Can I automate tasks with this software?
Yes, you can automate the following tasks with Linked Assist:

1. Send Automatically Connection Request
2. Message Automatically To People You Are Connect With
3. Endorse Profiles Autonomously
Is Linked Assist easy to use software?
Yes, Linked Assist is very easy to use, all you need to do is:

1. Selecting Feature that you want that Linked Assist performs
2. Selecting the quantity of tasks
3. Adding the minimum interval time (min. set 30 second)
4. Select the the message you want to send
5. Click Start!
Do I need LinkedIn Premium account?
A Free LinkedIn account has a limited amount of search requests per month.

By reaching the “commercial use limit” you have 2 options:

Wait for the following month
Buy LinkedIn paid Membership

Important Note: The Career and Premium Subscription still have the commercial use limit.
If you don´t overuse the search requests will a free LinkedIn account good to go. 
How to personalize my LinkedIn message with an image?
To add an image to your LinkedIn messages, you need the image to be featured on that website, which will allow you to preview the image by simply adding the URL in the message.
Can I tag profiles with Linked Assist?
Not yet, but is in our Roadmap.
Why can't I download the XLS/CSV File?
The issue you are facing can depend on multiple factors:

1. You may have an extension installed that causes this issue
    Try to disable your extensions to see if the issue still persists

2. You cache needs to be deleted

3. You should check the download settings of your browser

4. Make sure Google Chrome is allowed in your antivirus and firewall settings

5. Adjust your proxy settings

6. Clear your cookies:
    a. Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar
    b. Select Settings.
    c. Click Show advanced settings.
    d. In the "Privacy" section, click Content settings.
    e. In the "Cookies" section, click the All cookies and site data.
    f. Click Remove all.
Do you have any recommendations for a CRM that works with the export XLS file of Linked Assist?
Actually, you can upload the XLS file to every CRM, but for that, we would rather advise you to use the contact export feature of LinkedIn itself, because it contains all the necessary profile data you can use with a CRM.
How are you better than other similar tools?
Linked Assist is not blacklisted by LinkedIn, but we also offer a lower price and world-class customer support.
What is the limit of profile views /connections per day?
Linked Assist is not limited, anyway LinkedIn has a limit of 300 searches per month If you have a free LinkedIn account, you may receive a warning. Your searching ability could get limited by viewing too quickly, but for that we have set a 30 seconds limit per view to avoid that.
How can I avoid to be detected by LinkedIn?
Linked Assist is one of the few LinkedIn automation tools that are not blacklisted by LinkedIn because it retains the algorithm friendly features of LinkedIn. Please check the blacklisted tools:
Do I have to download Linked Assist?
Linked Assist is a Google Chrome Extension and it does not need to be downloaded in the traditional way.

Here is how it works to install Linked Assist on your Chrome Browser:

1. Open the Chrome Web Store and search for Linked Assist or simply go here
2. Click Add to Chrome.
3. Thats it! :)

When filtering contacts for bulk auto messaging, a contact may shortlisted more than once. We don’t want to send the same message to the same person more than once. Is there a way to avoid this happening?

Linked Assist doesn't send the same message 2 time to the same profile.