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LinkedIn has about 400 million users, all of which go on there to get information and connect with people outside their regular circle.
However, how is it possible for a business to use this platform to increase leads and gain more visibility?
The following tips should be of help to you.

9 Tips for Generating Leads with LinkedIn 1

Be consistent in updating
A good way through which you can appear on the news feed of your connection wile on LinkedIn and stay on their mind is to provide regular updates. By doing this, apart from putting out good information on a regular basis, you are also sharing industry-relevant tips and news that people can see and use for their own good. Also, people get to see that you post regularly, and it will help those who view your feed to regularly see your levels off engagement.
You can begin today by sharing a relevant tip on your industry, a work-related opinion or a link to something you read recently.

Start by publishing
It might seem like something obvious, but the simple act of posting something o social media will help you to establish a form of credibility that will help you to gain even more connections. As opposed to just sharing your news or an article that you fund interesting, putting an original article or sharing a though that you have on LinkedIn is something that can easily get your noticed.
So, think of something to put on LinkedIn. It could be a blog post, or something that you write on just LinkedIn, and not your company website. If you’ve ever thought of writing a blog post to share some useful insights, then you can consider posting it on LinkedIn. Also, you can choose to re-publish something you put on your company website on LinkedIn as a means of getting more leads.

Get Linked Assist
Lead-generation tools are definitely all the rage right now with LinkedIn, and there is none as effective as Linked Assist. Linked Assist is a Chrome extension and software that helps you generate quality and sustainable leads. Regardless of the niche you’re in, Linked Assist s effective nonetheless.
It helps you to automate the whole system and this reaches much more prospects easily and faster, thereby boosting your chances of getting likes, comments and increased engagement..

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Create a post on SlideShare
Just as it is with publishing a post, a SlideShare post means that you are creating a piece of content that will be consumed by your potential consumers. As a matter of fact, it has been found that millions of people are actively looking to get content on a monthly basis through SlideShare. The platform works as an innovative way to have slideshows shared, as well as to share information that is contained in the slideshows.
SlideShare is a resource that is able to help with generating leads and connect potential customers through the kind of content that they get to see on a regular basis.

Enter some LinkedIn Groups
As of now, there are about 2.1 million groups available on LinkedIn. So, if you’re looking to get some quality leads, you can actually join up with some relevant groups. It really is a great way to begin.
However, keep this in mind whenever you’re looking for a group on LinkedIn to join, always go for those that have high levels of activity.
Once you have been able to choose a group, do your best to contribute to discussions by commenting on other peoples’ posts, especially those posts that match your area of expertise. Engaging in spirited discussions and answering questions is a way you can establish some authority in your field. It also builds trust and brings the right kind of leads to you.

Get on InMail
InMail is actually one of the most popular and effective marketing tools on LinkedIn. It helps to improve lead generation because it gives the ability to send messages to people who aren’t within your range of direct connections.
InMail is also an effective tool for walking around gatekeepers and developing some form of personal contact with your prospects. Also, according to the social network itself, marketers who make use of InMail have 30 times more likelihoods of obtaining responses than those who engage in acts like cold calling.
However, here’s a helpful tip; before you compose a message to a potential contact on InMail, do some research on them and find some similarities that you can add to the message. It’s a great way to develop a personal touch.

Sponsored Updates
Years ago, LinkedIn conducted a case study on Adobe Systems Inc. As a part of a growth strategy, LinkedIn’s Sponsored Updates were used by Adobe and the company found that decision makers who saw the updates had a 79 percent higher likelihood of agreeing to the act that their media spend was optimized by Adobe.
The demerit of Sponsored Updates is that you pay whenever someone clicks. The merit, however, is that you get to reach a new audience because Sponsored Updates get to LinkedIn users who aren’t your direct connections, they’re effective in optimizing your reach and developing even more leads.

Work on your company description
One of the most useful- yet underrated- tools on your LinkedIn is your company profile’s description. A lot of people use this space to address their target audience and help to ensure that the focus is majorly on the first two sentences (as it is usually what people see without clicking on the “See More” button)
To wit, try highlighting the value of your company, or even a benefit of your company and a call to action that encourages visiting a section of your profile or following you.