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5 Incredible LinkedIn Marketing Techniques to Power Your Business

Publisched on
30th August 2021

Over the years, the social media world and its platforms have grown tremendously to transform and take any business to premium optimization. LinkedIn is one of such excellent platforms, and its user-friendly interface makes your business growth goals easy.

You might be wondering why you should include LinkedIn to your list of the social media mix, or you probably might have an account already, and you are in search of tips on how to get the best results for your business growth; here are five top tips on how to do this.

5 Linkedin Marketing Techniques

    For starters, networking means getting in contact with more people, but there is more to it.
    There are three (3) best ways to take full advantage of the LinkedIn networking capacity:
  • Connect with people
  • Build an all-star profile
  • Interact with others

Connect with people
There is no doubt that human connection is one of the greatest means of business growth. One can make no limits of conversions by having the right circle of people with similar interests. Connect with as many professionals as you can on LinkedIn; if you follow blogs, keep taps with them on LinkedIn and get first-hand information on what is new. If there are companies that you hope to partner with, connect with members of their staff on LinkedIn and keep getting updates.
Keep your profile set to 'Public' and always be open to connecting. You can never tell what positive surprises await you through your LinkedIn network.

Build an all-star personal profile or business page
Connecting is just one step out of the milestone; you should spend quality time to build a clear, concise, and easy-to-understand profile that is unique to you and your business.
Other things that you need to be mindful of include;
It should be jargon-free and straight to the point. You should do your possible best to avoid anything that will mislead your potential visitors.
Use professional headshot photos for your profile and your business/company logo for business pages.
When using header photos, ensure the size is appropriate and the images clean. Blurry photos make wrong impressions.
Attach necessary media files such as blog posts, videos, info graphs, e.t.c.
Put together a detailed profile that gives them a clear and direct understanding of who you are, always completing with contact information about you and the next step to take (such as directing the reader to your email )

Interact with other peoples content
It is rather disadvantageous to use LinkedIn as a publishing site only. It is imperative to interact with others and build strong connections to take full advantage of the LinkedIn networking channel. As an added advantage to sharing your content, often comment on other people's content and ensure to respond to comments when you share your content questions on not-so-clear points. Recommend if you need to do so and ask for recommendations too. Last but not least, try to be active in LinkedIn groups (Our Recommended LinkedIn Groups Auto Poster) that are relevant to your business.

    LinkedIn is an excellent avenue for content creators. You cannot only post status updates and link back to your site, but you can also use LinkedIn as a publishing platform and create great content for your LinkedIn audience.
    You might be tempted to question yourself: Why should I publish on LinkedIn instead of my website?

Publishing an article on LinkedIn is about driving social engagement and brand awareness; rather than driving traffic to your site specifically, create a community of brand believers on LinkedIn and refer back to your site when necessary. Whenever you publish a single article on LinkedIn, all your connections get notified, and that's a great advantage. It is noteworthy to consider that 45% of LinkedIn readers are in top positions such as C.e.o's, managers, Vp's, directors e.t.c.
LinkedIn also provides analytics, so it is easy to determine which articles are getting the most reaction and what content type best suits your audience.

    With the world evolving into the digital space, LinkedIn creates an excellent avenue to build brand integrity. People generally love to do business with brands they trust, so it is an added advantage to increase your credibility before your audience consistently. The first rule of online reputation management is to have direct control over all the results that come on Google's first page of search results when someone searches for your business. You would want content from your site to rank on the top list above others, but it is also of best practice to claim all the social profiles you can in your business name, even if you don't plan to be active on all of them.

This is important because social media profiles, including LinkedIn, almost always show up on the first page of the search engine results for a business or individual's name.

On this note, make sure to create a business page for your business or company to claim that top-notch spot on the search engine result page (SERP).
The greater the real estate you can gather on the search engine result page (SERP), the better this helps deflate any negative public opinion about you. Your social media presence tells your potential clients about who you are and the kind of things that interests you. That's why it is also essential to have people of shared similar interests in your online community. You know what they say about whom you hang around with, right? Most people often confuse this for just physical friends and connections, but your online click is also essential.

    If your business offers a business-to-business solution, your products and services are only relevant to other companies; you can effortlessly generate leads and drive conversions on LinkedIn.

Consider the following: LinkedIn users have tremendous buying power: 44% earn more than $75,000 in a year. LinkedIn should be your first stop to attracting and converting paying prospects if you have a scalable consumer intense product or service to sell.

You can find new and ready-to-buy prospects on LinkedIn; statistics have shown over the years that 40 Million or more LinkedIn users are in the decision-making stage.
For newbies, the decision-making stage is when they are yet to decide which vendor to patronize from or which service provider best has what they are looking for. Just as we discussed earlier, this platform is widely used by people in top positions who have the power to hire your agency, license your software or make a companywide order of your product.

You can form strategic partnerships with top influencers: 61 million LinkedIn users are considered senior-level influencers. Men and women have the potential to transform any business because of the high rate of human capacity they control.

You can do this organically or, most preferably, upgrade to a sales navigator plan.
With an active sales navigator plan, you gain insight into your current leads. Your contents are posts that have the best conversion rates, audience engagement, and prospect visits. (They may also contain company growth, job changes, and more).

    Suppose peradventure you are an employer and you need young ready to work individuals who are talented in various fields. In that case, LinkedIn is an excellent platform for sourcing for such experts. The 21st-century generation is packed with digitally competent young stars with the technical know-how to transform your business growth and overall performance.
    With a plan, you can:
    Post job openings
    Send 30 direct LinkedIn messages to the talents you are interested in and get a positive response from more than half, with you would alternatives to choose from.
    Use advanced search options to find what you are looking for
    Sort and manage your candidate pool
    Easily track candidates and open roles

Recruiter light can be a great solution if your business is starting and you can't hire a human resource manager yet. Even if you have a hiring manager, recruiter lite can be helpful to help them vet candidates.

There is no more significant time to start giving your brand an online presence than now. A business with an active social media page is like a home without a roof. When the storm comes, it explodes appliances. In a nutshell, using social networks with their wide range of audiences will give your business that edge it needs above other competitors. LinkedIn is one such powerful platform that, when properly optimized, has the potential of generating unbelievable traffic and patronage to your business. Don't forget to follow the five easy Linkedin Marketing Techniques explained in this article; turning on your notification button is also essential. When you have a new engagement, you can respond promptly as the speed of response also counts in building brand credulity.



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