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How Real Estate Agents Can Use LinkedIn

Publisched on
24th December 2020


Despite being underrated by many, LinkedIn has continued to prove that it is the lifeline that most businesses need to survive the ever-competitive market.

Globally, millions of real estate professionals have registered with LinkedIn to present their credentials, meet new business partners, and generate leads.

And by so doing, the level of frustration that most agents experience due to lack of patronage has reduced.

You must use the channel correctly and consistently to get the desired results.

This article will look at eight smart ways real estate agents can generate leads through LinkedIn.


Your profile is the first thing your visitors will notice when they come to the page.

If it is not professional enough, there is a 50/50 chance nothing else will attract them.

Below are some of the ways you can upgrade your profile.

Summarize yourself:

If done well, this can provide many benefits for you. You can find the summary on a user's snapshot page.

This tool will enlighten visitors about your skillset and work experiences.

A picture says a thousand words:

Your profile picture is more powerful than you think. It can make or mar your progress.

So, the next time you're trying to make an excellent first impression, ensure you select a professional picture that presents you in the best light.

Leave no stone unturned:

Make sure you fill in every essential detail in all various categories of your profile.

The reason is simple. The more data you provide, the better your chances of attracting real estate business partners.

In the same way, you will draw the attention of potential home buyers and sellers.

You can likewise outline some experiences that you've encountered as a real estate agent or agency through the years.

If you specialize in selling a particular type of home, you can also include it on your page.

Optimize your profile:

There is nothing wrong with using SEO keywords as the unique URL for your profile.

But you should know that so many professionals are now familiar with how SEO-friendly keywords work, so this might be a turn off if you don't professionally use this strategy.

If you cannot do this with style, then you're advised to stick to what works. And that is a variation of your name, what you do for a living, or a user-defined profile URL


They say he who fails to plan has planned to fail. After you must have set up your page and added the necessary details, the next thing is to personalize those LinkedIn invites that will generate leads for you.

Sending a message that says "Hello, I'd like to connect" is not enough. In a few paragraphs, let your prospect know how valuable your connection will be to them.


You can provide value to your target audience by sharing creative, informative, and engaging content about properties and topics that are similar.

Another way is to share contents that address common challenges people face, based on your experiences as a real agent.

A good example is this article you're reading now.

Why are you reading it?

You're reading it because you're looking for ways to generate more leads as a real estate agent.

So, by providing or offering solutions to people, they will always come back for more. You can also share news stories on the latest development in properties.

Again, you can share photos and videos of various surveys about the locality that you sell homes.

It will make your real estate profile attractive to prospects that want to get to know and do business with you


One of the tools in the box that gets your audience's attention.

If you know that posting often would fetch those leads you crave, what would you do?

Will you post all the time?

Well, you should, because regular content posts play a vital role when it comes to generating leads.

When you visit other pages within your industry will notice a difference in the trends.

Some of the things you will find include links to different blog posts, various opinions, newsletters, and beautifully curated pieces

Take this a step further by including the share buttons on your real estate website or your page.

Whenever you share real estate blogs to your social media handles, you will give your followers more chance to share and spread your content to their followers and increase traffic to your real estate business.


Building a strong network of professionals isn't a quick fix. To achieve this, you must be dedicated, patient, and consistent.

You must also ensure that you're on top of your game at all times.

Search through groups in your industry and connect with people within and outside locality who may be interested in the properties you sell.


Social media advertisement will undoubtedly help you generate leads, but word-of-mouth will fetch you leads beyond your imaginations.

Search and bond with professional home builders and HR personnel who help prospects find homes and relocation services.

Once you can establish a connection with these professionals, they can help you with referrals that will rake in your desired leads.


As a realtor, knowledge is power. Stay up-to-date and informed by joining several groups in your industry.

Ideas shared in these groups will help you sharpen your mind.

It will also help you visit your drawing board and come up with better strategies.

When you must have generated ideas and experience over time, you can then create your group.

#Some professionals call this the fish pond strategy.

By creating a group, there are so many benefits you stand to gain.

Not only will it make you a thought leader, but it will also make you a go-to link for prospective buyers and sellers.

Can you imagine how this would influence your leads?


One thing that frustrates realtors the most is not having the capacity to pave the way into luxurious real estate business the way their colleagues do.

It does not also have anything to do with talent or luck. Instead, it is more of a well-planned strategy.

Try to associate and build a personal relationship with other agents who seem to have it all figured out.

As your friendship becomes strong, some will start to open up and the secrets to retaining and attracting these millionaires.

And in no time, you will have millionaires in your sphere who help you meet your targets.

Another way of going about this is to sign up for a LinkedIn premium business account.

With this account, you will get at least five to ten Inmails monthly.

Other benefits include unlimited searches, trends (news), analytics & competitor data.
It may be on the high side, but it will be worth every dime spent.

You will now stand a chance of getting five to ten Inmails monthly, which puts you in the frontline.

Real Estate Agents Can Use LinkedIn

How Real Estate Agents Can Use LinkedIn



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