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10 Step Action Plan for Recruitment Companies on Linkedin

Publisched on
2nd February 2021

When it comes to increasing your chances of succeeding on LinkedIn, you should know that fortifying your brand as an employer is paramount.

I don't think that one person out there wouldn't want to do business with a brand that is known as robust, reputable and reliable.

The moment you're able to create this brand image in the minds of people, step back and watch your business bloom.

Most people only see LinkedIn's relevance for sharing content and building connections.

But it would help if you did not get it twisted as this can be a good thing for your business.

But while LinkedIn can help us build professional relationships that can benefit our company, it can serve as a recruitment tool.

Over time, it will add to your company's good books.

LinkedIn gives both fresh and veteran recruiters an equal opportunity to hire talents from its market to move their business to the next higher level.

How to Market a Recruitment Company on Linkedin

This article will share tips that will help your brand stand out from the rest and attract employees to your company.

The tips are as follow:

1. Regular update

Your LinkedIn company page should be updated regularly to attract and retain prospects.

Before each update, ask yourself this simple question, how would you want your brand to appear before recruits?

Secondly, you need to ask what noticeable changes you would make to increase your brand awareness?

The rate at which your LinkedIn profile needs an upgrade varies from industry to industry.

But what matters the most is that it showcases your company values, what your interests are and the necessary information.

As much as you can, go through your LinkedIn company page to ensure it still communicates your desired message across to your prospects.

If there are any updates or necessary changes that you need to effect, then do it.

It will help make recruitment efforts and connections easier, especially if you do so through a network.

2. Step up your marketing game plan

They say if you fail to plan, that means you have prepared to fail.

And this does not apply to individuals alone, but to companies too.

Your initial marketing game plan that you started your business with may have worked yesterday, but nobody can guarantee that it will immediately work tomorrow.

The world is changing by the minute, and so you should change your game plan with it.

Endeavour to stay always up to date with the latest news and trends in your industry.

But again, you need to understand staying current with trends is one thing, but regularly sharing it on your company page is another.

By posting relevant company updates, it will present your brand as an expert before your prospective recruits.

For example, Pinterest uses the Life tab on their LinkedIn page as a recruitment tool to let prospects get a feel of what it is like to work with them.

You need to understand that marketing and recruitment are like five and six, which means that they always work together to achieve a common goal.

It is evident, especially in today's business atmosphere where customers are keen about the company they patronize.

Substantial marketing isn't relegated to your company posts alone, but also your page.

So, as you're working on your company page, try to work on your personal (private) page too.

3. Create and retain significant connections

As you may well know, LinkedIn thrives on solid relationships.

Meaning that the more of these connections you have, the better your chances of discovering suitable talents.

LinkedIn has a way of making things easy when searching for alumni or past/current employees in your fiel

Irrespective of the fact that connections help put your best foot forward as a brand, you shouldn't be that company that will want to connect with every Tom, Dick and Harry in your field.

No! this will only drop your brand reputation faster than you know it.

Instead, you need to personalize each message by looking at your prospect's profile to ensure your message aligns with something that will interest them.

Else, your company will be in a bad light if you automatically fill introductions that candidates can't relate to when establishing a connection.

Bear always in mind that the sole purpose of LinkedIn isn't only to develop relationships but to maintain them.

You can engage and retain your prospects' attention by sharing informative company posts in your field of expertise.

4. Post Job opportunities

Creating and posting job slots is one sure way of boosting your brand awareness on LinkedIn.

If your brand is a small business that hires less often, then you can create such posts and grow it with an adequate budget.

But if your brand employs often, you can engage the services of a paid LinkedIn program like Recruiter.

And this is where you may post job opportunities that are available in your company.

With your post criteria, the recruiter tool will make things easier when receiving recommended candidates.

When creating such golden opportunities for your prospects, ensure you cover crucial categories like job title, description, application method, and how your clients can reach you for additional information.

It will make things more transparent for dozens of recruits that search through job postings each day on LinkedIn.

5. Promote employee advocacy

After a successful link-up (connection) with both past and present employees, you should then know it is time to show some encouragement on relevant activities in their profile.

There is no laid down the rule that says that job opportunities must come from recruiting companies alone.

By encouraging your employees what they do, they may reciprocate the favour by sharing job slots in your company on their profile or page.

