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What's the Best Time to Share Your Post on LinkedIn - Content Marketing Tips

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27th June 2022

LinkedIn Content Marketing tips help understand the algorithm of LinkedIn for its maximum effect.

People are using LinkedIn as a prefered social media platform for sharing their content. You can post anytime. Still, there is a limited window to hit the right audience. this fact is proven by studies mentioned later in the article. Posting on LinkedIn requires many factors and components. It is not a jumping-off point but a study of the client’s usage patterns and future aspirations.

Nowadays, most professionals are using LinkedIn from home due to the pandemic. The platforms host client meetings and proposal presentations that were not possible before the CoVID-19 pandemic. 

Best Time To Post On LinkedIn For Your Content Marketing

Content Marketing Tips



LinkedIn users intend to create career networks when they post on social platforms. According to content marketing tips, they aim to establish themselves as leaders and self-actualize and achieve success in front of employees, colleagues, and business partners. In addition, uniqueness in content and relevancy with visual aids will attract the client.

Time Zones Usage

LinkedIn provides long term and international approach through its best content marketing tips. Clients are always available in different time zones. You can publish content and communicate with them. LinkedIn marketers publish in different time zones to attract numerous clients. Instead of publishing too frequently, you should post content when most users are online. Timing is discussed in detail later in the article. If you reside in the US or Canada, use EST timings to calculate post times using the social media analytics tools widely available on the internet.

The behaviour of the targeted clients also contributes to the content's success. Social listening tools are available to understand the audience and their intention behind using LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

Best content marketing tips: Timing is the ultimate factor

Timing is crucial to post on LinkedIn for content marketing. Strategically speaking, the morning, afternoon, and evenings will receive more engagement and reach the intended impact. When you read the researches regarding LinkedIn, the facts would cement the appropriate timing for posting. The best time to post for a content marketer is during business hours when remaining businesses and professionals seek services. Posting on weekdays helps professionals and companies to generate clients.

Business Hours Assessment

You might find it interesting that people are browsing social media during working hours. However, they constantly check their profiles and feeds to stay updated with their personal lives and professional network. As a result, social media has widened business reach beyond national boundaries. According to some best content marketing tips, content marketing can attract international clients if they post on LinkedIn correctly.

LinkedIn Interaction after business hours

Note that people leave their offices or log off from their home offices once the offices are shut. They are more likely to browse Twitter or Instagram. This is because LinkedIn carries a highly formal tone of communication and posting. It intends to create a business relationship, whereas other social media platforms promote informal relations, friendships, and entertainment. Therefore, it is wise not to limit LinkedIn browsing. A couple of minutes are understandable to browse but do not waste an entire workday posting on and browsing LinkedIn.

Another wise time to post would be at lunch break or usual break hours when professionals set their work aside and browse their phones.

LinkedIn Online Traffic

Content Marketing Tips

Let's call a spade a spade. LinkedIn is not close to famous as Instagram or Facebook. LinkedIn has more than 740 million users this year, hosted in 200 countries. Facebook, on the other hand, hosts 2.8 billion users this year. Thirty-seven percent of the adults between the ages 30 and 49 use LinkedIn. In a nutshell, LinkedIn is a reasonably limited platform with limited use. It is not a large platform. However, it hosts the largest professional network. Well, this one makes LinkedIn so valuable.

Nature of the Platform

Most individuals using LinkedIn are established in their professions. This is why they are considered essential clients. This information is beneficial for top professionals and top-financiers who are searching for clients for their company. It helps clients who are looking to invest their savings. This platform works both ways. There is significantly less probably, however, that individuals will log onto their LinkedIn profiles late evenings.

Which time to post on LinkedIn?

According to a recent Sprout Study, the concluded time was an interesting take. The study suggests the most efficient time to post during a week is on Wednesday. But not at any hour on a Wednesday. The best time is between nine to ten am and the noon hour. This is a very intriguing find, no less. There is Monday when all businesses open after a weekend facing a pile of professional services requiring immediate attention. Or most professionals are focused on working during the initial hours of each working day of the week. The justification is equally as intriguing. Wednesday lies in the middle of the week. Employees’ focus drifts on Wednesday morning from working the previous days. They are already looking forward to the weekend.  🙂

Weekdays On "Big L"

Lesser options to post are weekdays, such as Tuesday and Thursday. Given the LinkedIn platform's professionalism, it is surprising that Fridays and Mondays are the least traffic-attracting days. Most professionals do not use career-related networks at the beginning and end of the week. Simply because of work backlog or anticipation of the weekend. LinkedIn usage hits the minimum on weekends for obvious reasons.

The justification for noon hour on a Wednesday, along with other weekdays, makes sense as well. Noon is lunch hour. Many are stepping from their work to grab a coffee or eat lunch. They will most definitely browse their social media in their free time.

Add This Research

After studying usage data of 14 million users, the research concludes that the advised time to post is Tuesday from ten a.m. to 11 p.m.

Ninety-three percent of the business-to-business markets are available to generate leads at this time. This is because Linked in mostly businesses communicating with individuals from other companies. The highest rate of generating and receiving engagements is the weekdays.

Fanny Research

Some content marketing tips suggest posting on LinkedIn from seven a.m. to eight a.m. and five p.m. to six p.m. any business day. This allows professionals to check their LinkedIn on their computer platform, tablet, or phone before starting the day and monitoring progress when the day ends.

Is There a Wrong Time to Post?

Now let's discuss the worst time to post on LinkedIn. If you have not guessed by now, yes, it's Sunday. The worst time to promote financial services is after nine a.m. on a Sunday and the remaining of the day. Many clients are spending time with their families and would not bother checking formal business-related LinkedIn platforms.


Content Publishers are not advised to post at night, regardless of which day of the week. Professionals rarely check LinkedIn after eight p.m., let alone view it on a Sunday night is near impossible. Evening hours are reserved for social gatherings and family time.


Monday is another ill-advised day for posting. Monday is a busy day for most professions. Work has been collected over the weekend, and deadlines need to be met. Professionals rarely have the time to check their phones on a Monday. They are busy until Wednesday, as the study suggests, so plan your posts accordingly. Do not think to post until Monday afternoon. The best time to post on LinkedIn for your content marketing is the middle of the week.

How Often Should You Post on Linkedin?

Now the frequency of posting on LinkedIn is another critical component. Finance advisors do not wish to bombard messaging their clients. There is professionalism to maintain. Therefore, they can post around ten times a month. Another viewpoint is that frequency depends on using LinkedIn.

LinkedIn provides its guidelines regarding posting. However, RevLocal suggests that bloggers and content publishers may post 20 times a month. This roughly translates to a single post a day. Now, this is a lot for some people. Therefore, stay in the healthy bracket of 10 posts. You should be fine.

Moreover, posting on social media is a personal preference. The critical ingredient to master is consistency. If you post recently and then stop, this does not relay a positive message to future clients. Instead, it helps social media such as LinkedIn does not interrupt daily routine.

Bloggers, Publishers and Content Marketers can Post Frequently.

Another essential topic to discuss is content duplication. You should know that LinkedIn profile filters out duplicated content, so your client will only read the most recent posts.


Now that you have read the findings with facts and numbers provided, use the information to figure the best time to post on your professional profile to attract clients. You can now use this knowledge, the power of LinkedIn Groups combined with GP Group Poster, the LinkedIn and Facebook Groups Auto Posting and 2 time MarTech Award Winning Tool This comes with practices. Do not sell yourself short.



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