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How To Add An Intro Video To Your LinkedIn Profile

Publisched on
23rd June 2022
LinkedIn Profile Video

Do you want to know how users can add LinkedIn Intro Videos to their profiles? Is it unprofessional to add LinkedIn Intro Videos? Well, many such questions do hit the minds of all those LinkedIn users who have newly created their profile for business use.

But yes, it is possible to add a LinkedIn Profile Video with the help of a brand new Creator mode. LinkedIn is now letting the users add LinkedIn Profile Videos into their user profile and the new 'Creator' mode.

This platform also allows its users to update their virtual work network with some latest features for better exposure. According to a recent examination by LinkedIn, 78% of the hiring managers think that the use of video helps target more engagement of job candidates. This is the main reason that using video for the LinkedIn profile is becoming a necessary element.

80% of the job seekers wish that there should be a straightforward approach to introduce themselves to recruiters or hiring managers. Recent changes in the LinkedIn profile video are fully aiming to make the recruitment process much more manageable. And this convenience is for both applicants and recruiters.

LinkedIn Profile Video

What Types of LinkedIn Profile Video is the best to Add?

Well, some of the users are always looking forward to adding a LinkedIn Profile Video. However, at the same time, they are not sure what sort of LinkedIn intro videos they should share to interact with a higher user engagement. So here we have the list of few basic ideas related to videos you can follow:

  • Testimonials from other customers
  • Tips for targeting buyers
  • Interviews with other company’s executives or the team members
  • Tutorials related to Product demonstrations
  • Introduction about your profession or industry you are associated with
  • Promotional content related to sale or launch of new product

No doubt that the use of LinkedIn profile video is a powerful tactic to boost your sales. 17% of the salespeople believe that demonstrating video in the profile has benefited them to target more customers or recruiters. This generally means that 83% of people are still not availing of this fantastic feature. What are you waiting for?

Tips for Creating a Powerful LinkedIn Intro Video on your Profile

  • Slide yourself into the frame. Besides centring yourself from the start, you should leave the middle of the shot to stay open so that the “play arrow” does not sit on your newsfeed all the time.
  • With the help of an easy video editor such as iMovie, you can add text to your video in any space.
  • Make use of the green screen. This tip will eventually eliminate any clutter to happen in your screen background. With this green screen, you can even talk to your viewers while displaying things online.
  • Add a friendly tone in your video by including a smile or more significant gestures. You can even move around and use hand actions to show some empathy.
  • Always look at the camera and do not shy.
  • Lastly, always add a description in your video for a better explanation of who you are. LinkedIn will give you a space of 1,300 characters for describing your video. You can also use some hashtags, @mentions, or colourful emojis.

Upcoming New Features to be introduced in LinkedIn 2021

Below we have listed exciting features you will soon see on LinkedIn in 2021 for a better LinkedIn Profile performance. Let’s have a look below:

Video Cover Story

Video cover story is another upcoming new feature to expect in LinkedIn for your profile creation. You can add a fantastic cover story to your profile for better interaction with the recruiter or hiring manager.

Once you have uploaded the cover story, an orange ring will appear on the user’s profile picture. As you will click the user’s profile picture, a full-screen vertical video of the user will pop up.  This will be the user's self-shot introduction. Although the feature is still not live. Once it gets life, you can find some more options for recording the cover story.

Creator Mode

The following upcoming feature is creator mode, with which a user can highlight their work or content in a better way. To post content or to highlight any topic, a user can also use some fantastic hashtags in the creator mode. Once the user activates the creator mode, their featured and activity parts are instantly moved to the top section of their profile.

Upon the activation of Creator Mode, the “connect” button gets replaced by the “follow” button. Once the user has enabled the creator mode, their user profile backgrounds will show some live broadcasts at the time of streaming. This is how a user can increase the overall exposure of their content at a higher level.

Freelancers' Service Pages

On the LinkedIn platform, freelancers can now build their dedicated service pages to list all those services they provide to their clients. User profiles can connect themselves with the service websites, making it easier to draw new customers directly from LinkedIn.

Fields for Pronouns

Fields for Pronouns is another prominent feature that LinkedIn will soon introduce to its users. With this feature, users can add the preferred gender pronouns into their profile at its top.

According to recent LinkedIn research, around 70% of jobseekers find this feature to help to hire managers and recruiters. 71% of the hiring managers think it helps demonstrate respect.

The users don't need to fill this section in their profile. It depends on their personal preferences.

Conclusion: All the features we have presented about the LinkedIn Profile Video are yet to go live on LinkedIn for their excellent usage for all profile users. As soon as the LinkedIn Intro Video live, we will suggest you avail of its efficiency and give your LinkedIn profile a better professional and advanced look.

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