The more they do this, the more awareness they generate for your brand.

You don't have to message them to share your job slot posts personally, instead try to include links, pictures, videos etc. and encourage them in the caption to share with their networks.

Never underestimate the power of personal stories when using employee advocacy to attract prospects.

6. Create more awareness

Quick question, on a rate of 0-10, how well is your brand known?

If people do not know that your brand exists, how will they be willing to work for you or recommend you to other people?

These are fundamental questions that you need to ask yourself from time to time.

Getting the success you desire requires hard work, and one of the vital areas that you need to address is creating more awareness for your brand.

And while doing so, you need to know that three things work hand in hand to establish a resilient brand awareness on LinkedIn.

The first is your LinkedIn career page.

And this is simply an extension of your existing company page.

With the LinkedIn Career page, you can display your company story, trends, testimonials from past and present employees and much more.

Think of it as a hub where prospects can know what it feels like to work for your company.

It should also be a place to get valuable information concerning available career opportunities in your organization.

I know you might be wondering the essence of creating a career page when your company already has a website.

Well, you need to understand that most of these recruits are passive, and this means that they may be surfing through your brand page for the fun of it.

Again, you need to understand that not all of them will bother to click on the link to your website that will redirect them except motivated to do so.

That is the main reason you should keep visitors engaged on the platform they are on, which is LinkedIn.

Secondly, as an employer, you need to consider recruitment advertisements in your marketing strategy.

Recruitment ads will help you gain a laser focus on specific talents you need to hire, create job opportunities, and generate more awareness for your brand.

With recruitment ads, you can direct people to your page through a call to action options that require them to visit, follow and stay in touch with your brand page.

You can use LinkedIn Sponsored Content tool for advertising your brand feedback across different devices.

It is one of the ways best mediums to attract and engage your prospects on LinkedIn.

This tool also lets allows you to showcase your brand's activities through videos, photos, employee testimonials, blog posts and more.

This tool advertises on both short term and long term basis for creating awareness for your brand.

These tools (LinkedIn Career Page, Recruitment Ads, and Sponsored Content) work side by side to each other to fuel your market strategy.

The awareness you will gain from these tools will help your brand generate and boost leads, get better InMail response rates, gain applications and much more.

7. Be cautious when using InMail

I don't know how long you've been on LinkedIn, but if you've been there for a while, then you must have come across an InMail message from a person you barely know.

Sometimes you will even receive some from persons serving a different niche. It is not always a pleasant experience, so don't be that person that will piss your prospects off before getting to know them.

It will help if you are careful when using InMail messages for prospects that you intend to hire.

If you must send this type of message, try to add some lines related to their profile, industry, skills, and searching.

It will help you stand out from the crowd.

8. Consider sponsored ads

To get in front of your target audience's feeds and grab their attention, you need to consider paid advertisement.

It is one smart way to get your job offers in front of more people.

But before jumping on this, ensure you have critically considered other tips shared in this article.

The reason is that your job offers may not be as effective as it is supposed with an incomplete profile.

Again, it would be best if you are sure to get your job offers in front of the right audience.

LinkedIn avails you several options to help you target the right audience compared to other social media platforms.

It is up to find them and use them.

9. Explore Talent Solutions on LinkedIn

All of the tips that we have shared so far are free to execute, except this one.

LinkedIn has a lot in store for employers that desire to pay more to get more features.

All that you need to make better recruitment choices are in the Talent solutions.

It works best if you're offering a large number of job opportunities for candidates.

10. Allocate time to Market on LinkedIn

No matter how busy your day seems to be, always find time to market your organization, even for just 15 minutes a day.

The key is to develop a consistent approach. And over time, it will become a healthy habit.

Attending webinars should also be part of the learning process.

Another strategy to apply when marketing on LinkedIn is to use the platform to use other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

When you like or share your prospects' content on other social media platforms, they will get a notification on it.

The same goes for LinkedIn.

Do this repeatedly for your potential, and your brand will automatically be on their radar.


As an employer, you can find several useful LinkedIn tools that are both free and paid to connect with the right candidates for the job.

Combining a blend of effective marketing, regular profile updates, and a consistent job offer post will enhance your brand's hiring efforts.

Also, watch out for new features in your industry that are released all the time.

Recruitment Companies on Linkedin

Action Plan for Recruitment Companies on Linkedin



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