good quantity so the program has enough time to run each message.

Next, you will need to choose the message you want to send from the dropdown menu. And after that, you'll see it populated down in the Personal Message section.

Once you have those fields properly set up, click the "Start Linked Assist button" and you'll see it start to operate in real-time down in the bottom right corner of your screen. And that’s all, you’ll have to sit back and watch the tool go to work. 

In what other ways can LinkedIn Assist help you get around the connection limit?One may wonder.

They are as follows;

  • Smart time saving and branded personalization. 

Time, they say is money. And while there are a ton of tools out there that claim to provide the same services that LinkedIn Assist offers, we bet that not all are as good as the LinkedIn Assist automation tool when it comes to saving you time. 

While in the initial stages of planning and preparing your personalized messages, we strongly advise that you don’t rush through things and present a haphazard message to your target audience in various groups, as it may mislead your prospects from what you’re trying to achieve. Again, we are not saying you should move at the speed of a snail because you could be losing a lot of prospects to your competitors. Balance is key! 

With the LinkedIn Assist automation tool, you will not have to worry about if you can afford the luxury of time to carefully curate all the messages that will be sent to group members or not because it will take care of it for you. 

  • Expanded reach

LinkedIn Assist can help you connect with your target audience with the use of signatures and personalized messages.

With the new limit in place, you can bet that all hands of developers around the world are certainly on deck in a bid to generate tools that aim at helping users get around the connection request limit. But like most, the LinkedIn assist is a unique LinkedIn automation tool that takes the burden off your shoulders by simply creating a seamless and reliable connection with your target audience. It’s essential to equally note that in other for this move to be effective, you need to also play your cards right. And by that, we mean that you must make out the time to ensure that you curate a well-personalized message and signature for your brand that will present it in a way that is appealing to your target audience. Once that is done, only then can you sit back and watch LinkedIn assistance go to work in maximizing your chances of securing that prospective lead. 

  • Increased Visibility

The LinkedIn assist automation tool does more than just help you get around limits. It takes the entire process a step further by helping your brand gain more visibility before your target audience. This is not what many tools can guarantee but with the LinkedIn assist, you’re sure of using one stone to kill more than two birds at a time. 

Here are some interesting facts that you need to keep in mind. 

You must know that LinkedIn sees the revenue potential that hovers around prospecting with the site and they will need to get users to pay for such service. So what should you expect? More and more limits will pop at various intervals geared to push users toward their solution. 

The sooner users get accustomed to the fact that the days of blasting a thousand connection requests with generic messages are over, the better. 

So what’s the way forward? One might ask. The answer includes;

  • Investing more time and effort to personalize messages
  • Being more selective when it comes to prospecting
  • Choosing quality over quantity
  • Focus on having a stronger rapport with prospects

While having these in mind, it’s also important to ensure that your LinkedIn profile is fully optimized, else, you will be missing out a great deal. 

Once you are sure that your LinkedIn profile is optimized, the next thing for you to do is to channel your focus to establishing valuable connections. The Sales Navigator has proven over time to roping in some bad fit prospects even while using tight filters. So be sure to thoroughly crosscheck the list and vet each potential client. The next thing that you will need to do is to save those you have verified to a particular list before you decide to load them to your automation tool. 

. Create Events

Hosting events is another trick that can come in handy when you are in search of means to bypass the connection limit on LinkedIn and get more leads. Events can serve as a quick means to build your business’s authority. When you’ve successfully done this, building trust with your target audience becomes way easier. Regularly hosting events will help your brand stand out because it shows you’re active and have something of value to offer. Videos can equally be a good weapon in your arsenal as they can help you create an emotional connection with your prospects. 

If you wish to create an event on LinkedIn, you will need to go to the home page on your profile. There, you will find the Events menu. You will then need to click the plus sign that is displayed on the side of “Events.”

While customizing your event, remember to include a brief description that is well detailed and has keywords that your prospects will most likely find interesting. Never forget to include these keywords in the name of the event you’re trying to host.


This is one question that a lot of people who newly come across this unique tool ask. And the answer is also an easy one, and that is FOR ALL EXPERTS. Marketers and entrepreneurs will find this tool helpful but they weren’t the ones in mind when it was designed as marketing agencies, coaches from all niches, job seekers, recruiters, and HR managers can find this tool quite fascinating. 


