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Introducing Linked Assist Advanced

Now, This Advanced LinkedIn Marketing Automation Tool takes everything to next level.

We can proudly say that this advanced version has everything you need to market on LinkedIn or to target the perfect potential customers for yourself, or for your business clients. With Linked Assist Advanced, you can automate more actions that you would do manually, which will save you countless of precious work hours. In other words, this version saves you even more time, allows you to be more productive; and makes everything easier than ever. With Linked Assist Advanced, you have:

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Here is what’s more:

Automatically Following of 2 & 3 level Connections

What happens if you follow a 2nd &/or 3rd level connection before asking to join you? Well, first ‒ you show your interest by following that connection. Second, you keep yourself up to date with their latest posts. And third, you entice them to follow you back. It’s a perfect way to keep an eye out for the behavior of your potential leads, to try to connect with them accordingly. And if your profile is full of great content, they will surely be interested in following you back ‒ leading to more quality leads than ever before! With Linked Assist Advanced, you don’t have to do that; the tool does it for you automatically.

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Add Suggested Connections Auto-matically

When LinkedIn shows you suggestions about making certain people, your connection; you know they have the potential to become great customers for your business or your clients’ business. We know it’s frustrating to manually send connection requests to every suggested profile, because LinkedIn keeps sending you more suggested connections, again and again. This is why, we included a feature to this amazing LInkedIn Marketing Automation Tool that does all this for you automatically. You just have to click a few buttons and voila! Linked Assist Advanced will automate the entire process.

Auto-Connect with People Who Liked or Commented on a Post on LinkedIn (POWERFULL)

That’s right. This is something that no automation tool dares to offer because we all thought that it’s impossible to automate connection requests to people who like a post, and we are not talking about the posts you are going to publish, but every post on Linkedin. Now, its possible! The best part is: Linked Assist Advanced not only automates the process of connecting up with people who like a post on LinkedIn, but also connects you with people who commented on it. If you’re a experienced marketer, you know that this is a true gem of a feature.

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Automate Deleting Old Connection Requests We know how tiring it is for a marketer to delete hundreds, if not thousands, of old requests. Deleting those requests can take hours alone since they are too many to even count. But, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. With Linked Assist Advanced, you say goodbye to the clutter of old connection requests. Just click a few buttons here and there; and delete all those old requests in a jiff. How cool is that? We advise you to only buy this advanced version if you’re totally serious about skyrocketing your sales and revenue to next level. We strongly recommend you to invest in this product right now, before it’s too late.