Written by
Giuseppe Gurrieri

7 Must-Join LinkedIn Groups For Recruiters in 2022

Publisched on
1st June 2022

In case you're new to using LinkedIn Groups, and you don't know which group you should follow, below are LinkedIn groups for recruiters that you can follow;

1. The Recruiter.com Network

Recruiter.com solely manages this LinkedIn group, and it prides itself as the best LinkedIn group for recruiters. Because of how efficient they have been over the years, most people agree to it, while some do not. But this group highly targets recruiters, so you have to be cautious when creating content, as it will help you stand out from the crowd.

2. Recruitment Consultants and Staffing Professionals

Like the group above, this group has thousands of top managerial positions, HR directors, agency recruiter, and other top recruiters. These people are always current with news and trend in their professions. So if you want to stay updated, it's advised that you become a member.

3. The Recruitment Network

People that have a genuine interest in chasing open networking opportunities are primarily found in this group. Once you're a member of this group, it will not take long before you feel integrity roaming in its atmosphere.

4. Onrec Online Recruitment Network

Compared to other groups already mentioned, this is a smaller LinkedIn group for recruiters that often shares some of the best practices concerning online recruiting that you can make a routine.

5. HR Professionals

Regardless of the "HR" included in the name, thousands of LinkedIn recruiters present in the group. So if you are in dire need of a job, search through the 'Jobs' section as most recruiters share job offers there.

6. Human Resources (HR) & Talent Management Executive

Journalists and top editors on LinkedIn mainly run the activities of this group. Being a part of this group will be highly beneficial to your career.

7. Social Networking for Human Resources

This LinkedIn group for recruiters is for those curious about Networking, or Social Media correlated to Human Resources, Talent Management, and Social Recruiting.

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They say if you're not informed, then you're deformed. Asides from getting relevant updates and trends through these LinkedIn groups for recruiters, it's one place that will help you position yourself as a leader of thought in your industry. It also serves as an avenue to connect with like-minded people, so take advantage of this and push your career to the next level.



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