In this article, we will talk about how to create my LinkedIn company page and how to effectively use it for my business.

Have you ever stopped asking yourself if your brand is making the most out of LinkedIn since you started?

After doing the self-assessment and your answer is no, then something has to be done as a matter of urgency to turn the table around

Maybe you are yet to realize that your company page can serve as a valuable channel to engage and communicate with your prospects.

Do you also know that new features are frequently being released, which can be a useful tool in your company's social media marketing?

If you are not aware of these, worry less because, in this article, we will be sharing easy and practical ways that you can optimize your LinkedIn company pages for business.

These tips are guaranteed to improve your presence, authority, and recruitment process.


Creating a good first impression should be the number one priority on your list.

The reason is that your profile image is the first thing people will see when they search for your company on LinkedIn.

According to research, company pages with impressive profile pictures are likely to attract up to six times more visitors than those without a good one.

So, make the most out of this and ensure yours is up to standard. To choose a profile image is easy and straightforward.

What you need to do is to take your company logo and resize it to meet the standard.

Since it is a company page, ensure the logo you are using is the same as others on your social media platforms.

LinkedIn's ideal profile image sizes requirements

300 x 300 pixels
PNG format
Maximum 8 MB
Square layout

LinkedIn Profile Banner Sizes & Recommendations

Your profile banner is located above your company logo, and it gives you more room for creativity.

The ideal LinkedIn banner specs are as follows:
1536 x 768 pixels
PNG format
Maximum 8 MB
Rectangular layout

The choice of how your banner should hang is up to you.

You have the choice between two types of company profile banners (Sephora and Air Canada), and here is why they are successful.

Sephora Banner

The Sephora banner is simple, sleek, and stylish. And a simple graphic added to it can tremendously increase its LinkedIn template value.

It displays a clean and appealing black and white stripe that represents most company's aspect of branding.

This banner effect is both experienced in the digital world and outlets.

Air Canada Banner

The Air Canada banner takes a different and more actionable approach than the Sephora banner.

It was advertised in the 2018 Seoul Winter Olympics.

It has bilingual hashtags that are used for social media campaigns. It equally represents the Canadian colours that aid in driving social engagements where ever it is used.


According to a study by Glassdoor, over 69 percent of job seekers submit applications to companies that strive to promote their culture on the internet.

By using LinkedIn's career page, you can boost your company's recruitment efforts.

LinkedIn's career page is located under the "Life" tab.

It also has customizable features that allow you to display high-quality images, articles, and videos concerning your company's day-to-day activities.

While putting this into practice, endeavour to include a URL in each post.

Reports say these links will help you get up to 45 percent engagement on every post you make


You should note that the content on your company page is searchable on the platform.

Also, your company's listing can be found within and outside the LinkedIn platform. And it is as a result of the terms that you use.

Having this at the back of your mind, you need to ensure that the details you provide are not only accurate but up-to-date.


There is a standard LinkedIn URL that is issued to all company pages and profiles.

But you can modify both links to suit whatever purpose you have in mind. It will undoubtedly spice up your LinkedIn presence.

Before you modify your URL, you must bear in mind that there are a few LinkedIn policies.

In case you decide to change your public URL.
One of them is that you can only change your URL once in thirty days.


Your page headline is displayed under your company name, and it is vital in communicating your brand message.

To grab your reader's attention and make them glued to the page, make sure your headline is catchy, appealing, and easy to understand.

You have just 120 characters to express this, so be creative when crafting your personal or company headline.

After choosing your desired headline, test its appearance on your mobile phone to ensure it looks the way you planned it to be.

You need to consider your LinkedIn company page as a central avenue that people can get to know more about what your brand does, so take your time when drafting a headline.

Another reason to apply caution when doing this is that most people on the web may find your LinkedIn page when researching your brand via Google.

So, with this in mind, you will need to create both an overview and an accompanying page content that compellingly tells your brand story.

Also, note that the first few lines of your company's outlook are the content that will be viewed across all devices.

You should also include relevant keywords to increase your page's search visibility.


Once your company page is set, create a Showcase page to highlight different versions of your company or brand culture.

You can also use the Showcase page to create content on a single topic, a learning center, highlight's your team's accomplishments, or even promote your newest product.

The showcase page is one niche that will make your brand more discoverable to your target audience.


Both individuals and companies can use groups on the LinkedIn platform as an engagement tool.

How this works when you join a group is that you will become visible to others.

Doing this will help you bypass LinkedIn's limitations on viewing people outside your network.

If you have already created a group for your business, you can use the 'Featured Groups' section of your brand profile to let people know where to connect with you.

You can also use LinkedIn's recent lineup features to follow topic-based communities on the channel.

It will be valuable to your brand as each business can select up to three communities with relevant hashtags.

