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5 Strategies Financial Advisors Can Use Linkedin

Publisched on
10th December 2020

Discovering and utilizing the power of LinkedIn for Financial Advisors

Daily, more and more financial advisors are finding their prospective clients from different social media platforms.

A study conducted by experts reveals that new clients have added close to $4.9 million in assets on average. Amazing right?

The ever increasing social media rate makes it one of the most valuable lead generation platforms for professionals such as financial advisors.

If your company isn't close to the survey numbers, look at what you're posting and doing after posting.

Content as Foundation

Undoubtedly, the content you post serves as a foundation for what you market on social media, but you should only see them as a part of an overall strategy and learn to start doing more than just post.

After you finish selecting and organizing the right content, you would like to share with the world, and you will need to go a step further by implementing a few more advanced strategies.

LinkedIn is one social media site that stands out from the rest.

Since it is a site for serious-minded business people and professionals, it is arguably the preferred platform for financial advisors.

There are countless ways to take to help you reach your goal.


It would shock you to know that in this 21st century, you will still find a handful of financial advisors that are unable to see value in the use of LinkedIn as a powerful and strategic tool.

Maybe it is because they are among the 1% of the population of people in the world who think LinkedIn is just a platform for those who are desperately seeking employment.

But LinkedIn is far from being just an online platform that presents golden opportunities for job seekers alone.

It has also opened doors for amateurs and veterans who engage in one form of business or other media platforms.

It also creates an avenue for one to connect with other colleagues and business associates while providing rapid access to prospects looking for collaboration.


One thing you should have at the back of your mind is that the clients you're looking forward to doing business with are already on LinkedIn.

Judging from the rate at which LinkedIn has grown over the years, one can predict that the growth rate will triple in the nearest future.

So if you are a financial advisor, you need to consider using LinkedIn as a marketing tool because over 44% of LinkedIn users earn more than $75,000 a year.

Apart from that, over sixty-one million LinkedIn users are influencers who are on a senior-level, so putting your brand out there will be highly beneficial.


To record a significant amount of progress on LinkedIn, one has to look beyond having the right profile and posting engaging content to thoroughly accessing the tools that would help generate the desired revenue.

Once your financial advisors can utilize the right tools in their arsenal, the rest becomes easy.

One secret to staying one step ahead of others on LinkedIn is to create connections continually.

The reason is that the more people you connect with, the better your chances of connecting with your prospective clients and the more referrals you will get.

LinkedIn's advanced search option has become easy for financial advisors to target specific companies, locations, groups, and industries to do business.

For those who serve a niche audience, this segmenting will help them.

Below are some of the ways that LinkedIn can assist financial advisors

1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The LinkedIn sales navigator can be a highly beneficial tool to financial advisors because it will suggest leads that fit into their specific criteria, industry, location, among others.

With the help of keywords, you can link up with top brand influencers and decision-makers in your industry.

LinkedIn sales navigator is a tool that can help financial advisors expand their networking strategies to reach their prospects, which thereby helps them generate new leads.

With the availability of features such as advanced lead and company search, account recommendations, brand alerts, and more, the sales navigator tool will help financial advisors have a better connection opportunity.

2. Publishing Platform

LinkedIn's publishing platform creates a conducive atmosphere for financial advisors to engage prospects, build strong relationships, and establish themselves as a household name in their industry.

Suppose you're a blogger; the publishing feature will help your content get more exposure, while you should keep posting on your website's blog.

In that case, you should also make posts on LinkedIn's publishing platform and then redirect your readers to the website to read the remainder of the post.

In turn, it will help you drive more website traffic from your LinkedIn profile and have your audience looks forward to your posts.

3. Groups

LinkedIn groups, over time, have proven to be one of the most productive marketing tools for financial advisors.

As an advisor, it will be of great benefit to joining a few groups with financial experts who actively participate.

These groups will also help you connect with new people and get you fresh ideas.

They can also serve as a useful lead-generation tool because it is easy to spot groups discussing financial matters 24 hours a day—this an excellent way to build new relationships that will further help your brand grow.

4. LinkedIn Slide-share

Presentations remain one of the best tools that financial advisors can use to educate and convince their prospective clients on financial strategies and investment concepts.

Whenever you create slides that you would like to use at events or for whatever purpose, you can upload them using the LinkedIn Slideshare.