1. Create Content 

When you meet a brick wall (unable to send connection requests until further notice), you should try to inspire a connection through your content. the trick to get around this is to make yourself worthy of a valuable connection. Once, you’re able to captivate your target audience with the kind of content you create, you will have them sending you requests to connect instead of the other way round. 

Some of the valuable content you can share include articles, news concerning your industry and other things that you feel will make your prospect eager for more of what your brand has to offer. 

There are several means and opportunities that you can leverage to create and promote what your brand has to offer on LinkedIn. This comes even easier with various new tools that are constantly being developed and ready for you to grab. 

You equally have the option of channeling posts from other social media platforms to your LinkedIn profile. Again, you can choose to create short Youtube videos that have a call to action option to connect. Another way to go around this is to create direct links to your page. 

Whatever you can do to get the brand noticed without breaking any rules, you are advised to do it. The reason is that it will give you more connection requests notwithstanding whether you exhaust your weekly invitation limit on LinkedIn or not. 

2. Try SEO

One good piece of advice that you will often hear is “make amazing brand content and share”. As easy as creating content and sharing may sound, there is more than meets the eye. Consistently generating content can be overwhelming but the work is half done if you know the basics. Let’s reveal a little secret, shall we? When it comes to SEO, having great content is more powerful than channeling all your focus on keyword research. Don’t get us wrong, keywords are priceless, but without the right content to strengthen the keyword, your efforts may quickly be overlooked. 

If your primary aim is to make your products and services go viral, then you should focus on posting consistent content that will attract the perfect target audience. 

If you’re too busy to create regular articles/write-ups that will be shared on LinkedIn, you can engage the services of a writer or blogger. For lengthy articles, you should format them as LinkedIn articles. You can equally add formatted articles to the featured section on your LinkedIn profile. You can also post previews of the articles as a post, and then create a link for it in the comment section. This move will help boost engagement. 

Note: Using this strategy consistently over time will generate inbound leads from LinkedIn without charge. 

3. Spend your weekly invites wisely

Spending your weekly invites wisely does not mean should you get too stingy with your connections as it will only be you shooting yourself in the foot. But yet again, it does not in any way mean that you should get to lose with it and waste them on every Tom, Dick, and Harry that you come across on LinkedIn. With several connection requests limited, it beckons that you put in enough time and effort in thoroughly examining what looks like a potential connection before you proceed with sending them a connection request. 

With LinkedIn’s new limit in place, it means there will be a hitch in the growth of your network every time you exhaust your connection request. So, try to play it smart with those leads you feel are worthy. 

Here is a bit of advice, before you send a connection request to a prospect, first try to explore by liking their content, dropping a few comments on their polls, and actively becoming a part of their discussions on LinkedIn. This will help make things easier as they will be more likely to accept your connection request when they get to know you. 


  • There is lesser noise and competition

With the limit in place, prospects now receive fewer connection requests thereby making the invites that you can send stand out even more. 

  • User experience is a lot better

Before the weekly invite limit came on board, most users complained about the high rate of irrelevant messages that often tends to drown important conversations which also causes users to miss out on vital messages too. Not only were their inboxes crowded, but their news feed was also. But the new development encourages lesser and more quality connection requests thereby making the user experience more enjoyable. 


The weekly invitation limits by LinkedIn serve as a means to curb and also combat spam requests that parody accounts send to serious-minded people. Let’s not forget in a hurry that LinkedIn is a highly professional social media platform and having such menace linger for too will only drag the company’s integrity into the mud. You should expect stiffer rules as time goes on. But rather than get upset about such rapid and unexpected change, what you should do instead is refine the approach that you use in connecting with prospects. Rather than take shortcuts (which include sending spammy messages) all in the name of trying to generate leads, we advise that you take more creative and genuine steps by strictly focusing on scalable strategies that will make your brand stand out as a professional in the eye of your prospect. 

Finally, get the LinkedIn assist automation tool today and make the most out of LinkedIn social media network. It’s also noteworthy that the LinkedIn automation tool is not in any way related to LinkedIn or its associates. 

Thanks for reading. 



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