Full-Service Package - Fully Managed LinkedIn Lead Generation

1.999,00 / month and a 299,00 sign-up fee

We will target your demographic, connect and introduce you, and you take over when they respond.  Connect with the targeted audience and Message them.



1. Create a targeted search group to identify your target persona.

2. Create a messaging strategy planned to drive leads.

3. We will send targeted connection requests to your target group.

4. Once your invitation requests are accepted, we will start sending a sequence of messages designed to interact, build brand awareness, credibility, and gain responses of interest.

5. Potential personas are guided to fill out forms or directed to any other site you wish to be sent. Once that process is completed, the persona is considered as a "Qualified Marketing Lead."
We will handle these primary replies from a pre-approved set of responses to guide your target persona through the funnel.

6. Leads will be tracked and reported into a shareable lead sheet to keep track and follow up with potential clients constantly. Information will be recorded, including their Name, company, position, email address, phone number, and available data.

7. We join 100 LinkedIn Groups related to your business object and publish 100 Posts daily (5 times a week).