By selecting communities to follow, your company can view and comment on other updates that are similar to the hashtag.

You will equally get notifications from LinkedIn whenever a topic trends in your community. You can join if it pleases you.


Those who have been on the LinkedIn channel can testify how often features are being added for better engagement.

And in the past few months, the rate has skyrocketed. Because of how fast some of these features come and go, you have to always be on the lookout.

One of them that was short-lived came out early last year.

And this feature allowed admins of various company pages to their audience page by inviting personal connections to back their LinkedIn company page.

It is rather unfortunate that this feature went in a flash, but you need to keep your eyes open for such features.


From time to time, LinkedIn publishes a list of 10 best company pages. Study each of them.

And try to figure out how they were optimized, mainly if you compete with them. It will help you make the necessary changes to your profile.


Are you aware that over a billion peer-to-peer endorsements have been given on the LinkedIn channel?

Consider the endorse skills feature as one of the most influential and controversial forms of social proof.

Gather recommendations whenever the opportunity arises, and never be shy to request them.

Most times, it benefits both parties.
People you can ask include:

Your Employees on LinkedIn

Encourage your employees to connect with your company profile if they have not.

The moment you two bond with each other, write a good recommendation from your page.

Your employees will then receive notifications of your work anniversaries, job opportunities, and other crucial updates that concern your business.

Your Business Associates

Some of the most valuable endorsements you will receive will come from your B2B interactions.

Anytime you have a positive interaction with another brand or company, reach out to them and request a connection and recommendation.

Tell them you will offer one in return.

Ask Your Customers

Brands like yours can gather recommendations by directly engaging with your customers and followers.

If you received a comment on an article you shared on the company page, use it to create a dialogue and gain an endorsement.

Your LinkedIn company page is the perfect opportunity to launch your campaigns and gain engagements.

And with your brand page fully optimized, you will be ready to publish updates, comment and follow other people's posts, and equally get an analysis of your invested efforts.

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How to Create Your LinkedIn Company Page

Times without number, you've heard people say LinkedIn is the largest and one of the most professional social media channels on planet earth.

So let me ask a question, why aren't you doing business on the platform?

Or are you one of those people that assume it's just a site for job seekers?

If you are, then you need to have a rethink.

Because LinkedIn is one site that will not only help you generate leads but one that will equally help in attract wealthy prospects.

With LinkedIn, you will build credibility for your business, create a network of professionals, and gain more knowledge from experts in your industry.

We will be focusing on 3 main things in this article, and they are;


One of the best ways any business can grow its sales and marketing efforts is by signing up on various social media platforms.

The benefits of taking your business to the digital world are too numerous to mention, but some of them include;


video by Giuseppe Gurrieri

Now that you know the benefits of registering your business on social media. Let us proceed to how you can create your company page.


Create your page

First, we visit the LinkedIn page section of the LinkedIn website.

Next, click on the create a page icon.

After you must have done this, you will need to choose the appropriate category that suits your business.

When you finish choosing, fill in your company details.

You can use the page review to get an outlook of what the page looks like as you proceed.

After doing this, you must choose the right URL for your business page, then try to make it the same as your handles.

Add your company logo and create some hashtags for your business.


Complete your Personal or Company Page

Creating your personal or company page is the first step; the next thing is to complete the registration by filling in the vital details.

It is essential because it gives your visitors an insight into who you are and what kind of business you do.

It will improve your page ranking on Google and your search results on LinkedIn.

To add your details on LinkedIn, click on the pencil icon on your profile under your company name. Other essential categories that you need to complete include:

Company description

In this category, you will need to explain your company's vision, mission, and values.

You will also need to offer a description of your products and services in about three or four paragraphs.

Remember, keep it short and direct to the point, ensure it is written as naturally as possible and in your brand voice.

Don't forget to make your description SEO friendly by including some keywords.


Here, you are required to input the location or address of your office or store.

You are permitted to add more than one address if you run your business in various places. You can do this by selecting the +Add Location option.


To make your profile more discoverable, you can add up to three hashtags.

Do the research and find the hashtags that are often used in your industry and best suits your business.

Cover photo

This category requires you to polish your profile with a quality background photo.

Therefore you must choose an image that displays your page in the best possible light. Stay away from shots that are either cluttered or too busy.

The standard size of a photo to use should be around 1584 (width) x 396 (height) pixels.

Custom button

This option allows you to add a button to your profile to encourage your visitors to take action.

The options include: contact us, register, visit the website, sign up, learn more, and so on.

While including these, ensure you add the corresponding URL. It will allow people that click the button to land on the correct page.

You can also add a UTM parameter for tracking.

Manage language Option

The manage language option is for those that have a global brand or multilingual audience.

Here, you can add your name, description, and tagline in over 20 different languages.



Once your page is ready, don't hesitate to let people know.

