3 Shocking Case Studies Proving the Power of Linkedin Marketing

We have compiled three case studies that prove the importance and powerful benefits of LinkedIn for marketing.

After reading this article, we are certain that you will be on this platform, and will skyrocket your business to new and successful heights.

So, without further ado; let’s get started.




If you live in American then you might have already heard about the American Institute of CPAs, AKA, AICPA.

It is the biggest organization in the world containing top accounting professionals.

What AICPA did was remarkably productive.

Due to the loss of exchange of information among the peers, the firm found it necessary to create a community that allows its members to engage,

share resources and exchange relevant knowledge as well.

The purpose of this community-building platform for their members was to enhance their social media skills as well as provide a smooth transition of information for increased productivity.

Instead of creating a tool for it, AICPA created a group (and subgroups) for their members on LinkedIn.

They later used LinkedIn Display Ads along with other social media platforms to promote the availability of the group to its members.

For AICPA, it became a successful asset.

Today, more than 60,000 members of AICPA are regularly sharing their insightful discussions and exchanging relevant information in the group. But that’s not it.

AICPA got more than it envisioned. Now, their leading traffic driver is the same LinkedIn group that they created for their members.

It is also playing a big role in creating brand awareness of the firm. This clarifies how powerful LinkedIn can be if utilized the right and effective way.


BI Worldwide is undoubtedly one of the leading experts (in the entire world) when it comes to business engagements such as marketing and advertising.

So, it was not shocking when we heard that a marketing agency took their company page followers from 2,000 to 14,000.

To make it a reality, BI Worldwide shared useful, relevant, and informational content with its followers.

This lead to an increase in engagement and brand awareness, which in return, increased their high-quality leads by 26% (from LinkedIn Display Ads).


Also known as HP, this technology-based company has become a pioneer in its niche.

If you didn’t know, HP was incepted in 1939, in a rented garage, and now it’s known among the top brand when it comes to

computing devices such as computers, smartphones, and more.

However, what made HP jump into another era of its significance was the year 2010; with the launch of its Company Page on LinkedIn.

The purpose of this launch was to drive leads, create recommendations for its products and services, and increase conversion rates in an affordable manner.

An active page and LinkedIn Recommendation Ads did what they wanted to achieve.

HP was bombarded with 2,000+ product recommendations within the first two weeks and 20,000+ new followers were added to its company page at the same time.

Its LinkedIn campaign went so viral that it generated over 500,000 LinkedIn updates and doubled the traffic of HP’s products and services website page.

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3 Shocking Case Studies Proving the Power of Linkedin Marketing