This medium presents advisors the opportunity to connect with LinkedIn's over 60 million unique visitors that come every month.

The LinkedIn Slideshare is also SEO-friendly and ranks pretty well in Google searches.

Strategic Steps for Financial Advisors

Now that we have established some ways to take your marketing strategy to the next level as a financial advisor, let us look at some steps that you can take to set up that LinkedIn profile that generates leads.

Steps for Financial Advisors to Create a LinkedIn Profile that Converts
When drafting all the necessary steps to establish your brand as a financial advisor, you will equally need to ensure your profile is professional and up to standard.

Your profile is the primary tool you will use to create an excellent first impression that will generate those leads you desire. It can do wonders for you, so make it a priority.

The steps you need to consider are as follows;

1. Be prepared for success from the onset

They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

So you need to take that big step by ensuring your LinkedIn profile is in line with your goal from the very beginning.

It would be best if you endeavoured to create a profile that represents you very well.

The profile needs to clearly state your goals, objectives, and pattern of business.

Writing in your profile that your business is unique from the rest is not enough. Instead, what you will need to do is put the spotlight on your area of expertise.

Do a thorough assessment and identify your strengths and weaknesses as an advisor.

But if you cannot spot where your strength lies, don't worry; follow this guide, and we will help you pull through.

But the moment you identify it, don't hesitate to share it on your profile and let it rake in those leads for you.

Another thing you need to do is to make your headline summarize who you are and what you have to offer.

2. Optimize your LinkedIn profile

If you jump into LinkedIn without having your profile optimized, you'll be making the same mistake as a person who is trying to get into a marathon race before getting fit.

The truth remains that there is a slim chance that you will correctly set up your LinkedIn profile the first time.

The task befalls you to continually optimize your LinkedIn profile for it to be of a high standard.

Optimization is vital in every part of the marketing strategy, and it should be a consideration.

By optimizing your profile, you're exploring the best possible options that can help you generate leads as a financial advisor.

Publishing relevant

Don't forget that publishing relevant content is also part of this process, so try to post articles regularly on your profile.

These articles must not be that long. They only have to be enough to captivate the reader and drive home the point in the message.

The more educative and engaging your posts are, the faster your audience grows, and the better chances you have at getting more referrals.

3. Up your game with LinkedIn connections

LinkedIn makes it stand out from the rest because it is both a social media channel and a professional network.

In short form, you can say it is a combination of the best of both worlds.

Closely look at it, and you will discover that it's no different from other social media platforms that we use today.

How it works on these platforms is that you would have to connect or socialize with others for you to gain better engagement.

That means that you will have to learn to leverage your LinkedIn connections to grow your business with the help of LinkedIn.

A lot of financial advisors use this approach to establish strong networks on LinkedIn.

It also provides you with the perfect opportunity to fully reach your target audience.

Try Other Methods

You can also try another method, and that is to build your network by including your closest network of loyal customers & partners.

It doesn't matter what strategy you have mapped out to follow as a financial advisor; know that you must apply decorum when establishing a connection with others.

You can do this by simply being yourself and genuine.

It would be best to have conversations with these people personally than how you would interact with them during your regular business meeting.

Try to connect with other users on the network that meet your target market profile.

In a day, should also aim to add between ten to twenty people.

You will be surprised that you will have at least a thousand relevant LinkedIn connections in roughly three months.

4. Get your online presence to work for you offline

There is no golden rule or standing order that says everything you do must be online.

So, when you are sure that you have built a strong online presence, leverage it, and use it to support your offline marketing actions.

One way to try this out is to advertise events and public speaking sessions. You could equally ask for referrals from your existing connections.

But you should note that this is best to experiment with connections you already built relationship.

Indisputably, referrals can help you promote your business beyond your expectations, and it is way easier to do so on LinkedIn than on other social media platforms.

Possibly because LinkedIn is a channel that has already positioned you as a professional in the eyes of other users.


By these principles, you can rest assured to be on becoming a successful LinkedIn financial advisor.

Plus, these tips aren't meant for fresh financial advisors alone, as the veteran can also learn and apply them to take them a step further on the success ladder.

Financial Advisors Can Use Linkedin

5 Strategies Financial Advisors Can Use Linkedin



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