Be it friends, employees, colleagues, or classmates in school that you're still in touch with, send lots of company email informing them.

In the email, you can let them know how they will find and follow your page.

Remember to share a new page with pre-existing customers and clients.

Maximize all of your digital touchpoints, such as social media channels, newsletters, websites, and so forth.

Ask them to follow your page, but don't forget to tell them what's in it for them. Things like job opportunities and LinkedIn live sessions.



Make it easy to find your LinkedIn Business page, add social media icons to either the header or footer of your website.

Another way to give your page more exposure is to add the Share and Follow buttons with LinkedIn plugins.

The plugin that I use is called Social Warfare, it is the best social share plugin used by influencers and popular bloggers. If you want to give a look you can find it here



So, you've done from step 1 to step 4, and now you're here for step 5 that deserves your time and attention.

Reason being that a well-planned market strategy will set you on the right path to success.

On the other hand, you know the implications of having an unplanned market strategy, right? Good!

When planning your market strategy, you must know your goals and what you're trying to accomplish on LinkedIn.

Whether it's business hiring, connecting with potential clients, social selling, or all of the above.

It will be of benefit if you can also learn LinkedIn demographics.

It will help you know who uses the platform and how you can reach them.

Never forget that your competitors matter.

Take note of how they use the platform and what you can do differently to beat them and make your page stand out.

Take time to map out your LinkedIn content calendar and plan your posts. It will help in ensuring that your LinkedIn marketing goals are covered.

There are applications like the SocialPilot  Planner that helps you plan and post in advance.


The above 5 steps will give you a good jump start when deciding to take your business to the digital world.

To get more results, you will also need to optimize your company page. And to achieve this, you need to consider the following:


On LinkedIn, your 'About page' is the first thing your visitors will notice whenever they click on your page.

To keep them engaged, you need to do the following:

I. Tell your story

It's easier for us humans to memorize stories than facts. For a second, you might be wondering what this has to do with your LinkedIn profile.

The truth is that if you present a page full of facts to your visitors, they will quickly glance over and not remember much when they leave.

But if you present your page so that it tells a story and you do it well, your visitors will remember it for a long time. It will also help them retain the memory of your company as well.

ii. Market your services

Mind you! I am not asking you to beg people for money in exchange for a product or service.

No, that is out of context.

All I am saying is that you market the value of the services you're selling. Don't just provide a long list of what your product does.

Instead, let them know how your product or service will improve their life.

III. Offer social proof

Humans are social creatures, and we have gone past looking at others when we are not sure of what to do.

This reason alone is why social proof is essential.

No one is willing to be the first person to check a new product.

Well, it's not entirely true anyway as there are people who do not mind trying everything new under the sun.

But not everyone is like this as most people will barely risk-taking chances with an unknown company.

By providing social proof, you will help potential clients hanging on the fence to decide.

If you're new to LinkedIn and haven't acquired this yet, don't be discouraged. Just work towards building one for your brand.


No one wants their profile to appear neglected before their visitors. But the big question here is this, what should you post to keep the page active?

Expert marketers advise following what is known as the 4-1-1 rule. It was developed by Tipping-Point Labs and Joe Pulizzi, the founders of the content marketing institute.

The 4-1-1 rules state that you are to retweet one tweet and share four pieces of relevance written by other people for every self-serving tweet that you make.

The 4-1-1 rule was created for Twitter, but it can be used on LinkedIn too.

Following this rule will prove to your followers that you consistently provide value, and they will stay glued to your page.

Let them know your company is a great place to work.

Business experts like Noah Kagan shared the secret of hiring top talents in your industry.

He says to attract these highly professional individuals, you need to show them that your company is a great place to work.

It requires some deep thinking, so you need to sit and think about what makes your company a great place to work.

The moment you can put together what makes it stand out, then mention it on LinkedIn.

Never forget that you have to be original when doing this. If you're not whacky, then don't try to be as unique as possible.

Discover what truly makes your company an exciting place to work.

It could be your company's flexible schedule for work, or maybe it provides the opportunity for people to work from home and get paid.

Always remember, whenever you choose to hire top talents in your industry, they are evaluating you as much as you are considering them. Try to impress them.

Your Page Is Not All About You

The truth is that most people that visit your company page don't care about you as much as they care about what they stand to gain from following you.

Have this in mind, then learn to focus on what will keep your visitors engaged to your page when creating your content.

Also, think of ways to tell your story, sell your product, provide social proof, and show off the essence of working at your company without putting the spotlight on yourself.


We hope that by reading this article, you are convinced of the need to create a LinkedIn account for your business.

We also hope you will religiously follow the steps and tips provided in this article to help your personal or company page flourish.

And lastly, if you enjoyed reading this blog post, share it with those close to you.

Create Your LinkedIn Company Page